Monday, December 30, 2013

One Too Many

Even though I had nothing to drink the night before, I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a train, and then a bus, and then a car. I was physically and mentally exhausted.

I heard Kadie in the kitchen and a few minutes later there was a knock on my door. Kadie walked in “Hey, don't you need to get ready for class?” She stood at the foot of my bed still wearing her pajamas with her hair tied up.

“No, I'm taking a mental sick day” I said in a raspy voice while covering my face with my blanket.

“Really? I don't have to go into work today either!” Kadie said cheerfully as she jumped into my bed.

“How was dinner last night with your parents?” She pulled the blanket back from my face when I didn't immediately respond.

“Weird as hell”

“What happened?”

“Well first of all” I leaned up and slightly turned towards Kadie as I started my venting session “You know I hadn't seen them all week cause I had that exam I was so busy studying for”

“Yeah, I know, I hadn't even seen you all week either! You were pretty much living in the library” Kadie agreed

“Well, you'd think the first time we're all going out it would just be the three of us, right?”


“Wrong. They invited this couple that's in town for the convention and they just happen to be staying at the same hotel. I mean really? Oh and get this Kadie...” I sat all the way up and Kadie got the hint that what I was about to tell her was going to be seriously ridiculous “They brought their son along...”

Kadie cut me off “Was he cute?!”

“I mean, yeah, but that's besides the point! So my parents introduce me to him and tell me he lives in the city and goes to NYU med.”

“Were they trying to hook you up with him?”

“I don't know what their intentions were, but if that's the case then it's pretty messed up on the count that they just met Jonah. So typical.” I rolled my eyes “Anyway so once we sit down I try making conversation with him and you'll never guess what he says”

“Oh God, what?”

“He's like 'I'm really not interested in you, my parents forced me to be here” I said in a mocking voice

Kadie dropped her jaw and gasped “No he didn't! What the hell!!”

“Oh no, no, that's not even the best part! So, I go outside to hail a cab and when one pulls up he comes out of nowhere and jumps inside before I could even open the door. He rolls down the window and says 'drop the good girl act' and throws his cigarette at the curb”

“Oh my God!!” Kadie stared at me for a good 5 seconds before we both erupted into laughter.

When we were finally able to catch our breath we rolled out of bed and decided to eat breakfast. Kadie pulled out a couple of bowls and poured out some cereal for the both of us.

There was a moment of silence in our conversation and within seconds I was reminded of Jonah. I felt an overwhelming sadness come over me and Kadie was able to catch it “Lynn, don't worry about Jonah. I know it seems hard to see him go now but there's no doubt in my mind he'll be back here soon enough.”

“What if this is the last time I see him?”

“You need to be hopeful that you will see him again. But, if you don't, then you should be thankful that you were blessed to have such a sweet and genuine guy come into your life to help you get through a tough time. Can you imagine what a mess you'd be if Jonah wasn't around to help you get over Joshua?” Kadie quickly looked up to see my reaction


“I said Joshua's name and you didn't even flinch. That should show you how much you've changed, for the better.”

“I know, K, but it really just sucks! The worst part is, he wants me to come with him and I can't. I know sometimes I get frustrated with my dad and I threaten not to go into medical, but deep down, it's something I want to do. I couldn't just drop everything to go with him”

“And you shouldn't! You're just starting to discover things about yourself you didn't know. You finally fulfilled your dreams to move here and you still have so much more to learn.” Kadie reached over and softly rubbed my shoulder to comfort me “Remember when you first told me about Jonah? Why was it ya'll didn't exchange numbers?”

“Because if it was meant to be we'd end up finding each other” I mumbled. I knew where Kadie was going with this.


We finished breakfast and Kadie decided I should turn my negative energy into something positive with some hot yoga. There was a studio a few blocks down from our apartment that Kadie would always go to and rave about. So, I gave in and joined her.

After 90 minutes of hell, I mean yoga, we walked over to a juice bar to grab some refreshments. Just as the gentleman behind the counter handed me my pomegranate protein shake my phone started ringing.

“Hey mom”

“Hi honey! I hope I didn't call you during class?”

“No, I was just on break” I lied

“Oh, good! Do you have any plans tonight? Now that it's finally the weekend and you aren't so busy with school we wanted you to come with us to the convention tonight. Your dad thinks it'll be a great way for you to network!” I rolled my eyes. My dad was always thinking about my career for me.

“Sure mom I'll meet you at the hotel” I decided to go, because what the hell, it's not like I had anything better to do.

Once we got back to the apartment Kadie and I decided to play a Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon in the background while we cleaned up. And by 'playing it in the background' I mean we sat on the couch with cleaning supplies in hand watching the show for a good couple of hours before we realized we hadn't cleaned anything yet.

We eventually got around to cleaning and afterward I took a shower and started getting ready for the convention. I decided to dress business casual with a black knee high pencil skirt with a blue chiffon shirt tucked in.

The sun was starting to set just as I headed out for my parent's hotel. I called them as I arrived so they could jump into the cab with me. The hotel where the convention was taking place was at a hotel across town.

We finally made it there and I couldn't help but sigh as I looked around and saw the crowd. It was mainly older people my parent's age. Tonight was going to be so much fun.

As my parents walked in and started mingling I made a beeline for the bar. I needed something strong to get me through the night. One drink turned into a few before my dad swooped in to introduce me to some of his acquaintances.

We spent a couple of hours socializing before my parent's new friends, the Anderson's, decided to join us. They brought their stupid son Jaime with them and I wasn't too pleased to see his smug face.

Suddenly the few drinks I had weren't enough and I made my way back over to the bar. Before I could order a drink Jaime was at my side.

“Gross. Get away from me” I said in a snarky tone.

“Look, I'm sorry about the other night, but there's only one bar here” Jaime said in a sweet melodic voice that made him seem sincere. I released the tension from my face and looked over at him ready to accept his apology. Before I could he continued, “God knows I'm going to need a lot of drinks to forget being here with you”

“Fuck you” I turned away from Jaime and ordered a shot. When the bartender slid one over I quickly guzzled it down. I was getting looks from the older crowd around me, but at this point I didn't care. I ordered another. I could hear Jaime laughing behind me.

“Easy sweetheart! You're not fooling anyone!”

I stumbled as I turned around “What's your problem?”

Jaime looked down at me and then over to the bar, “Right now, you being in my way. Move!” He slid past me and ordered a drink for himself.

I was so annoyed with Jaime I walked away from the bar without drinking the shot I ordered.

“Yeah, I figured you couldn't handle any more” Jaime mumbled as I was walking away.

I quickly turned around “What did you say?”

Jaime took a sip of his drink and raised his eyebrows before walking away. What was with this guy? I had never experienced such rude and tasteless behavior before.

I spotted my parents across the room and made my way to them. I was going over to let them know it was getting late and that I should be on my way home. But I stopped myself when I saw who they were talking to. He was a handsome man who looked to be in his early 30's. He had dark blonde hair and blue eyes you could swim in for days. Well, hello there!

“Lynn, we were just talking about you! This is Dr. Cassidy...”

Before my dad could continue Dr. Dreamy cut him off “Oh, please, you can call me Connor”

“It's nice to meet you” I said while smiling like a dork. Connor smiled back flashing a perfect set of pearly whites. I almost wanted to touch him to make sure he was real. But that would be weird considering I was still standing there smiling at him.

