Thursday, May 28, 2015

I'm Coming Out

Jonah and I sat across from my parents in the living room completely dumbfounded. We just told them the news about my pregnancy and yet they were the calmest I'd ever seen them. The same people who implemented strict rules to ensure I was on the right path in life were now happy to hear about our unplanned pregnancy.

“I'm sorry, I'm just a little confused.” I shook my head as I tried to wrap my mind around it. Don't get me wrong, I loved that they were happy, it just wasn't what I prepared myself for.

My parents looked at one another. “What's so confusing, honey?”

“I think what Lynn is trying to say is...” Jonah put his hand on my knee. “...We were expecting...”

Before he could finish my mom cut him off. “For us to be upset?” She put her drink down on the coffee table and leaned forward. “Have you two talked about it?”

Jonah and I looked at each other again. “Yes” we said in unison.

“Are you happy about it?” She asked.

“Of course” Jonah and I both nodded.

“Then we're happy for you.” My dad finally chimed in. “Jonah is a great guy, he has a good head on his shoulders, and it seems like he would do a wonderful job in supporting you with whatever life offers. That's all any father could wish for.”

“Lynn, if there's one thing, after all these years, that your father and I regret it's not living life earlier. We spent so much of our time chasing a career that we missed out on a lot of other opportunities. If building your family with Jonah is what you want to do don't let anything hold you back. Everything else will always be there.”

“Thanks mom and dad. You don't know how relieved I feel.” There was a single tear rolling down my cheek as I wiped it away. “It's been hard keeping this secret and I'm- we're- just glad you're so support of our decision.”

That night Jonah and I stayed up from this new high of ours and spent the whole night talking about the future. The roles we wanted the other to play, where we planned our being with our child, and just generally fantasizing. It felt amazing to know we were both finally, after all the drama, on the same page.

We spent a couple days in Texas before we decided to fly back to the city. I went over to Kadie's place to grab my things before I met Jonah back at our place. The apartment was empty of Rebecca's presence and it felt like a cool, refreshing, start.

“I think we should talk to my mom next weekend.” Jonah's eyes were on the TV as he spoke. We were snuggled up together on our couch after we'd eaten dinner that day.

“But” I turned to look at him. “That's Casey's wedding weekend.”

“I know” He nodded, still staring at the TV. “But, at least everyone will be there.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

I imagined Anna to be ecstatic by the news and I didn't know how Casey would feel about us hijacking her big weekend, especially since her wedding had been delayed by a year, but if it was something Jonah felt his family would be okay with, I had to go with it.

After a week of pure R&R bliss, Jonah was back at the office, resuming his endless hours of filming and award show prep. Maybe it was because Rebecca was around, or maybe it was because we'd gotten a chance to talk it out, but Jonah being gone all day wasn't much of a stress point for me.

It was mid-week when Jaime showed up at my front door.

“Oh my God!!” He screamed as I opened the door. “You've gotten so huge!”

“What!” I held my hands over the tiny, hardly there, curve of my stomach.

Jaime laughed hysterically. “Just kidding! I just wanted to see your face.”

“Asshole!” I punched him as he walked in.

“Really though, are you sure you're pregnant?” He turned back to give me a hard stare. “You actually look like you lost weight.”

“Stress” I rolled my eyes. “...And I guess genetics. My mom said she lost a ton of weight before she started packing it on when she was pregnant with me.” I shrugged my shoulders and asked him where the hell he'd been.

“You don't even want to know.” He smirked as he pulled out his phone and began tapping away.

I walked over to him and pinched his arm. “Jaime Cameron Anderson, if you don't tell me right now, I swear to...”

Jaime yelped as he wiggled free. “Okay, okay. Jesus! I was wrong to question if you were pregnant.”

I smiled and folded my arms.

“I...” He fell silent for a second. “I'm...” He continued to struggle with his words. “Hen....” He looked up at me as I raised my eyebrows. “I really don't even know how to say it.”

“Just say it!” I shook his shoulders.

“I'm dating Henry!” He spoke so quickly it took me a second to process it. He noticed my expression and covered his mouth.

We stared at one another for a minute before I collected myself. “You mean the same Henry you've gotten into multiple fights with? The same Henry who you can't stand to be in the same room with? Jebrone's Henry?”

“I know, I know!” He shook his head and walked away into the kitchen. His fingers nervously tapped along the counter top as he tried to find something to dig in.

“Okay” I folded my arms again and followed him. “So, you're going to explain, right?”

Jaime lifted his hand off the counter and ran his fingers through his hair as he turned away and opened the refrigerator. “Yeah, you know, we just kinda talked things out and one thing led to the next...”

“Jaime, you know he's had a pretty long on and off relationship with Jebrone, right? Like, he almost always goes running back to him.”

He grabbed a can of Coke and spun around to face me. “I know, Lynn!” He sounded irritated.

I held up my hands. “Look, I just don't want to see you get hurt. Henry's a wild card.”

Jaime popped the tab of the can and sat on the bar stool. “It's been partly my fault that he's been on and off with Jebrone. I haven't told you this, but things between Henry and I have been going on for a while.”

I raised my brows and sat down next to Jaime, waiting for him to explain.

“He's just so gay and I'm not. I want to be with him, but I'm afraid to be out. My family is so...old school...I just don't know how they're going to take it, you know?” I reached over and rubbed my hand on his shoulder. “He refuses to be with me if we have to keep it a secret. Every time he threatens to leave me and go back to Jebrone, and we always get into this big argument.”

“So you think you're ready now?”

He looked at me with glazed eyes, “I think I'm ready now.”

My heart wanted to break as I looked at Jaime. The trouble he had to go through just to simply love someone.

He told me he was going to his parents house for dinner the next night and wanted me to come with him. Mr and Mrs Anderson were fond of me and always teased us about dating one another. Little did they know. I agreed to go with Jaime. He'd been nothing but a good friend to me and I couldn't see myself not being there for him when he needed me.

The next night we jumped on a train to Jersey and headed to Jaime's parents house. It was my first time going. They lived in a posh part of town that gracefully obtained his historic culture. It was even more intimidating with the shadows of nightfall.

His parents greeted us as we walked in. We spent most of the evening talking in the main living room as dinner was being prepared. I kept looking over at Jaime nervously fidgeting. His demeanor had completely changed around his parents. It's something he always did, but tonight he was doing it more than usual, as if to prove a point.

