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Diary Of A Mad Pregnant Woman

 **You all have been so kind and supportive lately and I really enjoyed everyone's "casting" picks for the characters. So, as a thank you for participating I've combined two posts into one and then some! Seriously, this is the longest post I've written. Enjoy!**

My eyes fluttered opened and filled up with the sunlight that was creeping through the sheer bedroom curtains. I yawned and stretched as I reached out to check the time on my phone. I cringed as a shot of pain radiated through my lower back.

I felt the bed move, something I hadn't felt in days. I turned to look over my shoulder to find Jonah shifting around. He was still asleep. I did a double take. I wasn't expecting him to be here. Hell, the last time I'd seen him in our bed, or at all for that matter, was a week ago.

I took the extra pillow from my side and threw it at Jonah's head. His eyes just barely opened as his groggy voice filled the air. “What the fuck, Lynn?” He groaned as he stretched his body. “What was that for?”

I rolled away from him and sat at the edge of the bed. “For standing up your pregnant fiance, you asshole.”

He rubbed his eyes, but then dropped his head back on to his pillow. “That was two days ago.” His voice sounded like he was drifting back into a slumber. “I already apologized.”

“Yeah, well, I haven't seen you since then.” I looked over to see his eyes closed. I groaned and picked up another pillow. Just as I was about to throw it, he peeked through his lashes and grabbed my hand.

“Let go of me!” I tried to shake my hand free from his grip.

“Drop the pillow” He stared at me through one open eye. It was hard to be angry at him when he looked so damn cute. His hair was a mess and his jaw was covered in scruff. “Drop. It.” He turned his head so I could see the serious look on his face.

I let go and the pillow fell onto the bed. Jonah picked it up with his other hand and put it behind his head. He was still holding onto my wrist as he rolled onto his back. “Come here” He pulled me close until I was at his side looking down at him. My eyes lingered towards his bare chest. He noticed and pulled the sheets lower exposing more of his abdomen.“Now, tell me why you hate me again.” He spoke softly.

Jonah's hand finally let go of my wrist and intertwined with my fingers instead. I stayed quiet as I watched him play with my hand. “God, it's so good to see you...” he whispered and I felt my blood boil again. He pulled his other hand out from behind his head and brought it to the side of my face. He caressed my cheek with his thumb before he leaned forward bringing his forehead to mine. Our noses rubbed against each other.“Tell me” he whispered again.

He was leaning in to kiss me when I pulled my face away. I pushed his shoulders until he fell onto his back. “Because, you're a fucking jerk, that's why!” I jumped off the bed and stormed into the closet.

I angrily rummaged through my clothes trying to find something to wear. I didn't want to be angry, I just couldn't help it. And Jonah wasn't making it any better. It's so good to see you? Was he serious? I mean, really, if he was so desperate to see me, he wouldn't have stood me up.

“Lynn” Jonah stood in the doorway of the closet with nothing but his boxers on. His eyes were squinting from the bright light. I turned my back to him and continued looking for something. “I'm sorry. You know things have been crazy, but I'm here now.” I felt his hands slip onto my waist, so I wiggled away, pulled a tee off the hanger and walked past him.

I stopped and turned around to look at Jonah before walking into the bathroom. “You can't just love on me and then abandon me for a week, Jonah.”

He sighed and covered his face with his hands. I heard him mumbling to himself before he lifted his hands away. “I have to go to work in a little bit and I don't want to leave with you angry at me.”

“Then don't leave” I crossed my arms over my chest.

Jonah looked up, hopeful, “You won't be angry anymore if I don't?”

“No” I nodded my head, “I'll still be angry.” I turned around and walked into the bathroom where Jonah trailed after me.

He engulfed me in a hug from behind trapping my arms in so I couldn't resist. “I love you” he softly whispered as his nose touched the edges of my ear. He waited for my response and repeated himself when I stayed quiet. “Lynn” He leaned away to look at me, but I avoided making eye contact. “You wanna give me the silent treatment? That's fine.” He let go of me and we continued with our morning routine in silence.

I was surprised when we walked out of the bedroom to find an empty apartment. Rebecca's door was wide open and all remains of her having been here were gone. Jonah and I slowly crept up to her room. There was a note on her bed.