Once I recovered myself from looking like a complete idiot Connor and I started talking about the City. Turns out he just recently moved here and wasn't familiar with the area. I agreed to show him around whenever he was settled into his new place.

When the crowd around my parents started growing Connor suggested we go to the bar to get a drink.

“What would you like to drink?”

“A water is fine, thank you”

Connor and I sat at the bar for a while and talked about his new practice he just opened in the City. He told me about his transitioning into New York life and what his hometown of Brookline was like. It was interesting getting to know so much about him. The more he talked the more I was reminded of Jonah. They both had the same gentlemen like mannerisms and broad vocabularies.

After an hour or so I decided to call it a night. It was getting late and I still had to make my way back home.

The next morning I woke up feeling exactly as I did yesterday, completely hungover, but this time I knew alcohol was involved.

I squinted my eyes and slowly opened them. The windows in my room let in a ton of light in the morning, so I was surprised when everything around me was dark. I could hear people talking but couldn't see anything. I kept blinking my eyes until they focused. I looked around and noticed I was in a limo. The windows were tinted almost pitch black. How did I get here? I lifted myself up and looked down. I was only wearing my bra and skirt. My shirt was on the other side of the limo. I tried to climb over to the end when suddenly I was startled as I heard someone's voice from behind me “Thank god you're awake I was starting to think you might have died” I gasped when I turned around.

It was Jaime.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Heartbreaks and Cigarettes

“Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!” 

That was the only thing running through my mind as I stood covering my naked body in front of my dad. I quickly turned away from Jonah and my dad and put my shirt back on. When I turned back around my dad was gone. I grabbed Jonah's shirt, that was hanging off the edge of the coffee table, and handed it to him as I ran past him into the apartment's hallway.

“Dad?” he turned around when I called him “Hey! What are you doing here?” I tried to act as casual as possible hoping it would mask the last few awkward minutes of our lives.

“Hey honey!” My dad seemed to agree with this idea.

Right then my mom came in from around the stairwell “Oh, surprise!” she threw her hands in the air

As I went in to give my mom a hug my dad continued “We decided to come into town a little early for some fun. We wanted to surprise you, but I guess you're busy” Never mind, he just made it awkward again.

“Oh, it's fine! You're not interrupting anything...” I avoided eye contact with my dad and led my parents into my apartment. Jonah was still standing by the open door.

“Mom, Dad, this is my friend Jonah. Jonah, this is my mom Amy Lynn, and my dad David Lee.”

Jonah extended his hand out to my parents “ It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Barnes. Lynn has spoken so highly of you both.” I'm glad Jonah was able to recover his normal charming self.

We all went into the living room and sat down. I could tell by the look on my dad's face that he was pretty much scared for life. I was actually kind of surprised he wasn't making a huge deal out of it.

I grabbed some drinks from the kitchen and brought them over to the living room. We sat and talked for a little while.

“So where's ya'lls luggage?!” I looked around to see they had nothing in hand

“Oh, we dropped it off at the hotel before we came here" My mom replied as she looked around the tiny apartment hinting as to why they'd made the decision not to stay.
 I looked over at Jonah and my dad and they seemed to be having their own conversation. I wasn't sure what they were talking about so I tried butting in but right then there was a knock on the door and I went to open it. It was the pizza guy this time. I rolled my eyes thinking about how different my night would have been if the pizza came earlier instead of my dad.

I brought the box over to the breakfast table and went into the kitchen to pull out some plates.

“Mom, dad, I ordered some pizza, come eat!”

My dad looked down at his watch “Anna, we're going to miss our reservations, we better get going!”

“But, you guys just got here...” I said in a sad voice but really I was dying for them to leave.

My mom walked over and kissed me on my head “I know baby, we'll do something tomorrow. We just wanted to stop by and see you. Jonah, it was so nice to meet you!” And just like that my parents were gone.

“Well that wasn't traumatizing and weird!” I looked over at Jonah as we closed the door behind my parents.

“They're so sweet. I don't know why you make them out to be so bad”

“Well, for starters, this was the first time I'm seeing them in months and they made dinner reservations without me”

“Touche” Jonah shrugged his shoulders.

After we devoured the pizza and finished the rest of our movie we went into my room and laid across the queen sized bed. I propped myself up on my elbow while Jonah laid on his back staring up at the ceiling.We both seemed to be lost in thought but I finally broke the silence.

“Jonah, are you planning on moving to LA?”

Jonah furrowed his brows and rolled his head over to look at me “What are you talking about?”

“You left your phone out a few days ago and I saw a text from someone asking if you were ready for the move to LA” Jonah stared at me as if he were caught off guard “You weren't going to tell me?”

“I was going to tell you this weekend.” He said as he went back to staring up at the ceiling.

“So, then it's true, you're moving to LA?”

“That day you came by to see me at work...”

“The day you had a meeting with the network's execs?” I remembered how stressed out Jonah had looked that day and suddenly everything was making sense.

“Yeah...We aren't allowed to talk about it until it's official but the Late Night show is moving to LA. Of course not everyone can just pick up and leave so they're offering me to be a producer for the show along with keeping my current position”

“That's huge! So, that means you're going?”

“I haven't decided yet”

“Well, what's the deciding factor?” I leaned onto my elbow again and Jonah turned back towards me.

“Come with me”

I laughed for a second before I realized he was being serious “I'm in school, you know I can't just leave, Jonah”

He sat upright and let out a sigh “You're always talking about how you're second guessing med school. If you come out to LA with me, maybe you'll find something that you like better”

I sat up and thought about what Jonah said before I responded “I know I said I have a rocky relationship with my parents, but they'd completely disown me if I dropped out of medical school.”

“So, if he didn't disown you, you would do it?”


“That's what I don't get Lynn, why do you keep doing things for other people? Why can't you just do what you want and be happy?”

“I don't think you understand, Jonah”

Jonah angrily stood up and walked towards the bedroom door “I followed my dreams despite what my family wanted me to do. I didn't follow someone else's plan for my life so, you're right Lynn, I don't understand.”

I didn't know what to say. He was right, this was my dad's plans for my life, not mine, but I didn't want to admit it. I stared at Jonah for a minute. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was waiting for me to respond. When I didn't he dropped his head and let out a sigh “I'm gonna go. I think we should talk later” he turned around and continued to walk towards the door. I opened it for him and watched Jonah leave.

I went back into my room and slipped under the blanket. I laid there staring up at the ceiling until I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I tried to keep it in while Jonah was here, but I didn't want my emotions to reflect his decision on moving. He was a talented guy with a bright future and I didn't want to be the one to hold him back. But, I wasn't ready to lose him. I had finally felt what it's like to be loved by a real gentleman. Someone who, despite all my flaws, made me feel like I was the only woman in the world.

I heard Kadie sing hello as she walked into the apartment. I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Lynn? Are you here?” she called out before walking into my room “Oh my god, what's wrong?!” Kadie saw my red puffy eyes.

She came around to the other side of my bed and threw her arms around me. I told her about my night from the awkward dad intrusion, to Jonah getting a new job and leaving for LA. We talked the rest of the night until I dozed off into sleep.

I spent the rest of the weekend mopping around the apartment. Being the best friend Kadie is, she canceled all her plans to keep me company. We spent most of the time sitting around in our pajamas watching movies.

