Thursday, December 11, 2014

Olly Olly Oxen Free

“Jaime! Don't touch that!”

Jaime flinched as I slapped the back of his hand. We were at Jonah's studio. There was still an hour before the show recorded, but we came by early so Jonah could show us around. There were so many of us, it was like we were one of those small group of tourists that came in and out of the building taking a tour around the studios.

Jonah came walking out of his dressing room with Priyal, his assistant, a couple of writers, and makeup artists trailing behind him. He turned around and whispered to them and they headed back to his dressing room.

Priyal was the only one who kept following along, staring into her planner, as she talked to him. “Do you have the lines for the monologue?”

He patted his jean pockets. “No, I, uh, I think I left it in the room.”

He looked over at Priyal and she was already holding out an extra copy for him. “I got it right here. Chris and Nicki are updating some of the jokes with current events, so just remember those are gonna be mixed in.” Jonah nodded as he skimmed over the paper. “After the show we need you to approve the writers material for Friday's show. Then there's a magazine reporter coming by. He wants an excerpt on you.” Jonah groaned. “I know, I know, but it'll be quick.”

He finally looked up and saw us standing at the end of the hall. “Hey!” he turned back to Priyal, “I'm gonna show these guys around. If anyone needs me, just tell them you'll take care of it.”

Priyal nodded. “But remember, you have rehearsal in thirty minutes!”

Jonah gave me a kiss and hugged everyone else. “So glad you guys were able to make it.”

“Are you kidding?” Rebecca cheered. “We would've been crazy to miss this opportunity!”

“Lynn, you never told me how adorable your friends are” Jonah winked and rested his arm around Rebecca's shoulders. She made a fangirl face and began cooling herself off with the wave of her hand.

“What about me?” Woody asked. “I'm pretty adorable too, right?” He mimicked Rebecca's pose. “Where are the celebrities any how?”

Jonah laughed. I warned him that Woody was a complete nut and by the tone of his laugh it seemed like he was starting to believe it. “The celebrity guests usually arrive an hour to half an hour before the show. In that time their in the dressing room getting briefed and touched up. That's when I'll pop in for a minute to meet them before the show starts.”

“That is so cool!” Lacey exclaimed. “Lynn, do you ever get to meet them?”

“Most of the time, no.” Everyone's expression turned into disappointment. “Jonah's in the zone when the show is filming, so I like to stay out of his hair and in the audience.” I shrugged my shoulders and tried to bring everyone's mood back up. “If the guests stay past the credits I can catch them afterward.” And just like that everyone was smiling again.

“Do any of you watch Scandal?” Jonah asked as he led the group down the hall and to the green room. I stood, watching, as everyone walked away.

“Is Oliva Pope the most badass woman on T.V?” Rebecca asked rhetorically. “Of course we watch Scandal!”

“Great! Then I'm sure you'll be excited to meet today's guest.” Jonah smiled. Everyone excitedly gasped and tried to guess who the guest could be. The sound of their talking became muffled as they walked into the room.

I was leaning against the wall as I stared into space. The truth is, I had a fight with Kadie just before we came here. She was making her usual catty comments, but it had gotten so bad that everyone was starting to catch on. It wasn't like me to just let her get away with it. I was trying to get a feel for the situation and find out why Kadie was acting the way she was, but it seemed impossible since she wasn't leaving any open cracks. So, I did what any mother of a petulant five year old would do. I snapped.

I couldn't remember exactly what I'd said, but it ended with me, very harshly, uninviting Kadie to the studio tour.

I snapped back to reality when I noticed Jaime walking out of the green room and towards me.

“Hey” He stopped right in front of me and leaned against the wall. “Thinking about earlier?” he asked. He had only known about it because I called him in a frustrated moment.

“I just...” I sighed. “I just feel bad.”

“It's what anyone would have done after taking so much.” Jaime said, trying to make me feel better.

“I know, but I feel bad because I don't know what's going on.” I shook my head and looked away. “You know Woody wouldn't dare to ever say anything about Kadie but even he thinks the city has changed her. She use to be so positive and upbeat. Now all she's ever doing is bringing people down.”

“You know what I think?” I looked back at Jaime questioningly. “I think you need to apologize to Kadie.” I furrowed my brows in confusion. “Yes, she's the one who owes you an apology. But, maybe if you start she'll follow.”

“You're right” I smiled and gave Jaime a hug.

“Hey, hey, hey” Woody came out of the green room shouting at Jaime and I. “What are you doing out here with my guy?” He meant to say it in the most innocent way, but we couldn't help but laugh.

“Oh Woody, if only you knew what you were talking about” I smirked as I walked away.

Jonah finally finished showing everyone around the studio and we all made our way into the audience to watch the live taping. I could tell by the smiles on everyone's faces that they were beyond thrilled to have this experience. That, and because they were constantly saying they were beyond thrilled to have this experience.

It was early in the evening when we'd gotten done. Jonah had work to do, so he stayed at the office. The rest of the gang headed back to their hotel to freshen up before we went out for dinner.

After they'd jumped out the cab, I gave the driver Kadie's address instead of mine.

I rang her door bell but no one answered. I tried calling her phone but she wasn't picking up either. I felt defeated.

Even though I lived quiet a few blocks away I figured walking back would give me some time to think and clear my head.

As I was strolling, and kicking the leaves along the way, I noticed a slender blonde with a olive green beanie and khaki colored trench coat across the street.

“Kadie?” I called out. She looked my way in response, but then turned around when she noticed it was me. “Kadie!” I called out again. She continued to walk in the opposite direction.

I made sure there weren't any cars coming before I ran across the street. “Kadie! Stop ignoring me!” I grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around.

