Monday, March 17, 2014

Poppy Leroux Fever

“What does one wear to a dinner party for a semi-famous fashion blogger?”

I drummed my fingers over my mouth and stared into my closet. Kadie stood next to me with her arms folded across her chest.

“How about” She paused as she continued to stare into the closet. “This?” She pulled out a chiffon printed jumper.

I grimaced and pushed it away. “No, that looks like I'm trying too hard.” Kadie rolled her eyes and hung it back.

“How bout this?” She pulled out a black dress with a cut-out back. It was plain and simple, yet cute. “You can dress it up with a statement necklace. It'll look perfect.”

I shrugged my shoulders and took the dress from her. “What about you?”

“I'm thinking a nice fitted top tucked into my silk harem pants. Oh, actually...” Kadie reached into my closet and pulled out a shirt, “This is exactly what I had in mind!” She smiled and jumped onto my bed.

“Kadie!” I shouted after her, “I haven't even worn that yet! You know the rules...” I walked over ready to snatch it from Kadie, but she had a tight grip on the shirt. We'd been stealing clothes from each others closets since the beginning of time. Our only rule was, you can't borrow it if it still has it's tags.

“Come on, Lynn!” She rolled her body away from me so I couldn't reach her. “As a parting gift! Please!”

I sat down on the edge of my bed and sighed. “Fine.” I turned my head around to see Kadie happily ripping the tags off of the shirt. It was a dumb rule we made up just for the sake of having rules. I couldn't care less about it. I was just too emotional about Kadie's departure.

Adam ended up buying the apartment Kadie, Sarah, and I had seen over the weekend. His lease was ending this week, so the two love birds decided to get everything moved in by the coming weekend. Kadie had slowly started moving her things there everyday after work. The only boxes left here were her clothes. Once the weekend rolled around, it would be official.

“I'm gonna go try this on!” Kadie squealed as she jumped off the bed and ran to her room.

“You owe me, Kadie” I yelled after her.

“Sure Lynn, whatever you want!” She laughed before she shut her door.

I quickly changed into my outfit and did a light touch up of makeup. Half an hour later Kadie and I were on our way.

There was a small bar and grill for New York's elite nestled away in the quaint streets of the Upper East Side. Before even meeting her, I could tell this restaurant was Poppy's suggestion.

I pulled out my phone to call Sarah before I saw a guy waving at us.

“Kadie! Lynn! Over here!” It was Jebrone calling us from across the street. Thanks to Henry's infidelity issues, it'd been months since we'd seen him.

“Jebrone! So glad to see you!” Kadie and I both threw up our arms and gave him a hug.

“Like wise” he hugged us back. “Kadie, did I not tell you Adam was a catch, or what?” He smiled and held her with both hands.

“I can't thank you guys enough for introducing him to me. Seriously!” The grin on his face grew and they hugged again.

“Alright, so Sarah, Henry, and Poppy aren't here yet, but everyone else is inside. Come on!” Both Kadie and I wrapped our arms around Jebrone and followed him in.

The place was filled with men in business suits and women too gorgeous to be real. It was a little overwhelming. I've never felt so self-conscious before. I ran my fingers through my hair and pulled at my dress. I could see Kadie readjusting herself from the corner of my eye. I turned towards her and we both exchanged the same what the hell expression.

Jebrone stopped once we approached a substantially round table in the corner of the restaurant. There was a velvet tufted wall that ran behind the table making it a semi private room.

“Lynn, you probably remember some of these faces.” Although Jebrone addressed me, it seemed like he was talking more to the people at the table.

“Right” I nodded towards him. I made quick eye contact with Maxwell and Abigail. They were Sarah and Henry's friends from London. I'd briefly met them at our school's social hour. I wasn't too fond of them since they refused to be welcoming. Henry's personality was more than enough for me to handle, so I never tried to make an effort.

“Of course! How have you been 'Lilly'?” Abigail giggled. I narrowed my eyes and sneered at her before Jebrone got the hint and moved on.

“This is Georgina, Daniel, and Alexi.” He pointed to the three unfamiliar faces at the table. “And this is Lynn and Kadie. They're friends of ours.”