The week had flown past so quickly. I still hadn't seen my parents since the first night they came into town. I was busy the whole week drowning myself in books getting ready for an exam. Once Thursday had rolled around and I was done with my exam my mom insisted that I come to dinner. I went back to my apartment to freshen up and then headed over to an Italian restaurant in Hell's Kitchen to meet my parents.

I stood waiting next to the iron fence outside of the restaurant when I saw my parents walking with another couple.

“Lynn!” My mom excitedly squealed as she hugged me “How was your exam?”

“It went okay. Just glad it's over” Everyone laughed. I was still waiting to find out who they were.

“Lynn, this is Dr. and Mrs. Anderson. They're here for the convention this weekend. Turns out they're in town early and are staying at the Plaza a few rooms down from us. How funny, right?” My dad smiled as he looked over at me.

“Oh, that is funny!” I smiled back and shook their hands. Right then a tall boy with dark hair ran out of a cab and to the couple.

“Hey, mom and dad, sorry I'm late!” he hugged his parents and shook my parents hands. “Dr. Barnes, it's good to see you again” ...again? Was everyone hanging out with me?!

My mom introduced me “Lynn this is Dr. and Mrs Anderson's son, Jamie” as we shook each other's hand my mom continued “He's also in med school here in the city!”

“Oh, awesome! Are you at Mount Sinai as well?”

“NYU” he replied with a half smile.

We all went into the restaurant and followed the hostess to our table. As soon as we sat down both of our parents immersed themselves into conversations. Jamie and I both sat staring at each other while doing an awkward head nod and lifting of the eyebrows.

“So, are you first year?” I tried to ease the awkwardness

“Second.” He responded shortly. The dimmed lighting was casting a slight shadow on his face accentuating his cheekbones and squared jawline. “Just so you know, I'm not interested. I'm really not feeling this my parent's kind of forced me to be here” Jamie pulled out his iPhone and tapped away on the screen. What an asshole!

“Wow. Well, I was expecting to have dinner with my parents, so I'm not too pleased to see you either!” I angrily ate my dinner and avoided eye contact with Jamie for the rest of the night. Who does he think he is? Just because you're not interested in someone doesn't mean you can't have a decent conversation with them. Ugh.

As soon as we were done with dinner I left the restaurant in a hurry using the same excuse I always use “Oh no!” I stared down at my phone “Kadie's locked out of the apartment! I have to go!” My parents didn't seem to mind, they were too busy socializing with their new friends. I hugged and kissed them goodbye and went outside to hail a cab.

A few minutes later Jamie walked out and stood beside me. Without saying a word he lit a cigarette and started smoking. I made a disgusted face and rolled my eyes. When I turned back around there was a cab coming so I raised my arm in the air. Just as it stopped Jamie opened the door and got inside.

“What the hell is your problem?!” I yelled as he shut the door behind him.

Jamie rolled down the window “Drop the 'good girl' act” he took a long inhale of his cigarette and threw it to the curb before the cab drove away.

This had to be the worst week ever. I really needed to see a normal person to cleanse my palette of Jamie's arrogence. But unfortunately Sarah, Jebrone, and Henry were leaving for Cozumel tonight and Kadie was working late. When I was finally able to get a cab I gave the driver Jonah's address. We hadn't talked since he left my apartment but I really just needed to see him.

Jonah opened his door surprised to see me. When I walked in I saw a couple of packed boxes. He saw what I was looking at and responded “I decided to go to LA” I just couldn't catch a break this week.

Jonah turned away from me as he continued talking “I'm leaving next week for a couple of weeks to set everything up and I'll officially be living there by next month.”

I couldn't seem to find anything to say. I pulled Jonah's arm to turn him around and gave him a tight hug. I felt him lean down and kiss my head as he hugged me back. We stood hugging each other without saying a word and that was all that needed to be said.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pizza Delivery

“Oh my god, Lynn, is that you?!” Kadie walked through the front door and shook me as I was laying on the couch “Is it really you?!”

“Kadieeeeeee!” I flung open my arms and reached up to hug her.

We had gone the whole week living in the same apartment but never running into each other. Work and school were keeping us both equally busy. It was finally Friday which meant time for us to catch up.

“I'm really not liking this new job of yours, K” I jokingly said as I sat up a little bit. Kadie came around to my end of the couch and sat down. She was too exhausted to take off her jacket, shoes, or purse. She slowly started leaning over until she was lying down on her side.

“Eva's really working the shit out of me. We clicked the first day we met and I feel like she thinks we're friends so she assigns every event to me. It's insane!” Kadie grabbed her head.

I walked into the kitchen to make Kadie something to eat. I pulled out some essentials for a turkey sandwich. When I walked back into the living room to give Kadie her sandwich I saw her ignore Adam's call and throw her cell phone back into her purse.

“What's going on there?” I pointed to her purse as she took the plate from my hands.

“He's just upset we haven't been able to spend more time together”

“Doesn't he know you just started a new job?”

“He does”

“So then?”

“He thinks if he can work over 10 hours a day and still make time for me then I should be able to do it too. I told him it wasn't the same. He's just acting like such a girl. Needy for attention.”

I walked back into the kitchen to grab Kadie a bottle of water from the fridge. I came back and tossed it to her.

“Do you like him? Like, like him-like him”

“Of course I do. Are you kidding me, this is the longest I've been able to keep a guy around!” Kadie started glupping down her water.

“Then call him back and make time for him. It's hard right now but if it's worth it, you'll work hard for it.”

“Woah!” Kadie put her sandwich back in her plate and placed it on the coffee table.


“I'm starting to rub off on you!” she made prayer hands and bowed down to me.

“Gross!” I teasingly pushed her.

Kadie grabbed her phone and went into her room to call Adam. After a while she came back to let me know they were going out the next night.

The next afternoon Sarah woke me up with a call. She was with Corey at an educational fair the school was holding and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to talk to him about Emma. Kadie decided she had no interest in it and continued to sleep. I quickly took a shower, got ready, and headed over to the school.

The fair was being held just outside of the school's main door in Central Park. Sarah and Corey were standing by the entry waiting for me.

“Hey guys!” I quickly walked up to them and we made our way around the booths. “Sarah, why the hell did you want to come here” I whispered to her as I noticed how uninteresting everything was.

“I was in the library studying and I ran into Corey. He suggested we go, and you know I'll do anything to get out of studying!” she whispered back.

Corey on the other hand was socializing with a group of people at a research booth. He was thoroughly enjoying this. Sarah went over to sit at a bench while she texted away on her phone. So I decided to go in for the kill. I walked up next to Corey as he was talking to the researchers and tried to include myself in the conversation. I saw Corey filling out a sign-up sheet so I decided to fill it out as well. Must be for some email list or something.

“So, Corey, you're really interested in this stuff, huh?” I asked as we started walking away from the booths.

“Yeah, I wasn't really interested in it until my sister became a researcher. I saw you signing up, you must be interested in it too?”

“Yeah of course!” not really. “So what other stuff were you into at Dartmouth?”

“I wasn't into a lot of extracurriculars but I did enjoy journalism. I thought it would help in expanding my writing skills for when I become a doctor.”

“Interesting” I wasn't even the slightest bit shocked at how med-centric Corey was. He seemed like he lived and breathed it. He always presented himself like he was going to a golf tournament. Slacks with a shirt tucked in. Sometimes even a sleeveless sweater over his shirt.

“So, how does your girlfriend handle you always being busy with school?”

“Girlfriend? I never said I had a girlfriend”

“Oh, you didn't? Really? Why is that?”

