Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just Go With It

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This post takes place at a random moment in time after the five year jump. I didn't want my last post to be a wrap up, so this post is meant to be more of a fun post with no intentions of "wrapping" things up. I hope you guys enjoy! 

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“Good morning!”

It was barely 5am when I opened my eyes to catch Jonah walking out of the closet. He was dressed and ready for work with a smile on his face. Something wasn't normal. Our morning conversations were usually in gibberish with our eyes half open.

“Hey” I stretched my arms over my head as I sat up in bed. “You're weirdly happy.”

Jonah smiled again. “Oh, so you want me to pretend like I don't know?”

My eyebrows flinched. Maybe he'd said something that I missed. “What are you talking about?”

“Okay, fine. I'll just go with it.” He leaned over and kissed my forehead before he walked out the room.

I wasn't sure what was going on. I followed him down the stairs and to the kitchen.

Jonah's smile disappeared. “Where's Lucy? Where's the big breakfast?”

“Big breakfast?” I snorted. “Babe, I'll make you a bagel if you want, but I have to get ready for work.”

Jonah walked around the kitchen island examining every open cabinet. His eyes filled with disappointment as realization struck his face. He sighed and grabbed a bagel.

“You want me to heat it up for you?” I asked.

Jonah walked past me to the front door. “No, it's fine.” His mood had clearly changed. It was only when he was pulling the door open that he remembered he hadn't kissed me goodbye.

Just as Jonah drove away Anna's car pulled up to our house. I stood in the doorway waiting for her. She took her time as she grabbed some things from her back seat.

“What is all this for?” I asked her. Anna's arms were filled with presents and a cake. As soon as I finished asking my question I made the most dramatic gasping sound. Both of my hands flew up to cover my mouth. “Oh my God!”

“Did you forget, honey?” Anna asked with an amused looked on her face. She walked over to the entry table and placed everything down.

“Today is Jonah's birthday!” My fingers weaved through the roots of my hair. “No wonder he was acting so weird. He thought I remembered.”

Lucy and I had a birthday morning tradition where we'd make some of Jonah's favorite breakfast foods. He always knew it was coming, but he'd still act surprised just to make Lucy happy. And at night Jonah's mom and sisters would join us for a nice dinner at a restaurant.

I stood leaning my elbows against the kitchen counter as I covered my face. “I'm the worst wife ever.” I mumbled in a whiny tone. “He's never going to let this go.”

“Oh, stop it! He's a grown man!” Anna tapped my shoulder. “Just pretend like you knew this whole time. He won't know the difference.”

“Really?” I peeked through my fingers.

“Lynn, it's called motherhood.” Anna smiled mischievously, “I'd be damned if my kids knew how many times I pretended like I knew something when I really didn't.”

“Hey!” My eyes widened as I stood up straight. “I'll throw him a surprise party! He'll have no idea.”

I ran back upstairs before Anna could convince me otherwise. I must have looked like a crazy person the way I was carrying Lucy in one arm and frantically texting with my other hand. Lucy wasn't much of a morning person, so having her with me as I got ready was necessary for her waking up process.

She wiggled her fists over her eyes as the sound of running water finally woke her up. I couldn't blame her for her shocked reaction when she saw a tooth brush hanging out of my mouth as I tried to make my hair with one hand and continued to text with the other.

I sent out a group text to Kadie, Sarah, and Jaime.

Lynn: EMERGENCY! Throwing a last minute surprise party for Jonah! Need your help!
Kadie: What can I do?
Lynn: Guestlist. Contact everyone and give them the deets. 7PM my place!
Sarah: Don't tell me you forget his birthday.
Kadie: Got it!
Lynn: I'll find a caterer for tonight and grab some decorations during lunch.
Kadie: Great! I'll come by early to set everything up!
Lynn: Thanks Kadie! Jaime, can you make sure we have alcohol?
Jaime: You couldn't have given me an easier task!
Sarah: What about me?
Kadie: Wait, I forgot, Woody's coming into town today. I was suppose to pick him up around 6
Lynn: Sarah, can you make sure Woody gets here?
Sarah: You have to be fucking kidding me. Why can't I get the alcohol?
Jaime: LOLOLOL this should be fun!

“Mommy, why are you acting so weird?” I heard Lucy's voice as she tugged at my clothes.

I picked her up and sat her next to the sink. She reached over for her tooth brush and I squeezed a bit of paste onto it. “Mommy made a boo boo.”