Jonah picked it up and read it out loud, “Lynn, after our argument...” He looked over at me confused. I hadn't told him how Rebecca and I had gotten into it the other day. “I realized you were right. I've caused a lot of problems and I might as well be the worst guest ever. I'm sorry that you think I manipulated you and Jonah by overstaying my welcome.” Jonah looked at me again, this time irritated. “The apartment in Brooklyn will be mine in a week, but until then I'll be staying with Sarah. I hope we can work out our issues.

The side of Jonah's mouth curled up in a crooked smile, but he didn't look happy, rather completely unimpressed with my behavior. I felt my shoulders cave in on my body as a wave of guilt flooded over me. “You've really out done yourself this time.”

“Jonah, she saying mean things to me.” I took the note from his hand and folded it. “You weren't here, so you wouldn't know.”

“Is that what it's going to come back to? God, you don't get it, do you? I'm trying to work my ass off to get to where I want to be in my career. I'm doing it for us, for our family. You don't see me complaining when you're in class all day and studying all night. Why is it suddenly a problem?”

I didn't have to say anything for him to know why.

He closed his eyes and rubbed his temple. “You don't want me here around Rebecca and you don't want me at work. What do you want from me, Lynn?”

We stared at each other until I walked away and sat at the edge of the bed. Jonah came and sat next to me, lowering his voice. “I get it, there's another girl around so you feel threatened, but having these suspicions isn't worth becoming a vicious person. The reality is she didn't do anything to either one of us, besides maybe stay a little longer than we expected.” He sighed as he stood back up. “I would expect this behavior from Kadie, but not from you Lynn.”

I waited until Jonah was out of the room.“At least Kadie stands by me.” I mumbled.

He stopped walking and turned around without acknowledging whether he'd heard me or not. “I have to be at work.”

I folded my arms across my chest and walked past him. “That's fine. I'll see you in a week.” My phone vibrated and I pulled it out of my pocket to see who it was. Jonah shook his head and said goodbye before he left.

Jaime called, but I didn't answer. I was too irritated to talk. Irritated with myself, for not knowing how things between Jonah and I had gotten this way, and for allowing Rebecca to manipulate Jonah. It was all just too much.


After a long and emotionally draining weekend I needed to pull myself together for finals week.

I still wasn't talking to Rebecca despite her attempts to reach out to me. Sarah even tried to trick me into meeting her and working out our problems, but I poured all my focus into school instead.

It was Thursday afternoon, after my last exam for the semester, that I had my check up with Dr. Adler. A nurse had called me back to take my vitals and run a few tests before she left me to wait in the exam room alone.

“I'm sorry, Lynn...”

Dr. Adler walked into the room and shut the door behind her. I was nervously shaking my leg. The more I shook it the more I was reminded of the last time I was here with Jonah. He held his hand over my knee to calm me down. We were treading in unfamiliar territory, but having him by my side made everything feel normal.

That wasn't the case today. It was a month later and I was here alone. I mentioned the appointment to Jonah a while ago, but with the way things were going, I didn't bother reminding him.

Dr. Adler sat in a swivel stool across from me. Her brows furrowed as she read my chart. She didn't look too happy compared to her normal peppy personality.

It was so quiet in the room I could hear myself swallow my own spit.

Without looking up she finished her thought “...Another patient had an emergency that I needed to take care of. I hope you didn't have to wait too long.”

I mumbled as I swung my legs from the table. “It's okay, I don't have much planned today.”

She finally put the chart down and took her reading glasses off, placing both in her lap. A smile grew on her face as she inched closer and rubbed her hand on my knee. “How have you been, dear? Mr. Cohen isn't joining us today?”

I smiled back at her. “No, he's been busy...with work.”

“Ah, yes..” She lifted her brows as she suddenly remembered, “He's hosting the Emmy's isn't he? I thought I heard something on one of those entertainment gossip shows that plays in our waiting room.” She flicked her wrist and continued to talk, “Anyway, enough about him. How's everything checking out with you?”

“My morning sickness still comes and goes through out the day, but I feel like I have a better control over it.” I sat up straight and rubbed my spine. “It's just my back has been killing me lately. I'm not sure what it is.”