“I'm so proud of you son!” Jaime's dad came up behind him and patted his hands onto his shoulder. “One year left and you'll finally be a doctor!”

Jaime's mouth twitched into a slight smile. “Yeah, can you believe it?”

“Of course I can!” His voice filled the room. “You know Lynn, my Jaime here was a baseball star in high school and he still managed to be the top of his class all the way up til this day.”

Jaime's mom walked into the dinning room with dinner. She placed it on the table and gave Jaime a kiss on his cheek. “We couldn't have asked for a better son.”

As she walked away I nudged his shoulder. He leaned in so I could whisper in his ear.

“Now is a better time than any”

Jaime's dad saw us whispering to one another. “What's the deal with you two? Are you going to ask her out or not Jaime?”

He both turned towards him with wide eyes and flushed cheeks.

I smiled as I lifted up my hand. “You know I'm engaged to someone else” I'd just told him earlier that evening.

“Oh, nonsense!” He joked. “You can always end it.”

“Dad!” Jaime raised his voice.

“Oh stop it honey, you know your father is only teasing you.” Jaime's mom walked back into the room and sat across from us.

Jaime took a deep breath. I reached under the table and held his hand.

His parents could tell something was about to happen. They stopped what they were doing to look at us.

“Mom, Dad.” Jaime released his breath. “I've been wanting to tell you this for some time...” He glaced at me before he continued. “I'm gay.”

Jaime's dad dropped his fork on his plate. “What?” He looked as if he really hadn't heard what Jaime said.

“I'm gay” Jaime repeated. “I'm attracted to other men. I have been for some time now. Actually one in particular. Funny, because he goes to med school with Lynn.”

“Did you put him up to this?” Jaime's dad angrily looked in my direction.

I felt my heart beating in my throat. “What? No! This isn't something you convince someone to do.”

“Jaime, please” His mom tried to end the drama that was about to take place.

Jaime's grip became tighter and tighter with each passing second.

“Dad, she didn't put me up to anything. I've been this way for as long as I've known myself.”

“Jaime, I said please.” His mom spoke in a stern tone.

There was a painfully long awkward silence that filled the room before Jaime's dad set his napkin over his plate.I did the only thing I'd been use to doing since becoming pregnant, I cried. I sat back and quietly shed tears as I watched the interaction between Jaime and his parents. How different it was from the loving way that my parents had comforted me just a few days earlier.

“I think it's best if you leave.”

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stuck On You

“I've never seen you happier...”

Joshua bowed his head and leaned away from me. There was a period of silence before he finally sighed and continued on with his thought.

“The way you talk about him, it's just....” he groaned, “I mean honestly I can't believe I'm saying this to you.” Joshua looked up at me and scooted away.

Maybe before I would have loved to see him squirm, but now, after a moment of bonding, it only felt right to spare him. “You don't have to say it.”

“No, you need to hear it.” He insisted. “I was a total shit bag and I never realized it. Even after we broke up, it still hadn't hit me. Franny made me see things in a whole new way. I've completely changed my life since I met her.” He leaned his elbows onto his knees. “I was relying on my parents signing over the land to me, but when things didn't go as planned I kinda went into a spiral-”

I cut him off, “kinda?” Joshua's eyes glared up at me.

“I hated everyone and I sure as hell hated you. I know you didn't like Franny, but she was a good person. She made me realize that I was throwing my life away. I got a real job and now I'm almost done with my Masters. It took finally accepting that things had changed for me to realize how unhappy you were. But, when I saw you with... him... I knew you found the right one.”

“Joshua” I cooed as I stared down at the ground. Things were getting a little too real for me to look up at him.

“As much as I want to trash on your beau, he believed in the good of a person and turned down another woman.” His knuckles lightly tapped my knees as he was trying to get my attention. I looked at him as he stood up. “I don't think I woulda done the same.”

“Don't be so hard on yourself.”

“I've gotta go.” He rubbed the back of his head as he walked away. “It was good seeing you, Lynn.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, “you too.”

After Joshua left I found myself thinking about what he said. It was something I'd already known, but hearing it just gave me a reminder. For as long as I'd known Jonah, any time we spent away from each other was difficult, and now here I was running away from him. I'd been selfishly thinking about everything, I hadn't taken the time to look at the bigger picture.

I was starting to feel sick, so I left Woody's place before he came home. He called me frantically wondering where I was, but I told him something came up. Which was partially true. 

After I'd thrown up Marisol's Mexican breakfast I flung my weak body onto my bed and passed out. I was only woken when I heard my parents whispering to one another. My eyes fluttered open as I stared at their hazy figures.

“Honey?” My mom walked over to me, placing her hand on my cheek. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it's just morning sickness” My groggy voice mummbled.

I could hear the shock in my dad's voice, “What?” My eyes opened wide when I realized what I'd said.

I tried to play it off. “Yeah, Marisol made me breakfast this morning. I think it might have made me sick.” I flipped my head over, away from my parents, so they couldn't see my face.

They whispered to each other again. My mom asked if I needed medicine. I told her I'd be fine and that I just needed to sleep it off, so the two of them left me alone.

I hadn't planned anything the next day, but I really didn't want to see anyone either. I spent most of the morning in my room going through my things. Every time I came to town I'd always think about reorganizing my closet and getting rid of the clothes I didn't need anymore.

It didn't exactly go that way, I some how found myself deep in the corner of my closet going through a box of old pictures instead. I was interrupted when I heard the door bell ring. There was silence for a few seconds before the bell rang again.

“Marisol?” I called out. After another moment of silence I dumped the pictures back into the box and walked out of my room to the Juliet balcony. “Marisol? Are you gonna get that?” There wasn't even a sound of movement in the house. I figured she was off today.

The bell rang for the third time and I scurried down the stairs. Whom ever was outside was persistent on me opening the door.

I swung it open and found myself speechless. There, standing in front of me, was Jonah with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

I opened the screen door and immersed Jonah into my arms. I sobbed quietly as I buried my face in his chest. He hugged me tighter as his hand ran up and down my back in a calming motion. We stood there for a minute saying everything we needed to say without actually saying a word.

Jonah pulled my shoulders back to see my face. “You know I hate to see you cry.” He whispered and wiped the tears from my cheeks.

“I'm just so happy to see you.”

