Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Damage Control

“Why is Poppy fucking Leroux photographed coming out of your office?” Adam threw down Page Six in front of Kadie.

She was sitting at the tufted winged back chair behind her desk. Jebrone sat opposite of her while I was relaxing on the couch on the other side of her office.

It was a weekday and I had just gotten out of class. Usually I'd stay afterward to study with Sarah and Henry, but they had a thing and when Kadie mentioned she was hungry I volunteered to grab food and stop by.

It hadn't even been a full five minutes of me being there before Adam came rushing in, brooding face and all.

Kadie continued to slurp her noodles as she looked at Adam. He stood in silence waiting for her response. She patted her mouth with a napkin. She was obviously trying to stall.

His patience was running out. “Why the fuck is Poppy Leroux photographed outside your office?” He shouted so loud it startled the three of us. Kadie's eyes widened, Jebrone stood up and I sat upright holding onto the edge of my seat.

“Jesus Christ, calm down Adam!” Kadie said as she stood up hoovering over her desk to look at the article. “I was going to tell you before it was printed. How did you get a copy of tomorrow’s paper?”

“You were going to tell me what before it was printed?” Adam's spoke through his teeth.

“How did you get tomorrow's paper today, Adam?” Kadie folded her arms across her chest, hoping to turn the conversation around.

“You should know that I know everyone in this God damn business. Did you honestly think you could scheme behind my back and I wouldn't find out?” He leaned his knuckles onto the glass table top, shifting his weight forward.

Kadie stood in silence for a moment as her gaze went down in embarrassment. “I was going to tell you, tonight, before it got printed. We weren't going to sign her, Adam. We were just making her come in and out of the office so the paparazzi could capture it. That way the article would mention that she's been making visits here and people would just assume she's signed with us.”

“We? Us?” Adam leaned off the table and turned around to look at Jebrone. “Don't tell me you're in on this, bro.”

Jebrone shrugged his shoulder. “There's already been a few local gossip bloggers reporting Poppy's association with us and so far Kadie's clients have gotten a 15% increase in interest.”

Adam didn't care what facts and figures Jebrone had come up with. “You mean her clients that just happened to be signed with you.” He huffed as he clenched onto his forehead. “I can't believe you would run with this. I'm so disappointed in you two.”

“Adam, it wasn't Jebrone's doing. It was all me. Don't be upset with him.” Kadie walked around her desk trying to approach him.

Adam took a step back causing Kadie to come to a stop. “I've already pulled the story from Page Six. All other major outlets have been warned to not run the article.”

Kadie shot a look at Jebrone. All their hard work had gone to waste.

“You're going to call Poppy over here and I'm going to do you one last favor and pretend like I didn't know you three were working together. I'm going to cause a scene and refuse for you to work with her. That way your ass gets out of this scotch free. I can handle her wrath, but I can't handle you in it.”

“Adam...” Kadie tried to speak

He held up his hands to stop her.“No Kadie, I don't want to hear it. Just for once do what I'm telling you, please.”

He turned to give Jebrone one last disapproving look and then proceeded to walk out of the office. A few seconds passed by before Kadie called out his name as she chased after him.

Jebrone turned around to look at me. “I forgot you were here.”

“With the look Adam gave you, I would forget I was here too.” I grabbed my bag, figuring now was a good time for me to leave. “Maybe next time you should...”

Jebrone cut me off, “Now's not the time for 'I told you so', Lynn.”

“You can't really say I didn't warn you.” I shrugged as I walked into the elevators.

Kadie was just coming out, she gave me one look and knew what I was going to say. “This isn't an appropriate time to say, 'I told you so'.” (Was I that obvious?) “My fiance fucking hates me right now.” She grunted as she held onto her head. “All because of some stupid editor at Page Six.”

“I don't think it's the editor at Page Six who made a dumb mistake, Kadie.”

“Seriously, Lynn, stop being a bitch and help me fix this.” Kadie paced back and forth from her desk.

I dropped my bag back onto the couch. “Stop trying to figure out your next 'game plan'. Just admit that what you did was wrong and apologize to Adam.” I looked over at Jebrone. “Both of you.”

Kadie plopped down in her chair and crossed her arms and legs, thinking about what I said.

“Adam would die for you Kadie, he's not going to be upset once you apologize. His plan to get you out of this is fairly decent. Just take the offer and wash your hands of Poppy.”

Jebrone sighed. “She's right.”

Kadie tapped her toe for a few beats before she agreed. “Hand me my phone.” Kadie pointed to the coffee table. I picked it up and walked it over to her. She scrolled through her phone until she found Poppy's name. She put the phone on speaker as we anticipated for her to pick up.

“Kadie!” Poppy's voice sang almost identical to Sarah's normal chirp. “Did you finally draw up the contract?”

“Hey Poppy!” Kadie reciprocated her enthusiasm. “I have some great news. Why don't you come by the office later today so we can talk.”


  1. Not liking Kadie at the moment. She's the bitch.


  2. How better yet why would you risk your relationship w/a man who has gone above and beyond for you just for business. Wow. Katie immature much hun. The business will be successful depending on how hard you work. Losing the love of your life. So. Not. Worth. It! Great post Lynn

  3. I'm not a huge fan of Katie to begin with but how could anyone like her right now. Trying to turn the tables on adam was unbelievable and calling Lynn a bitch was just immature. Adam has always done right by Katie and right now she doesn't deserve him.

  4. Maybe adam should rethink going into business with Katie. If he can't trust her, how can they run a successful business together?

  5. I agree with all of the previous commentators. Kadie is acting selfish and immature. The business decisions she is making is going to drive a wedge between her and Adam's personal relationship. If I was Lynn, I wouldn't help her get out of this mess.

  6. I've never been crazy about Kadie either but this post really makes me loathe her - how can she treat people the way she does and then still dish out attitude! What a bitch.
    Seriously she doesn't deserve Adam! They should have listened to Lynn.