Dr. Adler finally relaxed her face and sighed. She was waiting for me to say it myself so she could address it. “Lynn” She put her glasses back on and opened up my chart again. “I'm not too happy with what I'm seeing.”

I slouched back into my normal posture and shook my head. “What do you mean?”

“Your report” She held up my chart “Typically back pain is due to the body adjusting for the baby, but in your case, it's high stress levels.” She flipped the chart around so I could see it myself. “I'm sure you know stress stunts the development of the baby and being so early in your pregnancy, it's crucial that your numbers are normal.”

I rocked my head back and stared up at the ceiling for a second before handing the chart to her. “I've been stressed about finals, but now they're over, so I promise I'll be fine.” I jumped off the exam bed ready to leave. “Is everything else okay?”

She stood up from her stool and placed her hand on my shoulder. “Lynn, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't make sure you were in the best shape for the baby. I'm going to admit you to the hospital so they can monitor your levels.”

“You're kidding, right?” my smile slowly vanished.

“These numbers are no joke, Lynn.” She said in a disapproving tone.

I sighed and finally gave it. “Fine, can I at least call Jonah and let him know?”

“That's fine. I'll give you a moment alone. “

Dr. Adler stepped out of the room and I tried calling Jonah but it went straight to voice mail. I waited a few minutes and dialed again...nothing.

I called Kadie instead and filled her in on the situation. She was there within half an hour.

“You didn't have to come” I was in the bathroom of my hospital room changing into the gown the nurse had given me. “I just wanted to let someone know I was here.”

“Lynn” I opened the door to find Kadie peeking into the bedside drawers. “You know I wasn't going to let you sit in a hospital room alone. Especially with everything going on.”

I slapped Kadie's hand, “What are you doing?”

She quickly shut the drawer, “I've always wondered what they keep in there.” Her eyes lingered around the room trying to find something else she could snoop in. “I just can't believe Jonah isn't picking up.”

I sat on the bed and let the nurse and her assistant strap me in a million wires. “It's been like this for a while” I sighed. “I get it, he's busy. I'm sure he probably doesn't have his phone on him.”

Kadie finally settled down in a chair across from me. “I can ask Adam to swing by Jonah's office when he's free?”

I shook my head. “Don't bother. Besides I don't think I'll be here for too long.”

It was ten hours, and eight phones calls asking Dr. Adler to please let the doctor on call release me, before Kadie and I were able to leave.

Jonah had texted me somewhere in between that time, not asking what was going on, or if everything was okay, but instead letting me know he was staying late at the office.

“I feel like you should go to his office tomorrow” Kadie stared at me as I walked with furrowed brows down the street. “Maybe if you see him...” She tried to convince me, but I cut her off.

“You know what? You're right. Let's go to his office right now.”

“Oh, okay...I meant tomorrow, but we can go right now...” She pulled out her phone to look at the time “...At 12 AM...No big deal...”

We hopped on the subway and headed towards Jonah's office. I could tell Kadie was concerned for my well being by the glaces she kept throwing my way. I didn't care. I felt like Jonah needed to know that I'd been in the hospital all day. If he wasn't going to answer my call then I just had to go see him myself.

We stood in the mezzanine for a while before I was able to reach Mike.

“Hey Lynn, what's going on?” I had to turn the volume down my phone when he spoke.

“Hey Mike, me and Kadie are here. Do you mind letting security know?”

“Oh, did you two leave?” I heard him rustling through some papers “Hold on, let me tell Liz to buzz down to security.”

“Wait, what do you mean did we leave?” Kadie and I looked at each other confused.

“Weren't you here with that girl? The one that's gonna be working here soon? Anyway, I saw her coming up a few minutes ago, I thought you might have been with her.”

Kadie's jaw dropped and I almost crushed my phone.

A call came through on the security guard's walkie talkie and he moved aside for us to take the elevator up.

Neither one of us said anything until the doors shut. 

“Lynn” Kadie said in a calming voice, “Remember what the doctor said, you don't want to be back in the hospital, do you?”

“I swear to God if that bitch is anywhere near Jonah...”