“In that case” He pulled me in for another hug, “keep crying.”

I smiled as I nudged his shoulder back.

Jonah and I went inside and sat in the living room to catch up with everything that had been going on.

“Are those for me?” I pointed to the bouquet.

Jonah looked down at them and then at me. “They're actually for your mom, but we can pretend they're for you....for now...” I tilted my head and gave him a look. “What? I didn't know what I'd be walking into...I honestly was expecting this to go a whole different direction.”

I sighed and took the flowers from his hands and set them on the table. We sat down, across from each other, on to the couch.

“So...” Jonah's body was turned towards me with one elbow perched against the back of the couch. He leaned his head against his hand and ruffled with his hair as he exhaled. “The network decided we had enough filmed material that I could finally take a vacation for a few days if I wanted.”

“That's great! But, what about award show prep? Shouldn't you be with your team right now?”

“I handed over creative control to Colin.” I stopped fiddling with the edges of the couch cushions and looked at him with shock. Jonah was such a control freak about his work it seemed completely out of character for him to be okay with someone else calling the shots. “I mean, just until I'm ready to resume the role again, that is.”

I felt guilty. Jonah was one of the few people I knew that loved what he did. It was literally his whole life. “You didn't do it because of me, did you?”

“I...” he saw the uneasy look on my face. “I did it because I knew it was the right thing to do at the moment. I couldn't go another day with what ever this is...” his hand gestured between the two of us, “that's going on.” He straightened his posture. “Lynn, you don't know how much it hurt me to know I wasn't there for you when you were in the hospital. I-”

Before Jonah could go on I cut him off and apologized for my emotional outbursts the last few weeks. I told him how I'd gotten more time to myself since I'd been home and it made me realize how badly I felt about everything going on. It never bothered me that he worked so much, it was just something I was using to get his attention. I was turning into someone I didn't even recognize. Someone who was jealous for all the wrong reasons. “You didn't trust me, Jonah, and that's what really hurt.” I finally stated the source of my problem.

Jonah went on to apologize too. He knew he hadn't been giving me the time I deserved, especially knowing that I was going through some changes. He admitted to focusing more on work to avoid the issues, which only made things worse.All the unanswered phone calls were from becoming restless and easily irritated. “And the whole Rebecca thing...” He said in a disappointing tone. “I should have listened to you, but I didn't want to. You weren't acting like yourself, so it made it hard for me to understand.”

We talked for a couple of hours until we had everything sorted out. I insisted Jonah not give up working his long hours, only because I knew how much it meant to him, as long as he didn't overwork himself and promised to be there when I needed him.

Jonah reached out and grabbed my hand. “You know you really broke my heart when you took off your ring.”

I quietly stared at my empty fingers. “I'm sorry, Jonah. I wasn't in the right state of mind.”

“Well, lucky for you...” He stuck his hand in his pocket.

“No!” I gestured for him to stop. “I want you to give it to me at a nice moment, not after making up from a fight.”

Jonah slipped his hand out of his pocket. His frown turned into a smile as he thought to himself. “Fine. I'm sure in some weird Lynn logic that makes sense.”

I wrapped my hands around his face and brought my forehead to his. “I can't believe I almost lost the man of my dreams.”

Jonah laughed. “You really think you can lose me?”

I scrunched my nose. “You're right, I'm kinda stuck aren't I?”

Jonah nodded his head as he leaned forward to kiss me.

That evening, when my parents finally came home from work, they were surprised to see Jonah. We all talked and caught up for a quick moment before I swept Jonah's hand into mine. We stared at one another as my parents stood across from us. "Are you ready?" I whispered to him.

He smiled as his hand let go of mine and wrapped around my shoulders. "I'm ready..."

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Friends In Low Places

“So...” Kadie's voice lingered.”The engagement party is off?”

I looked over my shoulder and rolled my eyes at her. It was the morning after what Kadie and I were referring to as, “Slutgate,” and we were both laying on the bed in Kadie's guest room. She insisted that I stay with her. I mean, it's not like Jonah was ever home for me to run into him, but she thought I should be around people rather than sulking in an apartment alone.

Postponed.” I looked back at my phone and began scrolling through Instragram. “I mean, we didn't exactly end things.”

Kadie leaned onto her elbow and reached for my hand. “Where's your ring?” I pulled my hand away. “That's right, you gave it back. Sounds like you ended it to me, Lynn.” Her words reeked of sarcasm.

I grunted as I put my phone away, again, and gave my full attention. “I gave it back to prove a point. I can tell him to get his shit together all I want, but the truth is, he's a guy and guys don't listen.”

Kadie watched me in silence as I finally released the stress that had been eating away at me.“I mean, he always does this. He always puts work before everything. We could be at the peak of our relationship and his priority would still be work. I couldn't even tell you the number of times his mom has complained about how he rarely ever comes home because he's such a workaholic. The funniest part is that he thinks he goes to visit her too often. He just doesn't get it.”

I took in a long, deep, breath. “And that's why I gave the ring back. He wasn't there when I needed him emotionally. Yeah, I get it, the long hours are temporary, but that doesn't mean he can just shut me out like my feelings don't exist. That's not what you do to someone you're about to spend the rest of your life with. He needs to know how big of a commitment this is.”

Kadie sighed.”I know Jonah and I have had our fair share of differences, but cut the guy some slack. Before Adam was named partner at his firm, he was practically living at his office. I know what you're going through, Lynn. Jonah's in an industry where you have to stay relevant to be successful and if he's never doing his work, he's never going to be successful, and he's only going to resent you for it. Besides, there's gonna come a time when you'll be busy with life and you'll want him to understand. So pick your battles and chill the fuck out.”

Kadie and I both turned our heads to the bedroom door when we heard a faint knock. Adam stood in the doorway. “Good morning, ladies!” I could tell by the sympathetic look on his face that Kadie probably told him what was going on.. “Hey honey, have you seen my white Under Armour? The one with the black stripes on the sides?”

Kadie turned back towards me and jokingly whispered, “I miss the days he was gone cause now I can't get rid of him.”

“What was that?” Adam asked as Kadie and I giggled.

“Nothing baby, it's in the closet on the third shelf under your other gym clothes.”

Sarah called Kadie late that afternoon wondering if we heard from Rebecca. Kadie couldn't help but hiss at the mention of her name. Apparently Rebecca packed up her things and took off without letting Sarah know. Kadie filled her in on everything that happened the night before and Sarah was livid.

