Thursday, June 18, 2015

Leap of Faith

“So, what happened?”

It was Monday morning and I decided to spend the day at Kadie's office. I lounged on the couch across from her desk as she went over some paper work.

She was only half listening to me, so I decided to pull her chain.

“Jonah proposed, again.” I said casually as I flipped through a magazine.

“Oh yeah? Did he give you another ring? Because if he did, I call dibs on the sapphire one.” Kadie joked.

I tossed the magazine back onto the side table. “No, still the same.” I held my hand up and wiggled the ring around. “But, we got to talking and we decided we wanted a wedding with no hassle...” I looked over at Kadie who was still busy going over her work.

She eventually noticed the silence and gently put the papers in her hands down. “Lynn...” She slowly spoke. “Please don't tell me you did what I think you did...”

“One thing led to the next and we ended up going to Atlantic City.”

Kadie jumped out of her chair. “Lynn Lee Barnes...Please tell me you're fuc-”

I erupted into laughter.

“Did you or didn't you?!” Kadie asked as she walked over and stood in front of me.

“We didn't!” I finally confessed between laughs.

Kadie grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at me. “Why the hell would you scare me like that!”

“We were debating on it. But, it was late at night on a Sunday and Jonah had to be back in the City bright and early today. Besides it didn't feel right without you there.”

Kadie released a tense breath. “Thank God!” She stood up and went back to her desk to work. “While we're talking about it, what's going on? Should I go ahead with the engagement party? Skip to the bridal shower? I mean at this rate it seems like your gonna have your baby shower before any of the wedding events.”

“Stop it” I rolled my eyes. “We'll figure everything out eventually.”

Kadie's phone vibrated causing both of us to lose our concentration. She picked it up and read the text out loud. “It's Sarah. She said, “What are your plans for lunch? Henry and I are starving! We're at Central Park West, want to meet?”

Kadie and I never turn down an invitation to eat.

We met up Henry and Sarah at a small little bistro just off of the Park.

It was my first time seeing Henry since I learned about his history with Jaime. Which reminded me, I needed to catch up with him to make sure everything with his parents turned out okay. But, in the mean time, I had to let Henry know what a big deal this whole thing was.

I patiently waited for a moment where I could steal him away, but at the rate Kadie and Sarah were talking it almost seemed impossible.

It wasn't until we were done with lunch and walking out of the bistro when I was finally about to pull him aside.

“Henry” I whispered, making sure Sarah and Kadie couldn't hear us.

He didn't get the clue. Instead, Henry responded back in his normal volume. “What is it? Why are you being so weird?”

I shushed him and held onto his arm, letting Sarah and Kadie walk a few paces further in front of us.

“Jaime told me what's been going on between you two.”

Henry had a brief expression of shock before he wiped his hand over his face. “Oh, God.”

“What do you mean, “oh God”? He had to face the scrutiny of his parents just to prove to you that he's serious.”

“I know, I know, okay?” He aggressively whispered back. “I didn't think he would suddenly become so serious about it.”

“You're the one that gave him an ultimatum!” I reciprocated his energy.

Henry shook his head as he shut his eyes. “I just have to end things officially with Jebrone before anything else can happen.”

I placed my hand on his shoulder and shook him. “Henry, he took a huge leap for you. You can't leave him hanging like that.”

“What am I suppose to do about Jebrone? Tell him he was just my sideline choice and that I've been secretly having an affair with Jaime? You know he already hates him as it is.”

“You know, I'm not really sure why Jaime likes you this much, but I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume there's something good about you. And if you do anything to hurt my friend I swear on all that is holy you'll have me to deal with and it's not going to be pretty.”

Henry and I locked eyes for a minute before I huffed and walked away.

“Are you okay?” Kadie asked as we climbed into the cab she hailed for us.

“Henry's just being annoying.”

"What's new?" She joked along.

As we were walking back into Kadie's office my phone began to ring.

I furrowed my brows in surprise when I saw that it was Anna.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey honey, how's it going?” She spoke in a sweet serene tone.

“It's great. What's going on?” I was eager to figure out why she called me a day after we'd just seen her.

“We...” She paused for a brief second. “We need to talk...”


  1. Please. Please. Please post before next Thursday! For me, please?!!! Lol ❤️

  2. Agreed! One post a week is torture.

  3. Yessss please!! I don't think I can wait an entire week! -- great cliff hanger as always haha

  4. What a short post this week :(

  5. Is Anna their dr? I can't remember. I can't wait til next Thursday. I hope everything is ok

  6. Anna is Jonah's mother... that can only mean one thing... she wants them to get married before the baby is born... and probably wants the wedding to be, and the baby brought up to be Jewish...
    Mmmm.... I hate waiting for the next post... your writing is just too good!

  7. Oh man I cannot wait a week to find out why Anna is calling, I hope it isn't anything too serious and hopefully it's just wedding and baby stuff with the whole trying to push the Jewish thing on them

  8. I am betting she wants Lynn to convert. This is going to be interesting......or not. I mean it may not be a big deal to Lynn to convert. More likely it will be a bigger issue for the parents!

  9. Oh boy. Here comes the "Jewish Mom Talk". Can't wait to see how this one goes.