The elevator doors opened on the twenty third floor. They'd opened just in time for us to see Rebecca rounding the corner of the hall. We followed her and watched her go into Jonah's office.

“Okay, that's it! Game over!” Kadie angrily stomped her feet as she went after Rebecca.

I grabbed her arm and squeezed it, stopping her from making a scene. “No...” I held a finger over my mouth gesturing for her to stay quiet. “ She followed my lead as we tiptoed to Jonah's office door. Rebecca hadn't shut it all the way, it was just barely cracked open.

“Are you sure you want to hear this?” Kadie looked uneasy.

I ignored her question and stuck my head closer to the door.

“Rebecca?” I heard Jonah's voice “What are you doing here?”

“I had my meeting earlier with HR, you know, for the position.” It sounded like she was walking around. “I tried coming by your office then, but you weren't here.”

“I was probably in the writer's room. But I mean, what are you doing here... so late? Who let you up?” I tried peeking in but I couldn't see much of anything. It kind of looked like Jonah was just barely sitting at the edge of his desk and Rebecca was pacing back and forth in front of him. “Is everything okay?”

“I had my badge from earlier, so they let me up.” She laughed “Why are you so worried? Is it because of Lynn? I know things haven't been good between you two...Lynn told me y'all were having problems.”

I gasped as I looked back at Kadie. I tried whispering as quietly as possible. “She's lying! She's lying! I never told her anything! She's lying!” Kadie gestured for me to keep it down.

“Um, well..” Jonah sounded caught off guard by what Rebecca was saying. “Lynn's just going through a difficult time.”

“I hate the way she treats you, ya know?” Rebecca's voice was getting lower and lower. “Like you aren't the most deserving man in the world.”

Jonah laughed out loud, which made Kadie laugh at how desperate Rebecca sounded. “She actually treats me better than the most deserving man in the if you could just tell me why you're here I can get on with my work.”

“I'm here because I got all your signals, I know you want me, Jonah.”

“I'm sorry” He laughed for a brief second but then cleared his throat “I'm not sure if my being nice to a guest in my home qualifies as signals.”

Rebecca sighed “If we're going to do this let's just...” she stopped talking for a second “ this”

“Okay, see, we could have salvaged the relationship that Lynn and I have with you, but you just crossed a line.” Kadie and I looked at each other wondering what was going on. “You need to put your shirt back on and leave my office, like, right now.” We covered our mouths and gasped when we heard him say it out loud.

I swung the door open and sure enough there she was.

The fear in Rebecca's eyes was something I'd never seen before. She stumbled to find her words. “Ly...Ly...Lynn...” She slowly backed away as she tried to put her shirt on.

“What the hell is going on?” I acted as if I wasn't just listening to the whole conversation.

“Jonah!” She pointed to him accusingly, “He told me to come here.”

“What?!” Jonah angrily responded.

“Yeah, he told me to come here and he started making passes at me.”

“Lynn” Jonah turned to look at me. “That's not all!

I held my hand up gesturing for Jonah to stop talking. “So, let's say he did call you here...” I folded my arms over my chest as I slowly walked towards her. With every step I told she took one backwards. “What did you think would happen this late at night?”

Rebecca stumbled on her words again. “I...I...I...”

“Let me tell you what you're gonna do since you can't talk for yourself.” Kadie's roaring voice filled the office. “You're gonna take the five second head start I'm giving you and you're gonna pack your shit up and leave. And I'm not talking about to Brooklyn, honey, because I'm gonna make fucking sure that apartment doesn't get signed over to you!” Rebecca kept slowly walking backwards until she hit the wall. She covered her mouth as she started crying and ran out of the room.

“Lynn” Jonah looked distraught as he walked up to me. “Baby, I swear that wasn't...”

“Jonah” I cut him off as I moved out of his way.

“She was lying...I would never do that to you.”

I asked Kadie to give us a minute and she shut the door behind her as she stepped out of Jonah's office.

“I know.” Jonah's expression filled with hope. “I heard the whole thing.” I held my head as I tried to wrap my mind around everything that had just happened. “If I hadn't came here just now...”