“I just can't believe it...” It was already the end of the day and Adam, Kadie, and I were sitting in the living room after dinner drinking wine (and juice), like adults do. “Why would she ruin our friendship?”

“She's always been the type of girl that dates around, you know those commitment phobes, and she has a thing with obsessing over people in the limelight. Remember how she was acting with Daniel at my wedding?” Kadie shook her head. “She ruined everything. The whole dynamic of our group is completely off now.”

“So, I'm confused...I thought Jonah dismissed her?” I decided to fill Adam in on bits and pieces of what happened to avoid the elephant in the room, but he was still playing catch up.

“Yeah, she came on to him, but he rejected her.” Kadie answered for me.

Adam looked like he wasn't getting it. “You called off the engagement because a girl came on to him and he didn't fall for it?” he said sarcastically as he chuckled.

“It has nothing to do with the fact that he didn't cheat on me and everything to do with the fact that he didn't trust me. He went against my better judgment. That's not what couples who are about to make a commitment do!” I sighed heavily. “If I remember correctly, you and Kadie took a break when you couldn't trust each other about the whole Poppy situation.”

Kadie quietly took a sip of her wine as Adam looked the other way. “Touche.” they mumbled in unison.

I was in the guest bedroom getting ready for bed when I heard Jonah's voice. I immediately stopped what I was doing and stood by the edge of the door frame to hear what was going on.

Adam and Jonah were talking so quietly I could barely make out what they were saying. I finally gave up trying to listen and walked out of the bedroom only to bump right into Jonah.

I gasped as he held my arm to catch my balance. “Lynn, are you okay?”

“I'm fine, you just scared me” I pulled my arm away. “What are you doing here, Jonah?”

“You haven't responded to any of my texts today and I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

I crossed my arms and stared at him. I'd only been complaining about his lack of communication for the past few weeks and now he was turning it around on me?

“What?” He furrowed his brows and stared back. “I don't want you to end up in the hospital again.”

“You should have made sure I wasn't there the first time.”

Jonah sighed, “Lynn...” He stopped talking when we heard whispers from across the room. Adam and Kadie were sitting on the couches, drinking their wine, and watching the two of us as if they were watching a movie.

“Sorry!” Kadie wrinkled her nose. They stood up and walked away, “don't mind us!” Jonah turned back towards me, but I watched Kadie and Adam walk into their bedroom. They thought I wouldn't notice the door they left slightly cracked so they could continue to eaves drop.

Jonah was about to say something, but I cut him off. “My mom's been nagging me to come home for a while and now that classes are over I think I'm gonna go.”

There was a second of silence before confusion struck Jonah's face. “Why didn't you tell me before?”

“Because...” I shrugged my shoulders. “I just decided today.”

He sighed and rubbed his forehead as he briefly turned away. “Why are you leaving, like, why do you have to go right now?”

I threw out my hands, “do you want me to give you just one reason, or what? Because I have a few...” He blinked slowly and waited for me to go on. “One, I don't want to spend my summer in an empty apartment. Two, I haven't seen my parents in months. Three, I think we both need some time to think about things, Jonah, I really do.”

“Fine” he blinked slowly again, this time leaving his eyes closed for a few seconds longer and sighing. “Go.”

Jonah turned around and walked away. He called out Adam's name and he appeared out of his bedroom. The two of them talked about work for a few seconds while Kadie and I stared at each other in confusion from across the room. They hugged goodbye after which Jonah turned to Kadie and said bye. And then he turned to me. Without saying a word he slightly lifted his hand and waved. I reciprocated.

“Holy fucking shit!” Kadie gasped once Adam shut the door behind Jonah. “The shade is REAL.”

“Lynn” Adam cut me off “If that was your way of getting Jonah to beg, I think you failed.”

I shook my head as I whispered out loud, “but, he's never walked away before.”

"Maybe you pushed him to the point of no return?" Kadie said. Adam nudged her shoulder to stop talking when he saw the confusion growing on my face.

The only way I could get a flight out to Texas was hopping on a standby flight. So, the next morning Kadie and I headed to the airport where we waited until I was able to get a seat. She didn't come with me since she still had some work projects going on, but she was planning on coming within the week.

It was late at night when I finally landed. Woody came to pick me up from Lovefield.

I wasn't in much of a talking mood and Woody definitely noticed. We were sitting in his truck driving down a back road in pitch darkness. The only light around was coming from Woody's headlights. Every now and then he'd look over at me wondering why I wasn't talking. He was use to Kadie and I talking his ears off every time we came into town. I guess he couldn't take the silence anymore, he reached forward and turned the dial of his radio until a country song came on.

“God, I love Luke Bryan.” I said as I stared out at the dark, empty, fields.

“He was in town not too long ago.”

“Yeah?” I leaned back into my seat and turned towards him.

“Yeah” His eyes stayed glued to the road. “It wasn't the same without you and Kadie, but we still had a ball, that's for damn sure!” Woody took his eyes off the road for a second to smile at me. “It was me, Mark, Lacey, Rebecca, and Mark's co-worker Clint. See, Clint was the one to get us the tickets, but it was because of Rebecca we got to actually meet Luke. Hey, how is she doing anyway?”

“She's doing great... at being a whore.” I spoke under my breath. Woody snapped his head towards me and I rolled my eyes.

“Whoa, girl!” He finally looked back at the road. “What's that all about?”

I felt my mouth twitch. I knew if I said another word I'd start crying again, so I didn't say anything.

Frankly, I didn't want to tell Woody either. He and Rebecca had always been close. I guess the single ones tend to stick together. The rest of us were always in one relationship or another. But, after discovering Rebecca's alter ego, who knows if those two ever hooked up or not.

“Hello?” Woody waved his hand in front of me “Lynn?”

I swallowed some air hoping it would stop my voice from cracking. “Nothing. She's just getting irritating, that's all.”

We finally pulled up to my parents house and Woody cut the engine. “Sounds a little harsh to me.”

I pulled my seat belt off “Yeah, I'm sorry, it's been a long day and I'm just in a funk.” I leaned over to give Woody a hug and jumped out the cab of his truck. He walked around to pull my suitcase out and brought it over to me. “My parents are gonna be at work tomorrow, so I'll swing by your place once I'm up.”