“I don't know, I just haven't had the time to find one I guess”

Translation: he was single and ready to mingle. That's all the information I needed. I headed back over to Sarah and we both decided to ditch the fair. I called Kadie, now that she'd finally woken up, and told her to meet us at the Empire hotel's rooftop for some late afternoon drinks.

“I don't think I'll ever get tired of rooftops in New York. This is so beautiful” I grabbed a vodka soda from the bar and walked over to the edge of the building to admire the view.

We grabbed a table and ordered some appetizers. Kadie finally joined us and made a grand entrance when she did. She was wearing a pink fitted dress that cut just above her knees. Her hair was wavy and softly blowing in the wind of her walk. She wore a black floppy hat and huge bug-eyed sunglasses. To top it off she carried her Celine bag on her forearm. She looked like she was ready to go to the Kentucky Derby.

“It's so nice of you to join us, Samantha!” Sarah giggled.

Kadie gave us air kisses and in a deep, Samantha-esque, voice replied“I love you, but I love me more!”

“Fabulous!” Sarah clapped her hands together. She was really enjoying Kadie's goofiness.

“Adam bought me this dress”

Both of us looked down at it with wide eyes “We can see why” Her dress was really accentuating her figure.

“He's taking me out to dinner after this so I thought I'd wear it.” She took off her sunglasses and hat and handed them to me. “And I decided to wear these to look ridiculous. Would you mind taking them back for me?”

“So how's it going with you and Adam? Did I do good or what?” Sarah and Jebrone were the ones to execute the plans to have Kadie and Adam meet. They figured the two would be a good match since they're both in the entertainment business. Kadie being a PR person and Adam an entertainment lawyer.

“You know, I don't know if it's because I've grown up or what, but Adam is the first guy I actually feel like keeping around. It feels nice having someone who understand my lifestyle. And of course I can't forget to mention how much he spoils me! I think you did great!”

Sarah bounced around on her stool in excitement. We finished our appetizers and drinks just as the sun began to set. Kadie got a call from Adam that he was waiting for her outside the hotel. Sarah had an event to go to so she decided to leave as well. I texted Jonah to see if he wanted to be lazy with me back at my place.

When I got back to the apartment I tried to quickly find something for Jonah and I to eat but I was out of luck. Pizza it was. Right when I got off the phone with the delivery guy Jonah knocked on the door.

I hadn't even opened the door all the way before Jonah was immersing me into a hug. He always knew how to make me laugh. Jonah still had his body wrapped around me as he closed the door behind him. We went over to sit on the couch.

“Someone's in a good mood today” 

“I'm just happy to see you” Jonah smiled as he leaned his shoulder against mine. His fingers softly caressed my arms.

“I hope you're hungry cause I just ordered pizza. Now...” I grabbed the TV remote and turned it on “Which movie do you want to watch?”

“Anything, I really don't care”

“Fine” I skimmed through HBO until I found a good movie. I stopped on Pitch Perfect. It was the only movie that hadn't already started.

Jonah and I snuggled together into the corner of the L-shaped couch. I was comfortably tucked away between Jonah and the couch cushions. I rested my head on his shoulder and hand on his chest. His arm wrapped around my back and his thumb lightly grazed the bare skin of my hip from where my shirt had risen.

“Oh my god, I love Fat Amy” I laughed as Rebel Wilson's character came on screen

“Yeah” Jonah said in a monotone voice.

I started laughing again “ Isn't that so funny?!”

“So funny” Jonah repeated.

I turned my head around to face Jonah “Are you not watching?” When I looked up at him I saw his eyes fixed on me. He blushed from embarrassment. A dimple crept onto his cheek as he smiled.

We stared at one another until suddenly I felt both of Jonah's hands on my body. The movie was no longer interesting as our clothes came off one by one.

It felt like we were in our own world when the door bell rang and brought us back down to reality. I raised my eyebrows in excitement “Pizza!”

Jonah laughed and kissed me again “I was just thinking this moment couldn't have been any more perfect. I was wrong!” He jumped up and hopped over to the door while trying to pull his jeans on. He didn't even bother wearing his shirt. As Jonah opened the door I tried to quickly put on my clothes when I heard an older man's voice.

When I looked up I saw Jonah completely and utterly mortified. He looked over at me, still holding onto the door knob, and without making a sound mouthed the word, "FUCK!"


I stood in the middle of my living room covering myself with my shirt “Dad?!”

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Monday, December 16, 2013


“Well Emma, I guess it's just you and me today” I dropped my book bag from my shoulder onto the table. Every Tuesday and Thursday the gang would get together for a few hours after classes to study. “Did you check WhatsApp? Corey just messaged saying he's busy tonight. And Sarah and Henry told me their aunt is leaving back to London tomorrow so their family is forcing them to go to dinner tonight.”

“Oh” Emma sounded upset “Is she the crazy one?” She had already been sitting at the table in the library before I approached her. She leaned her chin on her hands as she watched me unpack my bag.

“Yeah, their aunt Silvi is a nut job” I finally took a seat and opened my laptop. I started clicking away before Emma interrupted me.

“So how's everything going with you?” Emma spoke quietly.

I looked up from my screen and noticed that her head was now only resting on one hand and she was wiggling a pen in the other. “Everything's great!” I smiled and looked back at my laptop.

“How bout you?” I stretched out my words towards the end. I was a little confused by Emma's behavior. She was the type to never socialize during study hours. She always had her nose buried in a book.

“I'm doing okay.” She half smiled and pulled all her hair over to one side. She went back to reading.

Just as I went back to typing I heard Emma again “So, it seems like you and Henry are really close?” Her head was still tilted downwards to her book but her eyes were looking up at me.

“Uh, yeah, I mean I guess we've gotten a little bit closer these last couple of weeks. Why?” I couldn't help but wonder where the sudden curiosity was coming from.

“No reason” She said without even flinching. Emma went back to reading her book yet again.

I was starting to pick up on her hints “Emma, do you like Henry?”I pushed my laptop to the side and folded my arms on the table.

Emma looked like a child who'd just been caught stealing. Her pale white skin was slowly turning as red as her hair. She quickly dropped her book and grabbed my arms “Please, please, please don't say anything to him!” Her green eyes glossed over as she widened them.

“Oh, you poor girl” I unfolded my arms and grabbed her hands instead when I broke the news to her “Henry's gay. I'm actually really shocked you haven't picked up on it”

Emma quickly pulled her hands away in embarrassment. She furrowed her eyebrows and leaned back in her chair. “Are...are you sure?”she started lifting her hands to her mouth.

“Trust me, he's almost too gay to function” I said in my best Janice Ian voice “I know his boyfriend, they've been together for a while” I couldn't help but feel sorry for Emma. I knew the feeling of liking someone who wasn't available.

“But” Emma murmured in confusion “He's always teasing me. And he's so touchy.”

“Think about what he's teasing you about” It was mainly things to do with her wardrobe or how she did her hair or make up.

“Oh my god! He is gay!”Emma said as if she hadn't believed me before. her hands went from her mouth to covering her face “Ugh, I'm such an idiot! You probably think I'm so stupid!”

“No way, are you kidding me?” I pulled Emma's hands away from her face “You are not an idiot. I only knew he was gay because I met his boyfriend the same time I met him. Otherwise I would've never known!” that last part was a lie. Henry was way too well groomed and fashion forward. Which is fine for a guy to be, but some guys are questionable, and others you just know. “I mean I get it, he has a masculine vibe, that's probably what threw you off” I added to make her feel better.