“Look, it was my mistake okay? If I had just believed you, she wouldn't have been any where near here.” He looked disappointed. “You were right about her”

“That's just it Jonah, you didn't believe me. You told me I was becoming a vicious person.” I smiled to stop myself from crying. “I tried warning you that she had a hidden agenda and instead of believing me you made me feel like such a bitch.”

“I'm sorry, Lynn.” He took a step towards me, but I took one step away.

“It wasn't me who's changed.” I shook my head. “It's you.”

I turned around and grabbed the doorknob. I stopped for a second to catch my breath. I looked back at Jonah. “And in case you were wondering what I've been up to. I was admitted to the hospital for ten hours today.”

“What?” He looked up and walked towards me again. “Is everything okay? Is the baby okay?”

“Apparently My stress levels were through the roof” I laughed, a weak, shaky, laugh. “Who would have thought, right?”

“Why didn't you...”

I cut him off and nodded my head. “I did” I walked towards him.”But, you'll never guess who showed up for me instead.” I pointed behind me towards the hall where Kadie was standing. “So much for being a shitty friend, right?”

Jonah stood quietly.

“You know, Jonah, I love you, I really do...But...”

He shook his head when he saw me pulling at my ring. “Lynn, stop...”

“I've given it a lot of thought and I...uh...” I was trying my hardest to finish my sentence without crying.

“Lynn..” Jonah held my hand as he tried to stop me. “Lynn, don't do it...Please...I know you don't mean it...”

I shook my head and pulled my hands away. I took my ring off and placed it in his hands.”I just don't think we're ready for this right now.”
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  1. I want to vomit and cry.

  2. Heartbroken ����

  3. I really wanted Lynn and Jonah to be okay but honestly he's been a jerk recently and needs to wake up to the fact that he has a pregnant fiance and that the only time he's spending with her he's calling her out as being a terrible person. I really hope they get things back on track because I really really love both of them.

    1. I agree. I love them but Jonah has been REALLY crossing some trust boundaries with Lynn. He's completely checked out of what is going on at home and isn't being supportive at all. All the work in the world won't provide a happy home if you aren't tuned into your partner and making time for them. I'm pretty pissed at Jonah for how he handled the Rebecca situation and didn't trust Lynn. Rebecca isn't Jonah's friend, she's Lynn's, and he needs to not assume he knows more about Rebecca than Lynn does. Hopefully this will be the huge wakeup call Jonah needs.

  4. I really wanted Lynn and Jonah to be okay but honestly he's been a jerk recently and needs to wake up to the fact that he has a pregnant fiance and that the only time he's spending with her he's calling her out as being a terrible person. I really hope they get things back on track because I really really love both of them.

  5. I don't think that was worthy of giving the ring back. He shut Rebecca down and he's only been super busy a week. Plus he told her that was going to happen. Just like she called Mike to let her in the building why didn't she call him to get Jonah when she was in the hospital. Sure he could be better with his schedule but they both have busy careers and giving up whenever it gets difficult is not the way to go. Good post btw

    1. Yeah I agree. She has set herself up for the disappointment, by having expectations, like he didn't answer the phone so I guess he doesn't know that telepathically it's an urgency, guess what Lynn ever heard of a text or chat!? She didn't call when in the hospital because she subconsciously wanted him to dissapoint her. I get she's hormonal and he's clearly been busy and not putting that first but she never asked him to talk or anything she just assumed since he's been busy he wouldn't, not a lot of effort on her end either

    2. I think it's more trust. He didn't trust her. Didn't even listen to her. Just blew her off, and told her she was being horrible and vicious, and she was right.

      If the person you're marrying can't even take what youre concerned about to heart, what's the point?

    3. If my husband was completely distrustful of my intentions and judgement towards a friend of MINE I would have put the breaks on the engagement too. If Jonah was tuning into Lynn, trusting her, and making a good faith effort to check in, the busy at work this wouldn't be an issue. The work is simply a symptom if a larger issue. The fact is, Lynn is PREGNANT. And in the early stages. So many things could go wrong. For him to not even return a phone call or text for 10 hours is ridiculous.

    4. I don't agree Anon 05/08. Maybe he would have taken her concerns more seriously if Lynn actually talked like a mature adult about what was bothering her. She didn't do that. She threw fits and talked out of anger. Her attitude did come off as irrational. It is hard to take someone seriously when they are all over the board.