“Okay” He nodded. “But don't bring that attitude with you.” I was already half way up the porch steps when he yelled after me, “And tell Mrs. Barnes I'm still waiting for that peach cobbler!”

My parents excitedly greeted me when I walked into the house. I hadn't been home since Christmas and the last time I saw them was when they came to town for Kadie's wedding.

“Jonah didn't come?” My mom looked out the front door hoping to see him.

I smiled faintly, “no he had a lot of work to do.”

“Oh that poor kid” She kissed my head and wrapped her arm over my shoulder as we walked to the main living room. “He probably has so much on his plate right now.”

“Yeah” I rolled my eyes. “Something like that.”

“Well, where's your ring?” My parents excitedly plopped down on the couch hoping to see the hunk of jewel that represented Jonah's love.

“Oh, I...uhh...” I looked down at my naked hands. “ was a little loose so I'm getting it sized.” I lied.

I didn't want to tell them what was really going on. I didn't even know what was going on myself.

My mom frowned, “Why was it loose? Have you been losing weight? You do look a little sick, is everything okay?” She stood to her feet and held the back of her hand to my cheek.

“Mom, please.” I took a step back. “I'm fine!”

“Give the girl some space, honey.” My dad gestured for her to sit back down.

“It's just that finals were rough this year and that's only the tip of the iceberg.”

I told my parents everything that I'd been up to...minus Rebecca....and the fight with Jonah...and the pregnancy...basically everything that really was going on. They didn't need to know right now. Besides, as far as the pregnancy goes, I would want to at least give Jonah a heads up.

We talked a good while before I decided to call it a night. I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to emerge myself in a hot shower to wash away my problems. Unfortunately, it didn't work that way. It just made me even more anxious and needless to say, I barely got any sleep that night.

I woke up late the next afternoon, against my will. My phone kept vibrating. I rubbed my eyes and reached for my phone. It was Woody. He called me three times back to back. I answered the phone with my groggy voice.

“Lynn? Why isn't you here yet? I have some errands and things to run. I thought you'd be coming with me.”

“Woody” I sighed “I said I would come over when I woke up.”

“Oh...did I wake you? I'm so sorry Lynn! Alright well, just come to my parent's farm. I'll be there in an hour or two.”

I grunted as I kicked the blanket off of me. I knew there wasn't any way I'd be getting any sleep, so I forced myself to get ready for what was left of the day. I went down stairs where I was greeted by Marisol, our maid, as she swallowed me in a hug and insisted she cook me a big Mexican breakfast for lunch. Of course, I couldn't refuse.

I headed on my way to Woody's parents farm. It was a little more out in the country, but it wasn't too far from where I was. He still hadn't gotten there when I came so I decided to just hang out in the barn yard until then.

I was filled with memories as I opened the door and walked in. We spent a lot of random nights here. It was like our own private clubhouse. There use to be blankets that covered the haystacks for us to sit on and tables, and stringed lights, but now all of that was gone. It was just a regular old barn yard.

I grabbed two of the haystacks and sat them next to each other and laid down. I stared up at the wood beams at intricately came together to form the ceiling. It was happening again, I was falling back into my thoughts, somewhere I didn't have the energy to go today.

I snapped out of it when I heard the door creak open. I figured it was Woody, so I didn't get up.

“Lynn?” I heard a familiar voice. “Is that you?”

I looked up to find Joshua standing a few feet away. He pulled each finger of his gloves off and tossed them to the side. “What are you doing here?” I asked as I sat up. He was the last person I wanted to see right now.

He smiled. “Nice to see you too!”

“I'm sorry” I shook my head. “You just caught me off guard.”

“I just came to check on Raisin. Thought I'd clean up her stable while I was here.” Raisin was Joshua's horse. Well, not necessarily his, more like he belonged to Woody's parents, but he just treated Raisin like she was his own. “I had no idea you were coming to town.”

I raised my eyebrow, “do you ever?”

Joshua laughed, “You're turning into a true Yankee with that sarcasm.”

I rolled my eyes. "You say that to me every time."

"Well, it's true." He grabbed a hay stack and sat next to me. “How's it going?”

“It's okay” I nodded. “How's everything with you? How's Franny?”

Joshua scrunched his face. “Things didn't work out between us.”

“Oh no?” I have to say I did feel a little bad. After we mended things I honestly wanted him to move on.

He cleared his throat. “How's uh...” He pretended like he was struggling to remember."...Mr.ShowBiz"

“Jonah? I know you know his name, Joshua.” His cheeks grew pink. “He's great.” I mumbled.

I felt Joshua's eyes on me. I looked at him and he furrowed his brows. “What's wrong?”

“Nothing” I insisted.

“I can tell when you're upset, Lynn.” He leaned his hand on his knee and turned towards me. “What's wrong?”

I'm not super proud of this moment, but I couldn't help it. Everyone kept asking me what was going on and the more I tried to hold it in, the more I wanted to explode. So, I did. I spilled my guts to Joshua, Something I never thought I'd ever do post-cross country move..

“Can I tell you something?” Joshua asked. “I kind of always had a bad feeling about Rebecca.”

“You wouldn't be the first one to tell me that. It doesn't matter though, I gave the ring back.” I sniffled.

“I'm sorry, Lynn.” He placed his hand over mine sympathetically.

“When things ended between us, I made myself believe it was because I didn't want to get married or have kids or settle down in any way. But then when I moved to New York I met this amazing guy who made me feel like I wanted nothing more than to have those things. It was hard coming to terms with it, but I finally accepted that that's what I wanted and...look” I frowned as I looked at Joshua. “I'm still walking away with nothing.”

Joshua leaned over and gave me an awkward side hug. “It's okay, things don't always work out like their suppose to. Franny was the first girl I really fell for after you. I was going to propose to her.” he dropped his head as he spoke.

“Oh, Joshua, I didn't know that.”

He went on to tell me about how they'd met by fate and the way she gave him a whole new perspective on life. “Long story short, things didn't play out the way I wanted them to.”

I laughed out loud. I didn't mean to, but I did.

Joshua looked at me confused. “What?”

“Nothing” I shook my head as I smiled. “Who would have thought we'd be sitting here bonding over our failed relationships?” I hate to admit it, but with everything going on, it felt good to just talk to an old friend. Someone who really understood me.

