Thursday, June 5, 2014


“Is everything okay?”

Jonah asked as he watched me leave Connor's apartment. I stood with my face against the door as I gently closed it. After everything that happened with Connor that night, and my unexplainable behavior, Jonah was the last person I wanted to see. He had been standing down the hall outside of Dina's doorway. There was a tall olive skinned girl with dark luscious hair standing in front of him. She looked a lot like Dina. Maybe her sister, or cousin.

I sniffled and cleared my throat. “Yeah, I'm fine.” I said in that deep voice you use when everything isn't okay. I collected myself once more before I headed towards the elevator. I could see Jonah in my peripheral watching before he pulled the girl aside and did a slow jog towards me.

“Hey” he said softly as he tugged at my shoulder.

I flinched away. “Really Jonah?” My sharp voice caused him to hold up his hands as he took a step back.

“I just wanted to make sure you're okay. You don't look so good.” His apologetic tone grew quiet.

I covered my face with my hand, shaking it back and forth, before I sighed. “I'm sorry. I don't know what's gotten into me.” I took a deep breath. “I'm fine, really.” I faked a half smile and proceeded to the elevator.

Jonah stood in place for a few seconds before he turned back to Dina's apartment. I pushed the button for the elevator and waited. The girl standing outside walked into the apartment and he followed behind. Just as he was about to close the door, I called for him.

He peeked over the door, questioningly. “I could use some coffee. You wanna join me?” I asked as the elevator door slid open.

“Are you sure?” The look on his face turned into concern. His eyes jolted towards Connor's door.

“Yeah” I nodded my head.”Of course.”

He gestured for me to wait as he grabbed his keys off a nearby table. A few seconds later we were on an awkwardly silent elevator ride down to the main lobby. I knew I needed to talk to Jonah about everything that had been going on, but I didn't know how to bring it up. We continued walking onto the street and down the corner to a tiny little coffee shop. I laughed, on the inside, as I realized it was the same shop I'd spent the night talking to Jonah's sister, Casey.

As we approached the shop, a couple walking down the street stopped Jonah. “Oh my God, honey, that's Jonah Cohen!” The young girl said to her boyfriend. “Congratulations on the show! Do you mind if we get a picture?”

Jonah smiled at them, “Of course not” I watched from the sidelines as the three of them took a selfie.

“You're going to do amazing!” the girl cooned.

“Yeah, we can't wait for the show to start!” Her boyfriend said in equal excitement.

“Thanks, that means a ton!” Jonah said before they walked away.

“So, is this a thing now?” I asked in a whisper.

“I hope not.” He whispered back while holding the door to the coffee shop open for me.

The weather in the City was finally enjoyable, so we ordered our drinks and took a seat outside. “So...” Jonah looked around at the people walking by.

“So...” I responded. Neither one of us knew what to say. “Was that a relative of Dina's I saw?”

Jonah nodded his head. “Her sister. She came by to grab some stuff from Casey.” I knew she looked eerily familiar. Besides a few distinctions they could of been twins.

A moment of silence flooded over our conversation again.

“Is everything okay?” Jonah asked. “I mean, with you and...” his eyebrows twitched. I stared at him for a second before I responded.

“Yeah it's fine.” I shrugged my shoulders “Just a rough patch.” I smiled, sheepishly. “You know how those are.” I said rhetorically, but for some reason Jonah decided to answer.

“No, I don't” He sang back in a slightly joking manner. “I'm sorry for what I said that morning. I feel so stupid. I knew you were with someone and I shouldn't have put that thought in your head. It just slipped.”

“It's fine, really.” I shook my head. “It didn't bother me. I think I was more upset by the way you left. Without explanation.”

Jonah rubbed the back of his neck before he sighed. “I'm not gonna lie. It was kinda hard seeing you with him that night.” His eyes jolted up “Not that I'm not happy for you or anything. It's know...”

“No I don't know...”

“I was just expecting-”

I cut Jonah off abruptly, “You were just expecting what? For me to wait for you?” I waited for Jonah to respond, but he stayed quiet.

“Well you did move on kinda fast” He said in a sarcastic tone under his breath.

“What?” I sat up straight, leaning over the table. “I didn't expect to meet Connor and fall for him the way I did.” I caught myself off guard as I spoke those words out loud. It was verbal confirmation on how I knew I felt, but just needed to hear out loud. “You left without knowing when you'd be back. We gave each other our blessings, Jonah. You can't honestly tell me you're surprised.”

“I was just expecting for things to be normal between us.” His voice was slightly louder, as if to correct me. I slouched back into my chair waiting to hear what he had to say. “Put the romantic aspect of it aside, what we had” His hand gestured between the two of us, “meant everything to me.”

A part of me melted over his words because I felt the same way. No matter where we were going in our lives I always hoped we'd remain friends. There was this connection between us that was unexplainable and on a different level. “Jonah, you'll always be my friend no matter what.” My fingers intertwined one another as I wrapped them around my cup. “I think we just need to figure out how to make this work.”

“It's not the same, Lynn” Jonah shook his head. “I can't treat you the way I did. It's different now.”

“It doesn't have to be.”

“Yeah, and how do you think your boyfriend's going to feel about that?” Jonah mocked my posture and leaned over on the table. “You really think he's going to enjoy you spending time with me?”

“Why wouldn't he?” I squinted my eyes, questioningly. “It's not like you're giving him a reason otherwise.” Trying to lighten the mood, I bite my tongue and smiled, teasing Jonah.

“Oh, ho, okay.” He leaned off the table. “I see how it is.” He stuck out his hand for a shake. “Let's just call it a truce then.”