“Right??” she angrily agreed with me. “I keep falling for the wrong guys it's so frustrating!” She folded her arms in defeat and began pouting.

“Emma, you're a great girl and I'm sure the right guy is out there somewhere”

She raised her eyebrow at me and squinted her eyes “Oh yeah, and who's that?”

“I don't know. How bout Corey? He seems like a great guy” At this point I was just trying to make Emma feel better. I didn't realize she'd turn around so quickly.

“He's so nerdy. I don't know, Lynn? I mean, now that I think about it, he is pretty cute.” She was leaning her chin on her hand again and staring off into space. “I've never thought about Corey that way but now that I am, maybe it would be worth a shot. Would you talk to him for me?”

I agreed reluctantly. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. What if Corey was already in a relationship? Or what if he didn't like Emma that way? I was starting to get nervous. I quickly changed the subject and got back to work. Emma and I spent the rest of the evening studying.

I had plans to stop by Jonah's place later that night since we hadn't seen each other in a while and I really just wanted someone to talk to. Kadie had been completely consumed in work. Any time she wasn't working, she was catching up on sleep. Jonah had offered to make me dinner, and I never refuse free food. It's a policy I live by.

It was close to 9pm when I knocked on Jonah's door. He opened the door and let me in. I went straight over to the bar stool off of the kitchen counter where my plate was already set for me. Jonah and I filled each other in on our week as we ate dinner.

After we were done Jonah poured out a couple of drinks and we went to the living room. As we sat down next to each other Jonah grabbed my legs and laid them across his lap. He stretched his arm around my shoulders and his fingers gently played with my hair.

“So, are they just coming to visit you?” Jonah leaned his head back onto the couch and looked up at me. I told him about my parents coming to visit.

“They're coming for a convention.” I said while rolling my eyes and taking a sip of my drink.

“What kind of convention? Are they into some weird shit?” Jonah slightly lifted his head.

“No it's a convention for anesthesiologists. It's where my parents met, so they make it a point to go every year. I guess it's in New York this year.” I started tracing the edge of my glass with my finger.

“Your parents are anesthesiologists? Seems like a rough life” Jonah joked. He was starting to pick up how annoyed I was with the subject. “Why is it bothering you so much?”

I put my drink onto the coffee table and turned completely towards Jonah. “It's not that it's bothering me that they're coming. I think it's more of an early reaction to how irritated I know I'm going to be once they get here.”

Jonah sat up straight and was starting to get concerned “Do you not get along with them?”

“No, I do. It's just, now that I've been away from them I've realized how controlling they were. My dad more so than my mom. He always had a tight grip on everything. Nothing below an A+ was acceptable to him. Now that I look back at it I've missed out on so much in life. He was always criticizing me for something. And I don't know why I was always so despite for his approval. I know when he comes here it's going to be the same thing all over again.”

“Lynn” Jonah took both my hands “That's your dad. He's always going to want the best for you. Look, if he hadn't pushed you so hard, maybe you wouldn't be at one of the best medical schools in the country. A lot of people don't get this opportunity. And to know he helped you get here? I would do anything to have my dad with me”

“Jonah” I interrupted him but he continued.

“Don't take it so hard, Lynn. When you get older you're going to be thankful for everything he's done for you. And I really think you should appreciate it now while you have him around.”

I knew it was a touchy subject for Jonah so I let it go. We finished our drinks and walked back over to the kitchen to clean up. As we were putting the glasses into the sink Jonah spilled a little on his shirt.

“Oh god, I just bought this shirt!” he started tugging at it trying to wipe it away “I'll be right back”

Right then Jonah's phone started vibrating on the kitchen counter. I picked it up and turned around to hand it to him but he'd already walked into his room, as I put the phone back down on the counter I caught a glimpse of the text, “ready for the big move to LA?!”

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Natural Glow

I scarfed down the breakfast Jonah made me Monday morning and ran out the door. I swung by my apartment for a brief second to grab my school bag and books. When I opened the front door I almost had a panic attack. Kadie was standing on the other side of the door. She was dressed in a flowy powder pink blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt that had leather on either sides. Her hair was tied up in a top knot. Since moving to New York I hadn't seen her wake up before 11am so this was shocking.

“Oh dear Jesus!” I screamed. I took a breath to calm myself “I completely forgot you're starting Darlington today” I rushed past Kadie and into my room. I grabbed my books and quickly stuffed them into my bag.

I heard Kadie's heels clicking against the floor chasing after me. “Oh, my god Lynn! Tell me it happened!”

“Not now Kadie! I'm running late! Can't talk! Gotta go! Bye!!” I shouted as I ran around like a maniac. “Oh, and good luck today!!” Kadie watched me as I practically jumped my way down the stairwell.

I walked into class with zero seconds to spare. Our professor had walked in behind me and started lecturing right away. I shimmied my way through the auditorium seating. As I walked past Henry, Emma, Corey, and Sarah they all turned to look at me. I ignored them and quickly pulled out my iPad to take notes.

Sarah turned her attention back to the front of the class room but leaned in towards me,“Well someone looks cheery” She whispered.

The professor started skimming through slides and I looked back and forth between the main screen and my iPad to make sure I was on the correct page. I whispered back to Sarah, “I don't know what you're talking about”

I saw Sarah turn from the corner of my eye to look at my face. She turned back towards the front of the room and replied “You have a nice glow. You must tell me how you got it”

I stopped what I was doing when I realized what Sarah was talking about. I turned towards her and she did the same. When she looked at me I had to let out half a laugh. I didn't want to tell Sarah right away about Jonah so I made something up. “I guess it's just a late reaction from my spa day”

I saw Emma trying to wave down my attention while I was looking at Sarah. I leaned over to get a better view of her. She mimed a circle around her face then pointed at me and gave a thumbs up. Oy vey.

The day dragged on slower than a speeding microorganism ( trust me, it was slow). We went from one class to the next and studied between every break. We didn't even have time to eat. I felt like I had lost a couple pounds just in the last week since school had started.

By the time I walked out of school it was almost sunset. I didn't have time during the day to go through all my text messages and emails so I started catching up while I headed towards the subway. I jumped on the 6 and saw that the train stopped a block away from Jonah's work. So, I decided to hop off to pay Jonah a quick visit. Just when I rounded 47th street I called Jonah. He stood waiting outside of the building for me.

“Hey handsome!” I pulled at Jonah's suit jacket before I gave him a hug. His cheeks flushed pink. “You're awfully dressed up for work today” He was wearing a navy suit with a cream shirt and a dark gray tie over a pair of two-toned black and gray wingtipped oxford shoes. It fit him just perfectly.

Jonah looked to be a little scatter minded at the moment. I could tell he was trying to force a smile. "What's wrong?"

“Nothing, I just got out of a meeting with some big execs from the show and network.” He let out a sigh.

"Uh oh, is everything okay?" I was starting to notice more and more how stressed out Jonah looked.

"Yeah, everything is fine. It's just been a really long day." He grimaced but started to smile as he continued "But I'm glad you came" He held my hand as we walked in and went through security.

We headed into the elevator and instead of pushing the 7th floor button, where Jonah's office was, he pressed the button to take us to the roof.