That morning as I walked into the hospital Sarah pulled me into an empty exam room. “Lynn, I can't pick up Woody.”

I sighed. I knew why she didn't want to, but if Kadie went to the airport she wouldn't have time to set everything up for the party. Kadie was the only person I could trust enough for the task. She was a professional when it came to this sort of thing.

Sarah, I know you and Woody have your differences.” Her eyes widened at the understatement. “But, I really need Kadie to be at my place early.”

It had been a couple of years since the two of them had talked. After Kadie's wedding Woody and Sarah thought we didn't know, but they continued their relationship for a while. They were over before anyone could notice. One Christmas when we went back to Texas I finally got it out of Woody. He had a feeling Sarah didn't see potential in him. So, our good old farm boy Woody went back to college and a few courses later he landed an opportunity to run his own business. Trust me, it was the shocker of the century. At the same time it was so typical of Woody's motivation to be a girl.

Kadie and I tried to wiggle magic fingers over the two, but neither one wanted to talk to the other. They were both too filled with pride. The years had past and every gathering only became more and more awkward.

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Why can't he just get an Uber like a normal person? I don't understand why everyone caters to him.”

I watched as Blumenfeld walked past the door. I needed to leave work on time, so today was one of those days I couldn't afford to piss him off. “Fine!” I huffed. I didn't have time to mangle in her love life.

It was half past one o'clock when I was able to slip out of the hospital. I headed towards Midtown to grab some decorations. Kadie ended up calling me to go over the progress she'd been making.

“Henry said his shift doesn't end until 6, so he'll be a little late. Mandy won't be able to come in to town until tomorrow. But, I talked to some of Jonah's co-workers and told them to spread the word at the office.” Kadie sounded like she was reading off of a list. “Adam's at Jonah's office now, so he'll be able to give the final head count once everyone there confirms.”

I stood in the check out line while I mindlessly listened to Kadie. I had a million thoughts swarming around in my head as I stared out of the windows behind the cashier. I watched as children crossed the streets with their nannies and a crowd of tourists took pictures of one another.

And that's when I saw Connor walk by.

I almost dropped the pile of decor cradled in my arms.

“Lynn?” Kadie responded to my gasp. “What's wrong?”

“Holy shit!” I whispered. “I think I just saw Connor!” I tiptoed behind the woman in front of me. She looked over her shoulder paranoid of the invasion of her space. “I'm sorry,” I lipped the words to her as I continued to make a fool of myself.

“Wait,” Kadie sounded just as shocked. “Connor Cassidy? As in the Connor Cassidy you dated a century ago? Isn't he dating Elite's top model now?”

“What?” I don't know why I was shocked Kadie would know such a thing.

“Yeah, I saw it on one of those New York gossip columns.”

I kept my eye on Connor as my turn to check out came up. I watched him as he walked into a Duane Reade across the street. The cashier became anxious as she watched me wiggle around nervously.

“I haven't seen him since my internship at his office.” I told Kadie. “It's been almost six years.”

“Are you going to say something?” Even though she asked the question Kadie already knew the answer.

“I want to.” I quickly paid for my items and grabbed my bag. I walked out of the store at a fast pace and headed towards Duane Reade. “I don't know how Jonah will feel about it. He's not really a fan of Connor.”

“Okay, but can you tell me who actually is a fan of Connor?”


I crept through the aisles of the store trying to find him. I did a quick scan of the store with no luck. “I think he left.” I whispered to Kadie.

“Lynn?” I spun around so fast when I heard Connor's voice behind me that I knocked over a display of shampoos. I mean, they were practically a safety hazard to begin with.

“Oh my God!” I shrieked as I clenched onto my chest.

“I thought I saw you,” Connor began to laugh as he shook his head. “Still the same old Lynn.” He said as he picked up some of the shampoo bottles.

“Connor!” I acted surprised to see him.

“That sounded so fake.” Kadie commented over the phone.

I ignored her.“Wow, it's been forever. Where have you been?”

“Oh” Connor furrowed his brows at my interest. “I took a year off from my practice and volunteered in South America. When I came back a buddy of mine wanted to partner together and open an office in Boston so I've been between the two cities. Well, mainly Boston since we started that office from scratch.”

Kadie's voice crept through the phone again, “Jesus, he really makes it hard to hate him.”

I couldn't help but notice the streaks of gray in Connor's hair. He was pushing forty and it was really starting to show.