    5. @Kae- you're right, she shouldn't have thrown a fit like she did. But she is also pregnant and I know from watching relatives during pregnancy that it messes up all your hormones. So he also needs to look at it from her point of view, like everyone on here is saying she should do for him. The difference is, she was being admitted to the hospital with his baby! So I would definitely be upset if I were in her position.

  6. I'm actually mad at you zara!

  7. I think they'll be OK. He just needs this wake up call.

  8. Yeah because breaking up with the man who loves you is really going to help your stress levels

    1. Being engaged to one who has no faith or trust in you certainly doesn't help them either.

    2. That's an exaggeration, he does have faith and trusts her. I agree with others, she made a phone call then didn't text or leave voicemail or call assistant. She also set herself up for disappointment when she bought the dress and made dinner when he said he would try too. the only time she saw him she threw pillows at him and yelled at him. When he announced his big need about hosting she barely reacted. He wasn't going to cheat, she should have had more rational conversations with him. Yes he's been busy and yes he needs to work on being more attentive especially with the baby coming up. She not that far along their life hasn't changed yet (regarding baby ) it's an adjustment so expecting him to know the ins and outs of a one month pregnancy is silly, he's not going to know she's crazy hormonal and needs more attention. I could go on but I'm tired

  9. I think Lynn is very hormonal right now. Jonah needs to make up to her for not listening to her, but I am sure he will. When she calms down, I hope she realizes that giving back the ring was an overreaction.

  10. Ugh my heart was pounding through all of this! First, so glad to see Kadie stepping up and being the friend we all knew she was. Second, eff Rebecca! And third, I don't think she's breaking up with him, just needing a break. Jonah has been treating Lynn terribly, and I know she's been hormonal and maybe a little irrational, but if they're going to get married, he needs to ALWAYS be on her side. He's been against her recently, and he needs to figure his shit out. My husband may not always agree with me, but he is always on my side. Not answering your phone or having a way for your pregnant fiancee to get in touch with you in case of emergency is ridiculous, and there is absolutely no excuse for him missing that appointment. She shouldn't have had to remind him. It should just be his priority. That's his child. Also, I might die waiting until next Thursday!

    1. It never said he missed it, men don't go to every appointment.
      Think about people in jobs like miners or even some jobs don't allow you to answer the phone all the time. She is acting more hormonal but sorry guys don't always get that women turn into pillow throwing people

    2. I know that in some situations it's not possible, but this isn't one of those. He forgot the appointment. And Jonah isn't a miner, he's surrounded by people. I'm sure he's busy but Jonah was mad at Lynn and not taking her calls, which is not okay. I agree she was being over the top and I said she was irrational, but he's been a jerk, too. He should have just sided with her about Rebecca instead of going against Lynn. He had every right to disagree with her, but he should always be on her side!

    3. Also, my husband went to every appointment. A lot of men do.

    4. Well my husband didn't go to every one, and he's still the best husband in the world. Most of the appointments only measure you and listen to heartbeat and you are out of there. if there was issues or decisions to be made he was there, otherwise I didn't ask him to take time off work for no reason.

    5. She mentioned the appointment to him but didn't bother reminding him (like another comment, she set herself up for disappointment ) he has a busy job and making the early appointments are going to be hard if she really wanted him there she would have reminded him and send him a calender invite, I've done that it isn't hard. I've also forgotten things so guess I'm a jerk

    6. Are we forgetting the part where even she said she felt guilty about the way she treated Rebecca after they found out she moved? I can see Jonah not thinking anything of Rebecca's behavior in the beginning. Now when she made him breakfast, that was over the line.

    7. Yeah True. I don't think a guy would think the breakfast making was over the line though, to him it was food and she probably said something like was for him and Lynn for all they've done

    8. If he can't make the appointment fine, but he better damn well have it marked on his calendar to check in with Lynn afterwards to see how everything went.