When we stepped out I dropped my jaw at how beautiful it looked. There were small trees laced in lights spaced out around the perimeter. In the middle of the rooftop was a small garden with a reflecting pool in the center. To get to each section there were a few steps leading up to it.

Jonah took off his suit jacket and tie and placed it over the bench that faced the reflecting pool. He sat down and sprawled out his arms across the back of the bench.

“This is amazing!” I walked around the reflecting pool and then over to the edge of the building to get a view of the streets below. “You're so lucky you work here!” After admiring the sunset I walked back over to Jonah and sat down next to him.

“I love this place” He smiled “This was my dream job and I worked my ass off to get it. I owe every good thing in my life to this place. When works gets to be too hectic I come up here to remember why I'm so appreciative”

“That's sweet. You really deserve it” I leaned into Jonah's shoulder.

Jonah and I both looked up. The sun had already gone down but the redish orange hues still lingered. Directly above us the sky was a deep black with specks of tiny twinkling stars.The night was falling upon the city and it was beautiful.

When I looked back down from the sky I noticed Jonah looking at me. He brushed my hair behind my ear. “You look really nice today”

“Oh god, not you too” I said while rolling my eyes.

Jonah laughed “What?”

“Everyone's been telling me how glowy I look today. I've had people coming up to me all day asking what my beauty secret is” I smirked when I looked back at Jonah

“Well, did you give them my number?” he grinned and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

I lightly punched Jonah's knee “You're so funny” I said sarcastically.

Jonah leaned his head onto mine “You wanna come over for dinner? I'll be done with work in a little bit”

“I really need to run. I have classes early morning tomorrow and Kadie's going to kill me if I'm not home soon to hear about her first day!” I turned to kiss Jonah “I just wanted to stop by for a minute to see you. Oh, and thank you for breakfast!”

We walked back inside and went down to the plaza where we hugged each other good bye. I ran to the subway and quickly made my way to the apartment. Thankfully I made it home before Kadie.

Kadie walked in just a few minutes after me. She had a giant shopping bag hanging off her shoulder, a handful of binders, and a huge smile plastered on her face.

“How was your first day?!” I excitedly shrieked

“I freaking love Sarah! Oh my god”

“...Sarah?” I was confused.

“Yes, Sarah! She's been telling her mom all about me and the fun we've been having these past few weeks. So when I came in today Eva was all over me and making sure I had the best everything!"

“Yay Sarah!” I cheered

We went into Kadie's room and sat on her bed. “Look at all this cool shit I got!” Kadie picked up the giant shopping bag and dumped it onto the bed. It was filled with freebies from companies that worked with Darlington. Kadie goggled her eyes at the pile like a child on Halloween night.

“Tell me more about Darlington! I'm dying to hear!”

Kadie was too busy opening packages and reading labels. When she snapped back to reality she answered me “I love it! I have my own office with a sick view! I had a cubicle at first but Eva moved me into an office once I got there. Everyone is pretty cool, young, and fashion forward. Seems like it'll be a lot of fun” She went on to tell me more about her day in detail just before she interrupted herself  "Wait a second! How was last night?! Did it happen?!"

I couldn't help but giggle like a little girl. "It happened!" I lowered my voice as if someone was listening to our conversation.

"Hellsss yeah!" Kadie gave me a high five "Well, how was it?!"

"Ugh, I can't even explain it in words!" I made a dramatic gesture by grabbing my heart and falling back on the bed.

"That good?" Kadie laughed

"It's like I saw this whole other side to him." I was staring up at the ceiling reminiscing the moment.

"Well I mean technically you did" Kadie raised her eyebrows and giggled.

"Ain't that the truth!" we laughed.

The room grew silent as Kadie and I were lost in thought.

Right then my phone started ringing. I would have ignored it normally, but it was my dad.

“Hey daddy”

“Hi honey, how's it going” my dad always sounded upbeat when he was on the phone.

“Been busy, but I'm okay. How are you and mom?” I was exhausted so it was hard to put on an enthusiastic tone.

“Good! That's great! I hope you're studying, gotta make sure you get those grades!”

“Of course, daddy” My dad was the reason I graduated in the top percentage of my college class. He was always making sure I was on top of my studies.

“Just wanted to let you know your mom and I are coming in to town for a conference the weekend after next. Wanted to make sure you'll be free.”

I wanted to say, “Nooo that's the weekend I'm going to Cozumellllll!” but I didn't. If my dad had found out I was leaving in the middle of the semester for a weekend trip he would have killed me. So to save my own life I didn't mention it. After we hung up the phone I texted Sarah to let her know I wouldn't be coming.

I laid back onto Kadie's pillow and let out a deep sigh. Kadie heard me while I was on the phone and wiggled her arms in the air excitedly. She loved my parents and even referred to them as mom and dad. It's not that I wasn't excited, I really was. I love my parents deeply and I missed them terribly. But being and only child I was always put under a microscope and critiqued. I didn't know if I was ready to deal with it again.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Between Jonah, Adam, and my hectic school schedule, Kadie and I hadn't been able to see much of each other since she's been back in town. This was the last weekend before Kadie's new job at Darlington started, so we decided to spend all of Saturday at the spa. 

We went into the massage room and waited for our masseuse. The room was all white with Chinese calligraphy paintings on all four walls. There were bamboo sticks in a planter used as a room divider between Kadie and I. Kadie kept going on and on about Adam but I was too busy untucking my towel and trying to find a comfortable position to lay in.

“...But seriously Lynn, we can't keep our hands off each other!” I could tell by her tone she had a smile on her face.

“Wait, what?” I suddenly realized what Kadie said, “You two have already slept with each other?”

“I mean, yeah. It's been over a week Lynn. Come on.” There was a brief moment of silence before I heard Kadie jump off her massage table and stumble over to the bamboo divider. She stared at me for a minute. “You and Jonah...?”

I was embarrassed but pretended like I had no idea what she was referencing. “Me and Jonah, what?” Without saying a word she tilted her head and squinted her eyes. I hate when Kadie does that. Her “mean girl” look. It always scares the crap out of me. “Okay, fine. No, Kadie we haven't. Happy?”

“Lynn, it's been like over a month already. What the hell?” She raised her eyebrows and folded her arms across her chest.

“I already told you the problem, Kadie.” I leaned upwards wrapping my towel back around me.

Kadie cut me off before I could finish my thought. “Here's what I think, he's trying to keep his distance because you just had to be a big mouth and tell him about Joshua!”

I tried to rebuttal but Kadie was quick to cut me off. “Nah uh, I don't want to hear it, Lynn! You're never suppose to tell a potential guy about your ex problems so soon in the game! Now next time you see him, you're going to make it happen. Am I clear?” I rolled my eyes and Kadie threw me another mean girl look. Right then the masseuse walked into the room. Her smile was quickly wiped away when she saw Kadie standing over me.

“Crystal” I said under my breath. Kadie smiled at the masseuse and pranced back over to her massage table.

Kadie is a year older than me so we have this big sister big little sister type relationship. She's always there to catch me when I fall, empower me when I'm weak, and push me when I'm at a stand still. For that I'm grateful. But for the moment those are taking place, I'm annoyed.

We spent the next hour getting massages then moved on to the sauna. After sweating out our toxins we finished our spa day with manicures.

We made plans with Sarah, Henry, and Jebrone to have dinner that night. So, Kadie and I went back to the apartment to get ready and then headed to a Mediterranean restaurant in downtown that just recently opened. It was a hip new place with dimmed lighting, secluded seating, and complimentary hookahs at each table. As we walked in a woman dressed as a belly dancer greeted us and sat us at our table.