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  1. I'm not liking her stating she fell for Connor and then just being friends with jonah. Going in a direction I'm not interested in taking haha. Oh well my opinion

  2. New blog :)

  3. All of a sudden this blog is going nowhere. There are so many loose ends dangling without real closure on them. I hope it will pick up during the summer when the author may not be so busy. The conversation between her and Jonah was pretty vague. Also, I didn't interpret Lynn "falling" hard for Connor. He was the rebound after Jonah left. They don't ever seem to have any in-depth conversations about anything in their lives with each other. There seems to be a lot of filler and no meat in the story lately. Also, I would have loved to hear the conversation between Kadie and Eva.

    1. Jonah was correct - she did move on VERY quickly, which says to me she was so sad without him that she needed to replace him. Connor is totally a rebound guy.

    2. I'm sorry you feel that way about the blog. Which loose ends do you feel didn't get closure?

    3. Lynn Lee. I am one of your 'anonymous' readers. I just wanted to warn you to be careful about catering to much to your audience. I love the blog and think you are doing very well. I have followed a few blogs and have seen people crash and burn by trying to please everyone. One week someone will say they don't like one aspect. The following week the writer will do the opposite and then someone else will ask for it to go back to the way it was. I'm sure you know more about this stuff than I do and I know that you want it to be well liked by your audience but I remember in a interview with the woman who created Scandal she said that at first she really tried to cater to get audience but she noticed that what the audience wanted was so basic that the show wasn't growing and developing the way that it should. So keep doing what you're doing. You do it well.

  4. I feel like Lynn's relationship with Conner is more real than her relationship with Jonah. Nothing is perfect in real relationship's. With Conner, they have real life problems and they work at them and through them. With Jonah, it was just a romantic fairy tale. He left before they could have anything real. For all anyone knows, Jonah could turn out to be a completely different person once they really got to know each other. We have all met those people who seem like one person and turn out to be something else.

    Great story!

    1. Thank you! I couldn't have said it better myself..

    2. I certainly don't want or expect a perfect relationship in this story or in my own life. However Lynn and Connor continue to feel more and more like a relationship that IS just because they are both there. I don't think Connor "gets" Lynn, at least not in the way that Jonah did before he had to leave for his job. Even in this conversation today, I see more of a connection between them than anything I've read between Lynn and Connor. It's like she's constantly trying to convince herself she's in the right place. I really hope this isn't the last we see of Jonah.


    3. I wouldn't say Jonah and Lynn's relationship was perfect. I just think they were more comfortable with each other. And like you said, he left before their relationship could really progress. So I don't think it's really fair to judge and say that their relationship wasn't very "real" when you haven't seen much of it to begin with. One partner having to move away for a job happens all the time. That's a real life problem. And ever heard of the "honeymoon phase?" We only got to see Lynn and Jonah together for 2 1/2 months. Lots of couples are exactly like Lynn and Jonah were within those first three months. I actually think it's more real to have that honeymoon phase and then start having to deal with problems, rather than having problems from the very start like Lynn and Connor did.

      I'm not knocking your opinion. I just don't think it's fair to really compare the two relationships like that and say one's more "real" than the other, because we've seen Connor and Lynn together more than we've seen Jonah and Lynn. Again, like you pointed out, Jonah could be a different person OR he could be the same sweet guy he was when him and Lynn were together. We can't really judge until we see them together more.

    4. I might be slightly biased because of a past relationship I had that was constant fighting. It was emotionally draining. I feel like Lynn doesn't feel good enough for Connor and they don't have an easygoing relationship. Jonah and her started off as friends which I think is a much healthier start to a relationship then being strictly f**k buddies. Excited to see where this leads (: Amazing writing to get everyone so emotionally involved ((:

    5. I feel like when you sleep together too soon, part of you is always wondering if what you have is real. And they (Connor and Lynn) DEFINITELY slept together too soon.

    6. For me, I see more of a real connection between Lynna and Jonah, they just fit. With Connor it seems like a constant struggle for a more physical connection. I understand that relationships will always take work, but some people (like my parents for instance) just aren't compatible at all and making it work is exhausting and draining and I see that with Lynn and Connor.

  5. I feel like Lynn and Jonah have more of a connection than her and Connor, but I am warming up to Connor. I'm a little confused those by what was meant by "that morning" and what Jonah had said...

  6. Well I really like Connor so that makes me happy but Idk how Connor will feel about this.. We shall see I guess :-)

    1. I am betting he is going to be PISSED! He said he didn't like that Lynn even wanted to see him and only said he understood her need for "closure". So, when she sees him now, Connor is going to go bat-crazy. Also, if Lynn is so convinced she is over Jonah and they agreed to see other people, why does she even need closure? Who exactly is she trying to convince? Herself, Connor, or Jonah???

  7. In Jonah's defense, he has no idea that this whole Lynn and Connor thing has been brewing since before he even left. (And the only reason that happened was because Lynn was upset Jonah was leaving and decided to drink that one night at the convention and start talking to Connor.) So yeah, Jonah shouldn't have assumed Lynn would wait for him, but I understand why he's shocked that Lynn was able to move on so quickly. Heck, I'm kinda surprised myself considering she told Jonah she loved him and then like a week after, claimed she was falling for Connor. I think, whether Lynn wants to admit it or not, the only reason why Connor caught her attention in the first place, besides his looks, is because he was able to fill that hole and emptiness from Jonah leaving. Lynn was always fine when Jonah was in town or with her, but once Jonah was about leave, it was back to Connor to fill that loneliness. Happened the first time he had to leave for LA and happened again when he came back for Valentine's day.

    - Holly

  8. This is a recipe for disaster