Joshua smiled and leaned in closer. “I miss this.”

Hello Love,
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Diary Of A Mad Pregnant Woman

 **You all have been so kind and supportive lately and I really enjoyed everyone's "casting" picks for the characters. So, as a thank you for participating I've combined two posts into one and then some! Seriously, this is the longest post I've written. Enjoy!**

My eyes fluttered opened and filled up with the sunlight that was creeping through the sheer bedroom curtains. I yawned and stretched as I reached out to check the time on my phone. I cringed as a shot of pain radiated through my lower back.

I felt the bed move, something I hadn't felt in days. I turned to look over my shoulder to find Jonah shifting around. He was still asleep. I did a double take. I wasn't expecting him to be here. Hell, the last time I'd seen him in our bed, or at all for that matter, was a week ago.

I took the extra pillow from my side and threw it at Jonah's head. His eyes just barely opened as his groggy voice filled the air. “What the fuck, Lynn?” He groaned as he stretched his body. “What was that for?”

I rolled away from him and sat at the edge of the bed. “For standing up your pregnant fiance, you asshole.”

He rubbed his eyes, but then dropped his head back on to his pillow. “That was two days ago.” His voice sounded like he was drifting back into a slumber. “I already apologized.”

“Yeah, well, I haven't seen you since then.” I looked over to see his eyes closed. I groaned and picked up another pillow. Just as I was about to throw it, he peeked through his lashes and grabbed my hand.

“Let go of me!” I tried to shake my hand free from his grip.

“Drop the pillow” He stared at me through one open eye. It was hard to be angry at him when he looked so damn cute. His hair was a mess and his jaw was covered in scruff. “Drop. It.” He turned his head so I could see the serious look on his face.

I let go and the pillow fell onto the bed. Jonah picked it up with his other hand and put it behind his head. He was still holding onto my wrist as he rolled onto his back. “Come here” He pulled me close until I was at his side looking down at him. My eyes lingered towards his bare chest. He noticed and pulled the sheets lower exposing more of his abdomen.“Now, tell me why you hate me again.” He spoke softly.

Jonah's hand finally let go of my wrist and intertwined with my fingers instead. I stayed quiet as I watched him play with my hand. “God, it's so good to see you...” he whispered and I felt my blood boil again. He pulled his other hand out from behind his head and brought it to the side of my face. He caressed my cheek with his thumb before he leaned forward bringing his forehead to mine. Our noses rubbed against each other.“Tell me” he whispered again.

He was leaning in to kiss me when I pulled my face away. I pushed his shoulders until he fell onto his back. “Because, you're a fucking jerk, that's why!” I jumped off the bed and stormed into the closet.

I angrily rummaged through my clothes trying to find something to wear. I didn't want to be angry, I just couldn't help it. And Jonah wasn't making it any better. It's so good to see you? Was he serious? I mean, really, if he was so desperate to see me, he wouldn't have stood me up.

“Lynn” Jonah stood in the doorway of the closet with nothing but his boxers on. His eyes were squinting from the bright light. I turned my back to him and continued looking for something. “I'm sorry. You know things have been crazy, but I'm here now.” I felt his hands slip onto my waist, so I wiggled away, pulled a tee off the hanger and walked past him.

I stopped and turned around to look at Jonah before walking into the bathroom. “You can't just love on me and then abandon me for a week, Jonah.”

He sighed and covered his face with his hands. I heard him mumbling to himself before he lifted his hands away. “I have to go to work in a little bit and I don't want to leave with you angry at me.”

“Then don't leave” I crossed my arms over my chest.

Jonah looked up, hopeful, “You won't be angry anymore if I don't?”

“No” I nodded my head, “I'll still be angry.” I turned around and walked into the bathroom where Jonah trailed after me.

He engulfed me in a hug from behind trapping my arms in so I couldn't resist. “I love you” he softly whispered as his nose touched the edges of my ear. He waited for my response and repeated himself when I stayed quiet. “Lynn” He leaned away to look at me, but I avoided making eye contact. “You wanna give me the silent treatment? That's fine.” He let go of me and we continued with our morning routine in silence.

I was surprised when we walked out of the bedroom to find an empty apartment. Rebecca's door was wide open and all remains of her having been here were gone. Jonah and I slowly crept up to her room. There was a note on her bed.

Jonah picked it up and read it out loud, “Lynn, after our argument...” He looked over at me confused. I hadn't told him how Rebecca and I had gotten into it the other day. “I realized you were right. I've caused a lot of problems and I might as well be the worst guest ever. I'm sorry that you think I manipulated you and Jonah by overstaying my welcome.” Jonah looked at me again, this time irritated. “The apartment in Brooklyn will be mine in a week, but until then I'll be staying with Sarah. I hope we can work out our issues.

The side of Jonah's mouth curled up in a crooked smile, but he didn't look happy, rather completely unimpressed with my behavior. I felt my shoulders cave in on my body as a wave of guilt flooded over me. “You've really out done yourself this time.”

“Jonah, she saying mean things to me.” I took the note from his hand and folded it. “You weren't here, so you wouldn't know.”

“Is that what it's going to come back to? God, you don't get it, do you? I'm trying to work my ass off to get to where I want to be in my career. I'm doing it for us, for our family. You don't see me complaining when you're in class all day and studying all night. Why is it suddenly a problem?”

I didn't have to say anything for him to know why.

He closed his eyes and rubbed his temple. “You don't want me here around Rebecca and you don't want me at work. What do you want from me, Lynn?”

We stared at each other until I walked away and sat at the edge of the bed. Jonah came and sat next to me, lowering his voice. “I get it, there's another girl around so you feel threatened, but having these suspicions isn't worth becoming a vicious person. The reality is she didn't do anything to either one of us, besides maybe stay a little longer than we expected.” He sighed as he stood back up. “I would expect this behavior from Kadie, but not from you Lynn.”

I waited until Jonah was out of the room.“At least Kadie stands by me.” I mumbled.

He stopped walking and turned around without acknowledging whether he'd heard me or not. “I have to be at work.”

I folded my arms across my chest and walked past him. “That's fine. I'll see you in a week.” My phone vibrated and I pulled it out of my pocket to see who it was. Jonah shook his head and said goodbye before he left.

Jaime called, but I didn't answer. I was too irritated to talk. Irritated with myself, for not knowing how things between Jonah and I had gotten this way, and for allowing Rebecca to manipulate Jonah. It was all just too much.