“It's only been a week of school and I already feel like I need a vacation!” Sarah sounded defeated. She threw her clutch onto the table “Do you know how long it took me to get out of bed today? I feel like all of my energy has been drained! Honestly!” She sat in her chair, leaned her elbows on the table, and clenched her temples with both hands.

“This is only the beginning my dear!” Henry said without breaking eye contact with his phone

Our belly dancer waitress came back to our table with a tray of hummus and pita bread. We all started digging in.

“Seriously though, why don't we take a vacation?” Everyone ignored Sarah. She was obviously in a delusional state. “Just a weekend trip! Something quick yet relaxing.”

“Look, I just spent the day at a spa so I'm pretty refreshed. I don't know how smart of an idea it is to take a trip right now. Maybe in a few weeks after our first exam.” I was trying to exhaust Sarah's plans but Jebrone suddenly decided he needed a vacation too.

“That would actually work! I don't have any plans on the weekend after next. Let's do it!”

“Great” Sarah was suddenly in a cheerful mood. She pulled out her iPhone and started scrolling through it. “ I'll text my agent and let him know to book our flights and hotel.” At this point there was no stopping Sarah. She was off in her own world.

Kadie and I kept exchanging glances at each other. We knew what the other was thinking. These people were crazy. It wasn't too long after that Kadie was sucked into Jebrone and Sarah's excitement. And I'll admit I was swept in at the mention of the white sand beaches of Cozumel.

As we all thrillingly dreamed out loud of our trip Sarah's phone vibrated and she picked it up to read the text. She shrieked,“Flight and hotel, booked! We're going to Cozumel!”

Kadie and I looked over at each other confused. We seemed to be the only ones concerned.

“Wait, Sarah, I was just playing along! I haven't been working the last couple of weeks. I'm on a tight budget!” Kadie jumped to the edge of her seat

“Oh nonsense! This trip is on me!” She waved her hand up in the air to signal a waitress to come over

Must be nice being that rich.

We spent the rest of the night enjoying our food, smoking hookah, and trying to dance with the belly dancers. (note: trying)

The next afternoon I was woken up by a text from Jonah

'Want to meet at the park for soccer?'

My eyes were still half shut but I relentlessly texted back, 'sure, see you in a bit!'

I quickly jumped out of bed and threw on a pair of cute shorts and a fitted tee. I grabbed a casual cotton dress I had sitting around and stuffed it in my bag. Just in case we went out after the park.

We were meeting at a park that was conveniently located halfway between our apartments. Just as I walked into the park I saw Jonah at the other end and ran over. He was wearing a Nike t-shirt and basketball shorts that perfectly accentuated his muscular legs. We gave each other a hug and kiss.

“Can I say, I was honestly surprised you were down for this” Jonah dropped his soccer ball on the ground and rested the tip of his shoe on it.

I smirked and softly kicked the ball from beneath Jonah's foot so that it was now balancing on the toe of my shoe. I gently threw the ball up and bounced it off my knee and balanced it back onto my toe. Jonah looked amazed that I had such control over the ball.

“I played Varsity soccer all through high school”

“That's funny, because...” He kicked the ball from my foot to his and copied my trick. Only he added in a move where he bounced the ball from one knee to the other just before he kicked it up to balance on his head and dropped it back down on his foot. “I played Varsity soccer in high school too”

I kicked the ball off of Jonah's foot and started running with it, “Well then this should be fun!”

We never even set up goals so the game itself was pointless. We spent a couple of hours just running after the ball and trying to steal it from on another. It wasn't until now that I noticed Jonah's competitive side. He had always been a sweet chivalrous gentleman. There was something so hot about Jonah's eyes gleaming with ambition. It was the cherry topper to how sexy he looked with his messy hair, sweaty body, and alluring smile. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to have Jonah.

Just as I stole the ball from Jonah I pushed him. He fell to the floor. I tried to run past him with the ball but he tripped me and I fell onto the grass too. Jonah tried to get up but I quickly rolled over and pushed him back down again. He looked at me with a straight face and pushed me down again then leaned over me. We kept going back and forth until finally we kissed.

Jonah stood up on his feet and picked me up off the ground, “It's getting late, let's go back to my place”

I dusted off my shirt and we started walking back to Jonah's apartment. When we got inside I went straight into the bathroom, took a quick shower, and slipped into my dress. I guess Jonah had cleaned up as well because when I walked out of the bathroom into Jonah's bedroom his hair was damp and he was standing with nothing but a towel on around his waist. He was looking into his closet trying to find something to wear.

He turned around when he heard me walk out of the bathroom.

“Oh hey, sorry, just give me a minute” he turned back to his closet and tugged a shirt off it's hanger.

I felt like this was the perfect moment. I walked up behind Jonah, wrapped my arms around his naked waist, and kissed his back.

Jonah turned around towards me and smiled. His chest was squared perfectly and his sides cut just at the right angles. I was so mesmerized looking at him. I put my hands on his chest and gently pushed them up towards his neck. Jonah picked me up in his arms. I gazed into his eyes and only kissed him after he revealed his dimple. We kissed as he turned around and push my back up against the wall.

It wasn't until I reached for the edge of my dress to pull off before Jonah stopped kissing me. He smiled at me and kissed me on my cheek. I knew the moment was about to end so I confronted it.

“It's okay Jonah, you don't need to be afraid” I said softly.

Jonah leaned his forehead against mine. I could see his eyes fixed on my lips. “I'm not afraid I just-”

“Shh...I know it's your first time but don't worry I promise it won't hurt”

Jonah's eyes widened and he dropped me back onto my feet.

“Wait...You think I'm a virgin?”

I shrugged my shoulders and scrunched my nose “I mean, yeah, it's the only thing that explains why you always pull away. Don't get upset it's okay. It's actually quiet admirable that you've made it almost 30 years, although I don't know how someone so good looking is able to hold out for so long.”

Jonah dropped his head and let out a sigh. “Lynn, I'm not the type of guy to just sleep with any girl. I wanted to make sure you were in a more stable place before we moved any further. I didn't want to complicate your feelings”

I twisted my foot back and forth and looked up at Jonah apologetically, “'re not a virgin?”

Jonah laughed. “No”

“Well, prove it!”

Jonah walked closer to me and stopped just inches away “You really want me to prove it to you?”

I nodded my head. Jonah grabbed me by my waist, spun me around, and threw me onto his bed. I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably. The sight of me laughing made him laugh too but he tried hard to keep a straight face. He leaned into my ear and whispered “God, you're so fucking beautiful."

That night was like the universe pulling us together and colliding our worlds into one.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


*Note: I've received some feedback from a few readers letting me know the last couple of entries weren't posting up on time. I have my blogspot set to automatically post at 12pm EST. When I checked to see what might be wrong it turns out the timing somehow changed to an international time zone. Weird, I know. Anyway, it's been fixed so, posts should be up every Monday and Wednesday at 12pm EST. Thank you to those for letting me know. Sorry about the inconvenience and enjoy today's read!*

Since my talk with Jonah, I realized that in order for us to work I would have to reciprocate Jonah's energy. He's been trying to get to know me by breaking down the walls I've put up, but I haven't been responding to his attempts. I knew that, if it was going to work between us, I needed to start over fresh. I needed to leave my past behind and make a new foundation for Jonah and I to build off of.

