New York Dixie, winner of the 2014 Weblog Awards, chronicles the life of Lynn Lee Barnes, a 20-something Southerner living in New York City. Lynn has spent most of her life abiding by the rules and pleasing others. Growing tired of her boring life, Lynn jumps on a plane and bids adieu to her small Texas hometown when she learns of her acceptance to a medical college in the City.

 This is her chance to start fresh. To live an exciting life that she's always wanted. 

Upon arriving Lynn is thrown into a whirlwind of characters. From the high-horse residents of the Upper East Side to the creative minds in show business, Lynn quickly learns that having an opinion and standing up for herself is an essential part of survival.

Follow Lynn as she tries to figure out life while meeting her best friends, frenemies, confidants, and maybe even the love of her life along the way.