I gasped when I saw tears rolling down her cheeks.

“What do you want, Lynn?” She tried to say through her tears.

“Oh my God!” I pulled her in and gave her a tight hug. “Are you crying because of me? I'm sorry Kadie!”

She wiped her tears after I'd finally let her go. “There's just...” her voice cracked and then she did one of those stuttering inhales with a sigh. “So much going on.”

“K, why would you ever think you couldn't come to me and talk?” I rubbed her shoulder to calm her down. I looked around, hoping to find a place for her to sit down. “Hey, there's a coffee shop at the corner. Why don't we get you something to drink.”

The walk over was a quiet one. Mainly because Kadie was still recovering from choking on her tears. When we'd gotten inside she went straight to a table and sat down. I stood in line and ordered a couple of drinks for us and then joined Kadie at the table.

“Are you going to tell me what's gotten you like this?” I finally asked.

She closed her eyes for a few seconds before she answered. “I feel like such a failure.”

“What are you talking about? You live in a nice neighborhood of Manhattan, you're engaged to a successful lawyer who's a partner at his firm, and you're CEO of your own company.” I shook my head. “Jesus, I didn't realize how amazing your life was until I said that out loud.”

“More like, my Fiance bought that apartment because I'm too poor to afford it and I can't even successfully run my own business.”

“So that's what's been eating at you, huh?” I leaned back in my chair. “The Poppy ordeal?”

“So many good things were happening for everyone else.” She sighed as she finally came clean. "You're in medical school, Jonah has his own show, and Adam became partner.” She sighed.

“You're making it sound so easy. I literally get headaches just thinking about how to balance my school and home life. And even then I suck at it. Jonah's been working his ass off since he was in college to get to where he is. And Adam? I'm sure you witnessed the hours he spent slaving away, day and night, just to get his name on the door.”

“But they still ended up on top.” She held her palms facing up as if to emphasis her point. “I started from the top with Darlington and ended up at the bottom. I just felt like a loser.” She sighed. “It's hard when the guy you're getting married to is so successful. And so is everyone in his damn family. The pressure to have my company take off has been excruciating.”

I took in a sharp breath “I guess I can understand the pressure of wanting to impress your in laws. But, I don't see why you couldn't just talk to me about it.”

“I figured that Poppy would be a quick fix, but that just made things worse.”

I leaned back over the table. “Whoa, in what world did you think Poppy could make anything right??”

“Apparently the fucked up one in my head.” She groaned irritatedly. “I was so embarrassed when Adam found out. It was even more embarrassing that you and Jebrone witnessed the whole thing.” She leaned her head against her hand and stared down into her coffee cup. “You were on his side” she said quietly.

“So you felt the need to come after Jonah?” I asked agitatedly.

“It just... I was in a dark place and it made me feel better. At least it did in the moment.”

“You know he's been nothing but nice to you since the day you two met. Even with all your bitchy comments lately he's managed to keep his cool. And to think you treated him that way because you were upset that I tried to knock some sense into you?” My voice went lower the more serious I became. “You know I even got into an argument with him about you? An argument, Kadie! I stuck up for you and risked my relationship with him all because you wanted to feel better about yourself.”

She closed her eyes again, a few seconds longer this time. “I'm sorry.”

“I'm not the one you need to be apologizing to.” I leaned back again and crossed my arms. “Kadie, you use to be my rock. You were always positive. You had ambition. There wasn't a problem you couldn't solve. You were so upbeat it was nauseating. Don't let one bad decision ruin everything.” I reached out across the table to grab her hand. “You still have a best friend that loves you, her boyfriend who's forgiving, and a fiance that would die for you.”

Kadie wiped the last bit of tears from her eyes and for the first time in a long time I could see the girl I use to know. She was frustrated and scared, but she was begging for my help to bring her out.


  1. Chris - @nylonlover69 on Twitter/IGDecember 11, 2014 at 8:47 AM

    Oh, Kadie... (pass the tissues please!)

  2. I'm not sure I'd be able to let Kadie off that easily, but at least know we know why she was acting out in such a bad way. I'm glad she finally opened up to Lynn. I hope everyone else is just as forgiving.

  3. Kadie annoys me.. I can tell she's used to being the center of attention; a big fish in a small pond. NYC is about a big a pond as you can get. She's a spec in a huge pond and clearly is having a hard time adjusting. But that doesn't mean you act like a snooty bitch to the people in your corner! I think Lynn is a good friend but I hope she doesn't become a doormat.

    And BTW - I heart Jonah for being so patient with Kadie's petty crap.

  4. I think Lynn did well this time. If Kadie doesn't get her act together, then we can start thinking of alternative solutions, but for now, Lynn was 100% correct in giving her the support she needs.
    Now I hope Kadie can dig back into that positivism she had and turn this situation inside out!

  5. What if Jonah is Jimmy Fallon in real life?! ������

  6. I don't know if I buy all this from Katie but I guess time will tell and I can understand why Lynn's helping her even if I don't agree. However I don't think Jonah will be quite as understanding. He's a great guy but I think kadie kind of burned that bridge.

  7. Lynn is showing real compassion towards Kadie and is a true friend to her. It was clear that Kadie was lashing out about something with her reactions to everyone. Sometimes someone just needs a friend to take notice and try to determine what the real source of pain is. A real friend doesn't turn their back just because something is unpleasant - and Kadie is lucky Lynn is that to her. Time will tell if she can pull herself out of her self-wallowing though.

  8. Finally we get to understand why Kadie's been acting up. Hopefully things go up from here.

  9. I hope Kadie really has some sense and doesn't try working with Poppy again, that's crazy!!