The last couple of dates we went out on were planned by Jonah. So, after having my recent revelation, I decided it was my turn. I wanted to show Jonah I was in it and making an effort. I called him the night before to let him know to keep his schedule free. And to make sure he wore a plaid shirt. (Which shouldn't have been hard since most of his shirts were variations of plaid button down shirts) The rest would be a surprise.

Finally, after a whole week, Kadie was coming back into town today. Thankfully my classes ended early and I was able to make it in time to pick her up from the airport. It wasn't hard to spot her as she was the only one pulling at a suitcase while the revolving baggage claim wheel spun. Typical Kadie.

“Oh god! Help me!!” Kadie shrieked as she tried lifting up her suitcase.

“Gees, what's in this thing?” I pulled at the suitcase to help Kadie.

“My whole life, literally!”

After grabbing Kadie's things we stopped to get some pizza and headed back to the apartment. Kadie left her luggage at the door and fell face first into the sofa pillows. She let out a roaring grunt that was slightly muted because she was face down.

I put the box of pizza down on the coffee table and nudged Kadie. “Are you okay?”

She turned her head towards me so her cheek was lying on the pillow instead. “I think it's just now hitting me that Texas is no longer home.”

I rubbed Kadie's shoulder to comfort her. “I felt that same way until you moved her. As long as we're here and we have each other we'll be okay.”

And just like that Kadie was back on her feet pulling open the box of pizza.

“You're right. I don't know why I'm moping. If it weren't for you moving here I would've never gotten a job at Darlington! Here's to a new home! Cheers!”

She took a slice of pizza and bumped it against mine.

Once we were done eating we took Kadie's luggage into her room and I helped her unpack. Kadie filled me in on her trip back home and I told her more about Jonah and my first week at school.

Kadie was exhausted from her early morning flight so we left most of the unpacking for later. She walked over to her bed like a zombie and fell in letting the comforter consume her.

“Oh, by the way, Adam wanted to come over tonight for dinner. Hope that's okay?” she asked in a groggy voice.

“That's fine. I'm taking Jonah out tonight if you two want to join us”

“I'll ask Adam and let you kn-” She wasn't even able to finish her sentence before she fell asleep.

I went back to my bedroom to take a shower and get ready for the night. I never thought I'd be wearing this in New York, but I pulled out my cutest pair of Daisy Dukes, my cowboy boots, and a button down shirt that tied just above my naval.

After I got ready I headed out. I was meeting Jonah at his place.

Jonah dropped his jaw when he opened his door, “Whaaaaat! Is it my birthday?” he couldn't help but look me up and down.

I walked into Jonah's apartment and looked at him disapprovingly.

“Jonah, I thought I told you to wear a plaid shirt?”

“I am!” He looked down at himself.

Technically he was wearing a plaid shirt. But he wore a tie with it and a nice black sweater over both the tie and shirt. His hair was nicely made and slightly parted to the side. (think JT at the Grammy's)

You look like you're about to go to a social hour at Harvard”

Jonah laughed and started taking off his sweater and tie, “Fine, is this better?”

I walked over and untucked his shirt from his jeans. “Now it is”

Can you tell me where we're going now?”

I walked over and sat on the edge of the kitchen counter. Jonah walked behind me and stood between my knees. He rested his hands on the counter top on either side of me

“Well since you showed me a part of your past, I thought I'd show you a part of me.”

“Ohh, do I get to pick which part?” He slowly started lifting his hands pretending as if he were going to untie my shirt.

“Jonah” I playfully slapped his hands.

I'm kidding!” he threw both his hands up and took a step back.

 He was now standing arms folded with his back leaning against the refrigerator listening intently to what I was about to tell him.

I'm taking you to BrnYrd! We're going line dancing” I smiled when I saw Jonah's reaction. His eyes widened and his brows furrowed.

You're joking, right?” I could tell by the dimples on his cheeks that he was holding back a laugh in order to not offend me

Do I look like I'm joking?” I pointed to my outfit.

Jonah clapped his hands together. “Alright, alright, alright” he said in his best Matthew Mcconaughey impersonation

Really? I'm so glad you're down for this! I thought you'd say no”

I would've never entered the world of comedy if I wasn't down for humiliating myself.” he dropped his head in defeat.

BrnYrd was this awesome bar that Kadie and I randomly discovered in Brooklyn. From the outside it looked like any other building in New York, but once you stepped inside you were suddenly in a barn yard in Texas. Of course it wasn't 100% authentic. It was almost like the cast of Jersey Shore was asked to recreate a line dancing bar and this was their take on it. There's wooden beams across the ceiling wrapped in stringed lights, hay stacks around the room, mason jar chandeliers, and peanut shells and hay covering the floor. In the middle of the bar is a dance floor. The waiters and waitresses wear skimpy cowboy get ups. And the music is pop and country mixed to an electronic beat.

I got a text from Kadie letting me know her and Adam would be joining us after dinner. So we waited at Jonah's place until she told us they were on their way.

Jonah and I took the subway over to Brooklyn and met them there.

Kadie and Adam were waiting for us outside BrnYrd. Before I could introduce them Adam and Jonah greeted each other like they were already friends.

“Do you guys know each other?” Kadie and I stood confused staring at both boys.

“Yeah, a few of the clients I represent have been on the late night show, so we always run into each other backstage” Adam said excitedly.

The place was crowded with people so we quickly went inside and claimed a table.

Jonah ordered a round of drinks for everyone and Adam ordered another before the waitress could even leave to get the first round.

“We're gonna need some heavy shit to get through this” Adam said as he nudged Jonah.

Right then Timber by Pitbull and Kesha started playing.

“Aw shit, this is our jam!” Kadie and I both jumped off of our stools.

“Come on, I'll show you how it's done!” I grabbed Jonah's arm and led him out to the dance floor.

“Just watch me” I demonstrated but I could tell he wasn't able to follow along. 

“Here” I stood with my back to Jonah and put his hands on my waist. “Just do what I do”

After a few attempts Jonah was starting to get it.

“This is surprisingly easy!”

Jonah was getting better with every song that played. Adam, not so much. But he gets an A for effort.

We swung around, tapped our heels and do-si-doed the rest of the night. We could have easily been back up dancers for the line dancing scene in the Footloose remake.

After we completely exhausted ourselves Adam and Kadie left and Jonah and I went back towards Greenwich to grab a bite to eat.

“That was amazing!” Jonah said happily while wrapping noodles around his chopsticks

We picked up Chinese food and sat by the fountain in Washington Square Park.

“I'm glad you enjoyed it!” I leaned into Jonah and gave him a kiss. “Kadie and I use to go line dancing all the time back home”

“Did you guys have horses too?” Jonah said jokingly

“Actually, we did. Kadie's horse was black and white, so she named him Moo. Mine wasn't the smartest of the bunch so I named him Fredo.”

Jonah turned to me shocked that we really did have horses as pets.

“Texas seems like a whole other world” he took another bite of the noodles. “What made you come to New York?”

I stared up at the buildings around me. “I don't know, really. Bright lights? Big city? I know it sounds cliché. I just felt like something was telling me to come here.”

We finished our food and started walking away from the park. Jonah wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we walked. 

Just as we were under a street light he turned me towards him and grabbed my face softly.

“I'm glad you listened to your heart.” He leaned down and he kissed me slowly and passionately.