  11. All the feels. ��

  12. I think she's overreacting, some women are dating or married to men in the service and they are gone for way longer then a week. he just took her to Mexico ,this is just a busy busy time and also Rebecca was crafty she showed a different side to him

    1. It's not about being busy though. My husband works in sales and I spend more time alone than I do with him most days. The difference is, we're checked in with each other, if we have a date and he can't make it, he let's me know BEFORE I'm sitting on a couch with a cold dinner for two hours. He also trusts me and is on my side. None of these things has Jonah done. He's got his own assistant, for goodness sakes, who gets paid to help Jonah keep his schedule and rearrange when necessary. He's been defensive, dismissive, and accusatory. If my husband called me a vicious person it would break my heart. I can see why Lynn feels like Jonah let her down. She's been living in a house where everyone is against her.

    2. I don't think that is true srob, that she is living in a house where everyone is against her. I think that Jonah should be more considerate. He should definitely call the minute he feels he will be late. However, Lynn isn't exactly acting like an adult. Not once did she have a serious sit-down discussion outlining her concerns. She threw tantrums and hurled accusations around. Considering how up and down she is, I wouldn't have taken her seriously either. I honestly think she needs to take a breath and start communicating better. They both do.

    3. Srob, he didn't call her a vicious person, he said it wasn't worth becoming a vicious person.

  13. GAH! Here I was terrified Lynn was miscarrying (glad that didn't happen!), but this is almost as bad! I truly hope Lynn and Jonah can talk this through. I hated it when they broke up before and I would hate it even more if they broke up again.

  14. Nooooooooo my heart just shattered

  15. OMG! No no no. They can't break up. Let's just call this a misunderstanding!! Jonah needs to make it up to her and start communicating, Lynn needs to get well and try to communicate better as well. Come on people!

    Sidenote: We all knew Rebecca was a snake in the grass! So glad to know we were all right!!!!!! I hate people like Rebecca. What a backstabbing hoe. haha

  16. I am not loving this. I do agree that Jonah was seemingly being an ass, but in all honestly, I didn't see Lynn having a rational conversation about Rebecca's behavior or her concerns. She threw fits and got mad. That is not voicing your concerns in a mature nature. She needs to own some of her behavior also. I feel a lot her complaints are one sided. She is complaining about how busy Jonah is, but realistically, she is in medical school. That takes up a lot of time with classes, clinical work and observation, studying, etc. She probably not home as much as she thinks she is. I understand that Jonah is putting in a lot of time right now for the bigger payoff. This isn't uncommon when people are in a high profile career. Again, a discussion should be had about the expectation between the two of them.

    As for the doctor appointment and hospital, I am throwing that on Lynn. She had multiple opportunities to leave messages, have Jonah paged, have Kadie go get him. She CHOSE not to do that and acted pretty high and mighty about it. When I was pregnant my husband was out in the field a lot and there were times I couldn't get a hold of him. It happens. It didn't make him a bad person, he was working and if it was an emergency, then I had people get him for me.

    That being said, I do love the writing and I am addicted to this blog!

  17. So sad. I'm only giving Lynn a pass because of her hormones and stress level with finals, Rebecca, and Jonah being busy. This is a huge time in his career. He's going to be working a ton. Silent treatments and snarky comments aren't going to help either of them.

    BTW...a bonus post would wonderful! It's going to be a LONG week...mum

  18. :( :( :(

    I'm not even PMSing for another week and I'm sitting here at my desk crying. Omg. :(

    I'm with Lynn, though. Jonah hasn't been treating her well lately. I'm glad Kadie stood up and was a good friend.

  19. I agree with the general consensus.... Lynn failed to voice her concerns calmly and rationally, which makes them hard for Jonah to take seriously. Regardless, Jonah has NOT being treating Lynn right - I know he's busy but it's no excuse to go a week without seeing your fiance who you live with. I do think giving back the ring was an overreaction though. Hopefully they work this out. I would be really disappointed if they didn't - especially since they are having a child together.

  20. I am so glad this happened! He needs to get his shit together and wake up and realize he's going to be a husband and a parent all in a short amount of time. A career is a career but your wife and child are your life. If you can't return a call within 10 hours...see u later.

  21. BOOM. What just happened?!? I'm sorry, but I think Lynn should have had the Rebecca situation under control the second she told she just wanted to stay with them instead of looking for a place. Jonah can't control his work schedule, but he CAN make sure he's at least in contact with his pregnant fiancee when he IS working crazy hours.