After a long and emotionally draining weekend I needed to pull myself together for finals week.

I still wasn't talking to Rebecca despite her attempts to reach out to me. Sarah even tried to trick me into meeting her and working out our problems, but I poured all my focus into school instead.

It was Thursday afternoon, after my last exam for the semester, that I had my check up with Dr. Adler. A nurse had called me back to take my vitals and run a few tests before she left me to wait in the exam room alone.

“I'm sorry, Lynn...”

Dr. Adler walked into the room and shut the door behind her. I was nervously shaking my leg. The more I shook it the more I was reminded of the last time I was here with Jonah. He held his hand over my knee to calm me down. We were treading in unfamiliar territory, but having him by my side made everything feel normal.

That wasn't the case today. It was a month later and I was here alone. I mentioned the appointment to Jonah a while ago, but with the way things were going, I didn't bother reminding him.

Dr. Adler sat in a swivel stool across from me. Her brows furrowed as she read my chart. She didn't look too happy compared to her normal peppy personality.

It was so quiet in the room I could hear myself swallow my own spit.

Without looking up she finished her thought “...Another patient had an emergency that I needed to take care of. I hope you didn't have to wait too long.”

I mumbled as I swung my legs from the table. “It's okay, I don't have much planned today.”

She finally put the chart down and took her reading glasses off, placing both in her lap. A smile grew on her face as she inched closer and rubbed her hand on my knee. “How have you been, dear? Mr. Cohen isn't joining us today?”

I smiled back at her. “No, he's been busy...with work.”

“Ah, yes..” She lifted her brows as she suddenly remembered, “He's hosting the Emmy's isn't he? I thought I heard something on one of those entertainment gossip shows that plays in our waiting room.” She flicked her wrist and continued to talk, “Anyway, enough about him. How's everything checking out with you?”

“My morning sickness still comes and goes through out the day, but I feel like I have a better control over it.” I sat up straight and rubbed my spine. “It's just my back has been killing me lately. I'm not sure what it is.”

Dr. Adler finally relaxed her face and sighed. She was waiting for me to say it myself so she could address it. “Lynn” She put her glasses back on and opened up my chart again. “I'm not too happy with what I'm seeing.”

I slouched back into my normal posture and shook my head. “What do you mean?”

“Your report” She held up my chart “Typically back pain is due to the body adjusting for the baby, but in your case, it's high stress levels.” She flipped the chart around so I could see it myself. “I'm sure you know stress stunts the development of the baby and being so early in your pregnancy, it's crucial that your numbers are normal.”

I rocked my head back and stared up at the ceiling for a second before handing the chart to her. “I've been stressed about finals, but now they're over, so I promise I'll be fine.” I jumped off the exam bed ready to leave. “Is everything else okay?”

She stood up from her stool and placed her hand on my shoulder. “Lynn, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't make sure you were in the best shape for the baby. I'm going to admit you to the hospital so they can monitor your levels.”

“You're kidding, right?” my smile slowly vanished.

“These numbers are no joke, Lynn.” She said in a disapproving tone.

I sighed and finally gave it. “Fine, can I at least call Jonah and let him know?”

“That's fine. I'll give you a moment alone. “

Dr. Adler stepped out of the room and I tried calling Jonah but it went straight to voice mail. I waited a few minutes and dialed again...nothing.

I called Kadie instead and filled her in on the situation. She was there within half an hour.

“You didn't have to come” I was in the bathroom of my hospital room changing into the gown the nurse had given me. “I just wanted to let someone know I was here.”

“Lynn” I opened the door to find Kadie peeking into the bedside drawers. “You know I wasn't going to let you sit in a hospital room alone. Especially with everything going on.”

I slapped Kadie's hand, “What are you doing?”

She quickly shut the drawer, “I've always wondered what they keep in there.” Her eyes lingered around the room trying to find something else she could snoop in. “I just can't believe Jonah isn't picking up.”

I sat on the bed and let the nurse and her assistant strap me in a million wires. “It's been like this for a while” I sighed. “I get it, he's busy. I'm sure he probably doesn't have his phone on him.”

Kadie finally settled down in a chair across from me. “I can ask Adam to swing by Jonah's office when he's free?”

I shook my head. “Don't bother. Besides I don't think I'll be here for too long.”

It was ten hours, and eight phones calls asking Dr. Adler to please let the doctor on call release me, before Kadie and I were able to leave.

Jonah had texted me somewhere in between that time, not asking what was going on, or if everything was okay, but instead letting me know he was staying late at the office.

“I feel like you should go to his office tomorrow” Kadie stared at me as I walked with furrowed brows down the street. “Maybe if you see him...” She tried to convince me, but I cut her off.

“You know what? You're right. Let's go to his office right now.”

“Oh, okay...I meant tomorrow, but we can go right now...” She pulled out her phone to look at the time “...At 12 AM...No big deal...”

We hopped on the subway and headed towards Jonah's office. I could tell Kadie was concerned for my well being by the glaces she kept throwing my way. I didn't care. I felt like Jonah needed to know that I'd been in the hospital all day. If he wasn't going to answer my call then I just had to go see him myself.

We stood in the mezzanine for a while before I was able to reach Mike.

“Hey Lynn, what's going on?” I had to turn the volume down my phone when he spoke.

“Hey Mike, me and Kadie are here. Do you mind letting security know?”

“Oh, did you two leave?” I heard him rustling through some papers “Hold on, let me tell Liz to buzz down to security.”

“Wait, what do you mean did we leave?” Kadie and I looked at each other confused.

“Weren't you here with that girl? The one that's gonna be working here soon? Anyway, I saw her coming up a few minutes ago, I thought you might have been with her.”

Kadie's jaw dropped and I almost crushed my phone.

A call came through on the security guard's walkie talkie and he moved aside for us to take the elevator up.

Neither one of us said anything until the doors shut. 

“Lynn” Kadie said in a calming voice, “Remember what the doctor said, you don't want to be back in the hospital, do you?”

“I swear to God if that bitch is anywhere near Jonah...”

The elevator doors opened on the twenty third floor. They'd opened just in time for us to see Rebecca rounding the corner of the hall. We followed her and watched her go into Jonah's office.