“I'm just rambling here. Tell me how it's been going with you?”

“Great! I'm just a few months away from finishing residency...” Before I could continue I saw Jonah and Adam walk in to the store. “What the hell” I whispered to Kadie.

“What? What happened? Did he try making a move? That sleaze ball hasn't changed a bit!” Kadie's voice rapidly progressed.

“No,” I whispered back. Connor looked at me confused as to why I was talking on the phone in the middle of our conversation. “I'm sorry I just remembered something I needed. I have to go! Bye!” Connor was left speechless as I smiled and disappeared into the next aisle. I hid behind a rack of potato chips as I spied on Jonah and Adam.

“You'll never believe who just walked in.”

“Jonah!” Kadie shouted. She was enjoying this all too much. “This is like that one night all over again!” She laughed hysterically. “Well, what is he doing there?”

“I don't know, but he's with Adam.” I panicked. He was suppose to be at work. That's when I realized I was at the Duane Reade down the street from his office. “I don't want him to see me. I have all the decorations with me. He'll know I'm up to something.” I leaned forward causing the aluminum bags to create a crinkling sound. Jonah's head turned towards me. I quickly ducked down.

“What are you going to do? Oh my God!” Kadie's voice was filled with thrill. “Should I text Adam and tell them to leave?”

“No don't!” my voice grew louder. I was squatted over pretending to look at something on the bottom shelf. “I need to get out of here.”

I peeked over the rack of potato chips again. The coast was clear. Adam and Jonah were distracted so I made a bee line to the revolving doors.

I ran through them so fast my bag of decorations got caught and trapped me inside. I pulled and pulled but there was no budging. “FUCKKK!” I shouted. I explained what was going on to Kadie and she couldn't even breathe.

I kept my back to the store so the guys inside wouldn't see me. Finally a timid sales associate came over. He started yelling in order for me to hear him through the glass. I covered my face in embarrassment. There were people on the street passing by as they laughed.

“I need you to pull your bag as I push! Can you hear me? You pull, I'll push!” He spoke as if I was incompetent. I couldn't blame him.

I tugged at my bag again and again until finally the door become unstuck. I flew onto the street and my bag tore in half. The decorations I'd bought fell everywhere. I didn't have time to grab them all so I picked up anything in arm's reach and ran.

“Kadie, I legitimately can't feel my face right now. That was so embarrassing.”

She howled over the phone only making me feel worse than I already did.

I went back to work and quietly finished my day. I didn't want to talk to anyone. This is what I got for stalking my ex-boyfriend when I was happily married, dammit!

It was past five by the time I made it home that evening. Anna had just brought Lucy back from ballet rehearsal and Kadie already had the place set up for the party.

“Mommy,” Lucy ran up to me as I walked in to the house. “Nana said it's daddy's birthday today.”

“Yes, it's is sweetie.” I picked her up in my arms and kissed her on her cheek.

“But how come we didn't make daddy breakfast like we always do?”

“Because...” I avoided telling her how horrible of a wife I am. I set her back down and sent her on her way. “Where's Olivia? Go play with Olivia!”

“Can we just take a minute to recap your day?” Five hours later and Kadie's face was still red.
I pulled some things out from my purse. “These were the only salvageable pieces.” We looked down at the table of mangled decorations. A moment of silence passed before we burst into laughter.

“I don't know how I manage to get myself into these situations, Kadie. Honestly! I'm married with a career and a five year old and I still don't have my life together.”

Kadie patted me on my back. “It's okay, Lynn, none of us do.”

One by one the house started filling up with Jonah's friends. Jonah walked in right on time. He stumbled back when everyone shouted surprise. The look on his face was one for the books.

He laughed as I gave him a hug, “you remembered!” His arms squeezed my waist. “I thought it slipped your mind.”

I laughed along. If only he'd known the misadventures I had to go through in the last ten hours.

“I could have sworn I saw Woody walk in a while ago.” Kadie suddenly remembered.

Jaime looked around. “Where is he?”

“I was just talking to him, mate.” Henry added.

Kadie walked away determined to find our friend. Meanwhile I walked around the party making sure everyone was boozed and feed.

“Lynn!” Kadie shuffled across the living room and pulled at my arm. My body jolted as I followed behind her.

“What's going on?” I yanked my arm and demanded to know why she was having another giggle fit.

She pointed towards the bathroom door down the hall, “It's safe to say Woody and Sarah are back together.”