Thursday, June 4, 2015


“I can't believe this” Jaime gritted his teeth as he furiously pulled out his cell phone from his pocket. “I can't fucking believe this!” he yelled.

We were standing at the corner of his street, in the dead of night, waiting for a cab to take us back to the train station.

“Jaime” I softly spoke hoping to calm him down.

“I've been nothing but a good fucking son to that man!” His arm spun around as he spoke pointing back towards his house.

I walked up behind him and rubbed my hand down his back, comforting him, as his breathing became slower from realization.

“There's a ton of people in your life that love you, and accept you, including me.” Jaime turned around to look at me. His face was so stricken with sadness, I almost wished I hadn't seen it.

“Jaime!” We turned our heads when we heard a voice in the distance. “Honey” Jaime's mom came walking after us, waving her hands to get our attention.

I couldn't blame Jaime for the reaction he had when he saw her. His cheeks puffed as he rolled his eyes. Earlier during dinner his mom made it clear who's side of the table she was on.

“I'm leaving, okay? No need to worry about me.” He barked under his breath. “Not that you were anyway.” His arms folded across his chest as he turned away.

“Sweetie” Jaime's mom pulled at his shoulder until he turned around and grabbed his face in both her hands. “I love you.” his lashes fluttered in surprise. “I will always love you, no matter what.”

“Shit” I whispered under my breath as I felt my eyes welling up. I took a few steps back and let them have a mother-son moment.

“Mom” Jaime could barely say the word before he exploded into tears.

“It's okay” She leaned his head onto her shoulder and wrapped her arms around him. “You don't have to explain anything. A mother always knows.”

“Really?” Jaime finally managed to speak.

Jaime's mom went on to explain how she'd gotten subtle hints here and there that he may have been a little different. At first she thought it was a phase, but after tonight realized it wasn't. Her lack of speech during dinner stemmed from shock. She figured, knowing how traditional Jaime's dad is, that Jaime would have came to her first and they both would have eased his dad into it.

She comforted Jaime for a few minutes longer before she asked him to come back inside where she promised she'd stand by him as they both talked things out with Jaime's dad.

Before we made it inside our cab that we called half an hour ago finally arrived at the neighborhood's gate. Jaime asked me to stay, but I knew whatever was going to happen beyond this point was a family matter.

He kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for being there. I hopped into the car and watched the two of them walk into the house as I drove away.

The week had flown by and before I knew it Jonah and I were already headed to Long Island for Casey's wedding weekend.

It was Friday late in the afternoon when we finally arrived.

Anna, like always, was waiting for us at the front door. She greeted us as she took our bags inside. Jonah and I looked around confused that no one was in sight.

“Where is everyone?” Jonah asked as we settled into the living room.

“Casey and her girlfriends are at her place getting ready for tonight.” Anna looked over her shoulder at the clock. “And Mandy should be coming into town any minute now.”

“Great” Jonah smiled and looked at me.”Now's a better time than any.”

“Wait, no!” I jumped forward in my seat. Jonah and I had talked about sharing our pregnancy with his family this weekend, but I wasn't expecting him to say anything until after the chaos of Casey's wedding was over.

“Why not?” Jonah was leaning forward in his seat and looking back at me over his shoulder.

I leaned in closer to whisper, “We can't spill the news before Casey's wedding, Jonah. That's not fair to her.”

“You're pregnant!” Like a contestant in the bonus round of Wheel of Fortune, Anna confidently shouted.

Both our jaws dropped as we turned over to look at her. “Ma, what the hell? How do you keep guessing these things?”

“Oh my God, it's true?” She covered her mouth and widened her eyes.

Jonah sighed and shook his head in defeat. He was much too familiar with her antics.

“Oh my God!” She spoke louder this time. “It's true!” She lunged out of her seat and engulfed Jonah in a hug.”I'm going to be a grandma?” She reached over to give me a hug, but much gentler than she was with Jonah. Her face scrunched as she thought about what she said, “That makes me sound old. We have to think of another name.” Without breathing between her thoughts she stood back and continued. “How far along are you? What does that mean about the wedding? You'll have to push it up. Have you thought about how your going to raise your child? Oh dear, you still have some time in school don't you? How is that going to work? Who's going to stay home with the baby?

“Oh my God” Jonah turned towards me, “Why did I not listen to you? She's insane!”

“What?” Mandy stood at the front door. She dropped her bags on the floor and stood like a deer in headlights.

The four of us stayed silent as we exchanged glances.

“Surprise?” Jonah smiled.

It took Mandy a few minutes to process the information. We explained to both her and Anna that we hadn't really figured things out yet, but eventually we would.