  22. A Jonah perspective would be awesome right now!

    1. YES!! I love reading posts from Jonah's perspective. (:

  23. Oh my goodness! What a crazy post! I knew Rebecca was a bad egg. I knew it! I'm so glad that Kadie didn't ruin the moment too because if she did, Lynn wouldn't have proved her suspicions.

    Anywho, I am so upset with Jonah. Why is he treating Lynn so horribly? Their relationship is definitely on the rocks, but why?!?! I am also uber upset that Lynn broke the engagement. Why?!? I guess Lynn had enough.

    What an awesome post. I am so thankful that Lynn and her baby are okay, and I praise her doctor for monitoring her. Hopefully Jonah and Lynn will solve their problems. I love them together. By overcoming this conflict, it will simply make their relationship stronger. I cannot wait until Thursday (:

  24. You left us the worse possible way last week, don't make us wait another 4days!

  25. This turn of events is really hard to wrap my brain around. I feel like it's a bit of an odd stretch for the author. Albeit Jonah hasn't been perfect, neither has Lynn and her communication about everything has been lacking. This story just took a really weird twist and I hope the author isn't doing it just for dramatics. It's overkill.

  26. I have a question: I totally get what a horrible and conniving person Rebecca is, but why is everyone focusing on the breakfast thing? I would be super excited if a house guest made the effort to put together breakfast for me and my partner. I wouldn't take that as being flirtatious at all. There were plenty of other indicators, but the amount of "you don't make breakfast for.someone else's man" etc that I've read just seem weird. I wouldn't be mad at someone making breakfast for my partner. Though if.they brought it to him in bed, that'd be different :)

  27. Hey anon - I think it's because preparing food for someone is usually what SOs do for each other. It would be different, I think, if she made Jonah AND Lynn breakfast on a weekend - but there's something off about her hearing him get up early and deciding to get up herself to make something for him.

    But I can see where you're coming from. It got weirder to me when she revealed that she'd heard them fight the night before. So you hear your close friend fighting with her FI, and your response is to get up early to prepare him food? Sounds malevolent to me.

    1. Yeah I agree with the first anon that I don't think making breakfast for my man thing is that bad. However it's clearly her intent to flirt with him so yes it wasn't right. But from Jonah's perspective she said she made it for them (she had several bagels prepared) and wanted to thank for letting her stay ,so to him it wasn't flirtatious so I think its silly to think he should have known or caught that. Rebecca had no good intention and maybe even if Lynn was coming across as accusing it was still true. However I don't think he realized she was as bad as Lynns tantrums made her seem. Kinda upset that the author made Rebecca out to be a bad egg so people seem to justify Lynn's behavior. .but we shall see

  28. I think it's important to point out that at the very end of the post Lynn said she didn't think "we" were ready for this, which to me means she's grouping herself into the not being ready part, not just Jonah. So she probably thinks she's not handling things well either by arguing about Rebecca's flirtations and feeling like she is owed Jonah's attention and time. I think she did the right thing by saying that they weren't ready for marriage and a baby, rather than saying something like we're not right for each other. They are both big steps and they both need to figure out what's most important to them: their careers, their relationship or their child.

  29. Before you post tomorrow, please consider my plea. I love Jonah and Lynn and my heart is broken right now at the thought of them not being together (amazing how fictional characters can do that to you, right?). Please, please, PLEASE let them work it out.

    1. Me too! Crazy turn of events though. I have been checking for updates throughout the past few days

    2. I check every other minute!! Addicted!!

  30. Literally checking every 10 minutes for a new post.... and then re-reading the last post like it's going to change....... Urgh! Why must you torture us ;)

  31. Omg me too. I'm dying and praying they get the chance to talk and everything works out easily. I can't stand waiting!

  32. I'm dying to know what happens next. It would be cool to get a Rebecca perspective but I would die waiting to know what happens next! AHAHAH I can't wait for the next post!

  33. Where is todays post???? I feel like I have been waiting for weeks!!!!

  34. Sorry guys! I had to take a family member to the doctor's at the last minute! Everything was fine, I just wasn't in a position to access my blog! Sorry for the wait!!