“Okay, that's it! Game over!” Kadie angrily stomped her feet as she went after Rebecca.

I grabbed her arm and squeezed it, stopping her from making a scene. “No...” I held a finger over my mouth gesturing for her to stay quiet. “ She followed my lead as we tiptoed to Jonah's office door. Rebecca hadn't shut it all the way, it was just barely cracked open.

“Are you sure you want to hear this?” Kadie looked uneasy.

I ignored her question and stuck my head closer to the door.

“Rebecca?” I heard Jonah's voice “What are you doing here?”

“I had my meeting earlier with HR, you know, for the position.” It sounded like she was walking around. “I tried coming by your office then, but you weren't here.”

“I was probably in the writer's room. But I mean, what are you doing here... so late? Who let you up?” I tried peeking in but I couldn't see much of anything. It kind of looked like Jonah was just barely sitting at the edge of his desk and Rebecca was pacing back and forth in front of him. “Is everything okay?”

“I had my badge from earlier, so they let me up.” She laughed “Why are you so worried? Is it because of Lynn? I know things haven't been good between you two...Lynn told me y'all were having problems.”

I gasped as I looked back at Kadie. I tried whispering as quietly as possible. “She's lying! She's lying! I never told her anything! She's lying!” Kadie gestured for me to keep it down.

“Um, well..” Jonah sounded caught off guard by what Rebecca was saying. “Lynn's just going through a difficult time.”

“I hate the way she treats you, ya know?” Rebecca's voice was getting lower and lower. “Like you aren't the most deserving man in the world.”

Jonah laughed out loud, which made Kadie laugh at how desperate Rebecca sounded. “She actually treats me better than the most deserving man in the if you could just tell me why you're here I can get on with my work.”

“I'm here because I got all your signals, I know you want me, Jonah.”

“I'm sorry” He laughed for a brief second but then cleared his throat “I'm not sure if my being nice to a guest in my home qualifies as signals.”

Rebecca sighed “If we're going to do this let's just...” she stopped talking for a second “ this”

“Okay, see, we could have salvaged the relationship that Lynn and I have with you, but you just crossed a line.” Kadie and I looked at each other wondering what was going on. “You need to put your shirt back on and leave my office, like, right now.” We covered our mouths and gasped when we heard him say it out loud.

I swung the door open and sure enough there she was.

The fear in Rebecca's eyes was something I'd never seen before. She stumbled to find her words. “Ly...Ly...Lynn...” She slowly backed away as she tried to put her shirt on.

“What the hell is going on?” I acted as if I wasn't just listening to the whole conversation.

“Jonah!” She pointed to him accusingly, “He told me to come here.”

“What?!” Jonah angrily responded.

“Yeah, he told me to come here and he started making passes at me.”

“Lynn” Jonah turned to look at me. “That's not all!

I held my hand up gesturing for Jonah to stop talking. “So, let's say he did call you here...” I folded my arms over my chest as I slowly walked towards her. With every step I told she took one backwards. “What did you think would happen this late at night?”

Rebecca stumbled on her words again. “I...I...I...”

“Let me tell you what you're gonna do since you can't talk for yourself.” Kadie's roaring voice filled the office. “You're gonna take the five second head start I'm giving you and you're gonna pack your shit up and leave. And I'm not talking about to Brooklyn, honey, because I'm gonna make fucking sure that apartment doesn't get signed over to you!” Rebecca kept slowly walking backwards until she hit the wall. She covered her mouth as she started crying and ran out of the room.

“Lynn” Jonah looked distraught as he walked up to me. “Baby, I swear that wasn't...”

“Jonah” I cut him off as I moved out of his way.

“She was lying...I would never do that to you.”

I asked Kadie to give us a minute and she shut the door behind her as she stepped out of Jonah's office.

“I know.” Jonah's expression filled with hope. “I heard the whole thing.” I held my head as I tried to wrap my mind around everything that had just happened. “If I hadn't came here just now...”

“Look, it was my mistake okay? If I had just believed you, she wouldn't have been any where near here.” He looked disappointed. “You were right about her”

“That's just it Jonah, you didn't believe me. You told me I was becoming a vicious person.” I smiled to stop myself from crying. “I tried warning you that she had a hidden agenda and instead of believing me you made me feel like such a bitch.”

“I'm sorry, Lynn.” He took a step towards me, but I took one step away.

“It wasn't me who's changed.” I shook my head. “It's you.”

I turned around and grabbed the doorknob. I stopped for a second to catch my breath. I looked back at Jonah. “And in case you were wondering what I've been up to. I was admitted to the hospital for ten hours today.”

“What?” He looked up and walked towards me again. “Is everything okay? Is the baby okay?”

“Apparently My stress levels were through the roof” I laughed, a weak, shaky, laugh. “Who would have thought, right?”

“Why didn't you...”

I cut him off and nodded my head. “I did” I walked towards him.”But, you'll never guess who showed up for me instead.” I pointed behind me towards the hall where Kadie was standing. “So much for being a shitty friend, right?”

Jonah stood quietly.

“You know, Jonah, I love you, I really do...But...”

He shook his head when he saw me pulling at my ring. “Lynn, stop...”

“I've given it a lot of thought and I...uh...” I was trying my hardest to finish my sentence without crying.

“Lynn..” Jonah held my hand as he tried to stop me. “Lynn, don't do it...Please...I know you don't mean it...”

I shook my head and pulled my hands away. I took my ring off and placed it in his hands.”I just don't think we're ready for this right now.”
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Hello Love

I always love connecting with you guys, some of my favorite posts are the ones where we all share a little bit of ourselves. (i.e 5 facts about you, favorite NYD moments, etc) So, I thought I'd ask a fun little question and see how everyone's imagination varies! :)

The other day, as I was writing a post for NYD, I realized we all see the characters in different ways. Someone might think one character is blonde and tall while another might think the same character is brunette and short.

So here's my question:

If NYD were a movie or tv show what actors would you imagine each character? If you can't think of an actor for a certain character then describe what they look like when you read the story. 

You don't have to describe everyone but here's the main cast of characters: 
Lynn, Jonah, Kadie, Adam, Sarah, Henry, Jebrone, Jaime, Rebecca. 
Appearances: Woody, Mark, Lacey, Casey, Mandy, Anna (Jonah's mom) Joshua

I'm so excited to see everyone's list! :D (even you ghost readers!!)