Within the hour Jonah's family began filling up the house. We made Mandy and Anna promise that they wouldn't spill the news until after the wedding, like I had originally planned.

That night was Casey's rehearsal dinner. Jonah and I were in his room getting ready when he froze, mid-shirt buttoning, and sat on the edge of the bed. I was in his bathroom putting on my makeup when I noticed him. I peeked out of the doorway and watched as he stared at the ground deep in thought.

“You okay, honey?” I asked.

He shook back to reality and looked up at me. “Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.” He said only to slip back into thought a few seconds later.

I put my blush palette down on the counter and walked over to Jonah. I sat next to him as I took his hand in mine. “What's on your mind?”

Without speaking he slowly shook his head. He finally sighed. “It's just scary to imagine how our lives are about to change.”

I grabbed Jonah's chin and turned his face towards me. I knew the feeling he was feeling. It was the same way I felt when I first found out about the pregnancy. I guess he was just having a late reaction to it. But, the only thing that got me through my nerves was the fact that Jonah was so calm and collective. And now, it was my turn to return the favor. “Hey, as long as you have me and I have you, nothings going to be scary.” I smiled.

Jonah only gave me half a smile back. “I mean the way my mom was asking all those questions. Lynn, we literally have none of that figured out.”

“This is a big deal, Jon. We can't just automatically know what to do. It's going to take time, day by day.”

Jonah smiled, remembering how he one day spoke the same words to me. “Who told you that?”

I scrunched my mouth as I pretended to think hard. “Some wise guy...”

“You think I'm a wise guy?” His smile grew.

“I meant wise guy as in asshole.”

Jonah laughed. “You're so sweet.”

“It's the hormones.” I smiled back.

The next morning was Casey's wedding. Jonah and I parted ways earlier in the day. I headed on my way to be with Casey while Jonah took care of the rest of the family at his house.

I never realized how much of a perfectionist Casey was until now. She barked orders left and right at the decorators while still giving the rest of us her charming smile.

The wedding took place at a resort hotel that was just too beautiful for words. The place was dripping with fresh flowers and live string music.

There wasn't a dry eye in sight as Jonah walked his sister down the aisle. I could tell that even he was emotional to give Casey away to her groom, knowing that it was suppose to be his father and not him.

After the ceremony the party moved outdoors to a pool side reception.

I couldn't help but notice how in love Casey looked as she glided through the room with her new husband. It made me think about Jonah and I and how soon we'd be the same way. Only not really because I gave him my ring back. Yes, it was out of spite, but with every bump in our road we only fell more in love with each other. Which is why I was beginning to become worried that he still hadn't given it back.

I wanted to talk to Jonah about it, but between all the cousins, aunts, uncles, second cousins, college buds, and childhood friends we couldn't get a moment to ourselves

By the end of the night I was completely exhausted. If I had to meet another guy name Sal I was going to lose it. So, instead, I parked myself at the open bar.

“Water, please.” I asked the bartender.

“That bad of a night?” He jokingly responded.

I rolled my eyes and took a giant sip through the tiny straw.

Someone came and sat next to me. I was too tired to turn even half an inch to check.

“You come here often?” I heard Jonah's voice and smiled.

“Just when my man leaves me alone for the night.”

Jonah's face filled with surprise. “So that means you're free from the prick tonight?”

“What'd you have in mind?” I raised an eyebrow intrigued by this game of stranger we were playing.

He leaned his body against mine as he whispered in my ear. “I was thinking about how great this-” he pulled at the strap of my dress. “-would look on the floor of my hotel.”

I turned my head so our mouths were inches apart. “How quick can we get to your hotel?”

“If you hurry we can make it there before your man sees.”

I leaned forward and kissed Jonah. He grabbed my bag and the two of us dashed out of the party.


  1. I love Jonah and Lynn! They have a wicked sense of humour. And the bit between Jaime and his mom was lovely. I kinda wished that it had happened that way for my brother.

  2. "Like a contestant in the bonus round of wheel of fortune..."
    That line seriously made me laugh out loud at Anna. So freaking funny! Love her reaction!
    Also, so glad Jaime's mom is supportive. I can't wait to hear how that all ended with his dad.

  3. Love it love it love it!!! That scene at the end was SO cute and sexy!!! My favourite blog by far <3

  4. Argh! Thursdays don't come often enough

    1. We need a week of Thursdays!! LOL! mum

  5. When will you be going back to Tuesday AND Thursday postings?? Just can't get enough lol :)

  6. Looks like I'm not the only one refreshing constantly. Please post today.