After introductions, Kadie and I sat down at the table in the empty chairs next to Alexi. We chatted with her for a few minutes. She told us how she met Poppy at a run way show in LA a few years ago and they've been friends ever since. “You're going to love her. She's a real life of the party type of person” Alexi chirped. 

Our conversation was interrupted by Sarah, Henry, and Poppy walking in. There was a loud shrieking from everyone as they jumped up from their seats to hug Poppy. Kadie and I were the only ones left at the table. We stood up and slowly walked over to the crowd. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful Poppy was. She had a small heart shaped face. Her hair was light and bouncy. And it was obvious she was related to Henry and Sarah by her eyes, her narrow nose, and thin lips. There was a small shadow casted on either side of her face from her elevated cheekbones.

I stared at her as she hugged all her friends. Each one so excited to see her. She grinned as she spoke. But not a big grin. A faint, subtle, grin. One that looked like she was doing everyone a favor by blessing us with her presence. She seemed like such a bitch, but yet, a small fire of Poppy Leroux fever built inside of me.

Sarah spotted us and walked over, dragging Poppy behind her. “I want you to meet my friends! This is Lynn, she goes to school with me” We both exchanged smiles. I felt my knees weaken. Everything about her was perfect.

“It's a pleasure, Lynn.” Even her voice was soft, angelic, and mesmerizing.

“And this is Kadie. She works at Darlington with mum.” Poppy's eye's fluttered over to examine Kadie.

“Oh, dear!” She pulled her limp hand up to her cheek. “Aunt Eva has told me so much about you!”

“Really?” Kadie shrilled. She tried to play off her excitement by straightening her posture and clearing her throat.

Poppy's eyes quickly looked down and back up. "I love this blouse. So chic" She winked at Kadie. 

Kadie's cheeks grew pink and I elbowed her as Poppy walked away. "Yeah, Kadie. Chic blouse."

“Shall we?” Poppy's hand gently floated above the dinner table. Everyone made their way back to their seats. One by one, the wait staff began taking our orders.

Kadie leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I can't believe she fucking knows me!” it was apparent that she'd caught the fever too. She pulled her phone under the table and began texting away.

Every time Poppy spoke the table would grow silent. Every last ounce of attention was set on her. She told us all about her recent adventures and where she was going next in her career. She had such a charismatic personality. We hadn't even noticed the time passing. It was close to midnight and the restaurant was empty except for our table.

Poppy stood up from her seat and walked over to the bar. It looked like she had known the owner and was thanking him for the night.

Everyone began collecting their things and leaving one by one. Poppy walked back over and bid adieu to her friends.

“Oh shit!” I called after Kadie as we walked outside. She turned around to see what was wrong. “I forgot my coat at the check in.” 

"I'll get a cab for us. Hurry up!" Kadie shouted as I walked back inside.

The coat checker wasn't anywhere to be found. Instead of waiting for him I decided to go behind the desk and grab it myself. I began pulling it on when I heard whispers from behind the bar.

I walked over to see Henry and Poppy doing lines of cocaine.


  1. Disappointing, but not a huge surprise. I never got into the drug scene. mum

  2. Dun dun duuuuuunnnn....

  3. Not really into poppy & not surprised either on the drug scene. Would like to hear more about the upcoming wedding back home & maybe inviting Connor?!

  4. New York, fashion industry, if there wasn't coke I'd be surprised.

  5. My favorite part of this blog was the "no tag" rule. My friends and I have the SAME rule lol. Everything goes except for the things that have a tag on them. We live by it. Nice touch!

  6. Oh damn, I thought we'd have a little Connor/Jaime in this post haha! Can't wait til the wedding :D

  7. First time commenting. I love this blog and yes I voted for it! The addition of the drugs makes it so much more realistic in terms of what people have to deal with and be exposed to nowadays. It will be interesting to see how Lynn handles such a controversial position to be in.

    1. Thanks for the vote! (and comment) Now that the party girl's in town I thought I'd shed a little light on the reality of it. Lynn's in for a ride!

  8. This could explain why Henry was so adamant that Lynn couldn't remain friends with Jamie, maybe he doesn't want Lebrone to know, and Jamie knows about it.