Friday, July 11, 2014

I'll Drink To That

“Why? Why do you have to torture me with work outs?”

I huffed and puffed as I threw a small hand towel around my neck. My knees were slightly bent as I leaned over to catch my breath.

The last week had been a roller coaster of emotions. Even though I was feeling slightly better after my therapy session with Kadie and Jaime, I still found myself getting upset about the smallest things. I could easily experience empowerment, anger, and depression within an hours time.

Kadie, poor Kadie, had taken it upon herself to pick up all my broken pieces and put them back together. She was always finding some excuse to drop by my apartment. Even though she'd say she was coming by to “borrow” a dress, I knew she was just doing it to check up on me. “I know what you're doing, Kadie” I'd roll my eyes at her as she pretended to browse through my closet. “What? Borrowing a dress for dinner?” She would say, trying to play dumb. “This really isn't necessary. I'm fine. I swear!” The truth is, I was lying. Having Kadie around took my mind off of the cycle of emotions.

This morning Kadie decided we should try a new spin class. She found a Groupon and figured it would be something fun and new to try. Of course, I was hesitant. I'm a fairly active person, but physical exercise just isn't my thing. Some how, using her power of persuasion, she convinced me to go any way.

She stood up straight next to me. Her under armour tank and yoga pants accentuated her slender figure. She was drenched in sweat, but still didn't look as exhausted as I did.

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” She walked away with a little pep in her step as she did her best Elle Woods impression. I waddled after her. (damn those cycle seats!)

After a disgustingly healthy lunch we ended up back at Kadie's apartment.

“What do you think Jaime's doing right now?” We were both laying on the couch opposite of each other. She was on her phone scrolling through FaceBook while I perused through the books list on my kindle.

I realized she'd said something a second later, “I don't know. Didn't he say his rotations were ending this week?” I found an interesting book and clicked on it.

Kadie rolled over on her stomach. “Should we see if he wants to do something tonight?”

I had a delayed reaction again. The book I clicked on was about the falling out of a relationship. Too soon. I grimaced as I exited the screen and went back to perusing. “Yeah, why not.”I mumbled.

I found Kadie and Jaime's sudden liking for each other weird for a split second. They never really clicked until our trip to Texas. But, since then she was always referencing his opinion, or wanting to involve him in our plans. Which was great for me since we'd grown so close. I figured to any one else I might have been the same way. Jaime just has that effect on people.

Kadie tapped away on her phone, before she placed it on the coffee table and walked into the kitchen. “Just texted him. Let's see what he says.” She opened the fridge and grabbed one of her homemade fruit infused water bottles. “Maybe we can go to that club he's always talking about. Do you want a strawberry-lemon-raspberry water?” She held up a bottle in her hand as she peaked over the fridge door.

I looked back at her and shook my head. In that moment and I had sudden realization wash over me. Kadie had been doing so much for me and I hadn't even given her the slightest bit of appreciation.

“Kadie, you know I love you, right?”

“Yeah” she said slowly, confused by my random moment. “Of course”

“I mean, seriously. I don't even know where I'd be without you. No, actually I do know, I'd be down in the dumps in a declining vortex of depression. All of this has really been helping!” I put my kindle aside and sat upright, even though my sore body was refusing to. “I'm starting to feel a lot better thanks to you!”

“I just asked you for water. No need to get so sentimental.” She rolled her eyes before flashing a smile. I guess she was going to stick to pretending she wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary.

Kadie's phone vibrated and she walked back over to check it. “He said he's running errands, but he'll meet us at the bar down the street for pre-going-out-drinks” She said as she went back to tapping on her phone.

I laid back down and finally picked a book on my Kindle to read.

We lounged around Kadie's place for the rest of the day until Jaime texted us, a few minutes before sunset, letting us know he was on his way.

It was the first time in a long time that I actually put on proper make up. Kadie insisted she would do it for me since she's now a self proclaimed make up artist. Apparently watching enough YouTube videos qualifies you take the title.

We put on our LBDs and were out the door.

There was a small bar at the end of Kadie's neighborhood that seemed to have a young crowd. It was known for it's atmosphere and it's occasional celebrity sighting.

We shuffled our way in and found an empty table to nestle ourselves in. Kadie began scooping out the place as we waited for Jaime to arrive.

“Ooh, look at your 3 o'clock. What a hunk of a man!” Kadie managed to say with minimum movement from her mouth.

I did a quick glace over, but didn't really take a decent look. She noticed my disinterest and nudged me to play along. “Oh, look over there Lynn! That guy's hot in a sexy nerdy way. What do you think?”

I hesitated at first, but eventually looked over. I squinted my eyes and did a double take. “Daniel?” I whispered to myself.

Kadie was caught off guard. “Huh?” She looked over again.

“You know him?” Kadie asked.

“Daniel!” I said again to myself, reconfirming my suspicion. “Hey and look who else it is!” I stood up from my seat.”Jebrone!” I waved my hand trying to get their attention.

Jebrone, surprised, waved back and made his way over.

“Lynn! Kadie!” He hugged us both before sitting at our table.

“You're here with Daniel, does that mean you signed him to your label?”

“Yeah, he's officially part of the team!” He smiled as we congratulated him.

“Who is this Daniel you keep referencing?” Kadie asked, confused.

“Oh” Jebrone realized Kadie hadn't met him yet. “He's right there” He pointed over and gestured for Daniel to come over. “His band is huge in Europe and I was lucky enough to snatch them up before they make it big here.”

Daniel walked over. “Hey! Lynn, right?” He asked as he leaned in for a hug.

“Yeah, so good to see you again!” I pointed across the table “This our friend, Kadie.”

“Pleasure” Daniel said in his suave English accent as he shook her hand. Kadie's eyebrows raised up as she heard his voice.

“She's the one I was telling you about. The one who's going to open her own PR firm.” Jebrone explained to Daniel.

“Oh, right. That's wicked! You must be excited?” His tall body towered over us as he stood next to the table.

“I can't even begin to explain it.” Her smile grew as she spoke.”I'm so passionate about it. I just have to find the perfect clients.”

We all turned our attention towards the back of the bar as someone began shouting Daniel's name. He put up a finger letting them know he was coming. “Well, good luck. You lot should come out to the gig tonight. It's our last show in the city before we leave for the festival in L.A”

We agreed to come to his show that night before he disappeared into the crowd.

Jebrone turned his attention back to Kadie. “I was going to talk to you about him. I think when you're ready to launch your firm, you should take his band on as a client. Trust me, it'll be a huge move for you both.”

“I don't know. I would have to talk to Adam about it. He's my partner in this whole deal.” Kadie leaned her elbows onto the table.

“That's fine, talk to him. But, trust me, K. I know Adam. He's going to already have a contract signed with them before I can finish telling him their track record.” Kadie and I both laughed at the idea, knowing it was true.

Jebrone stared off into space for a brief second before he threw out another idea. “Actually, you know what?” He mocked her posture and looked right at her. “You should come to this music festival in L.A. There's so many singers and bands that are amazing, but need a PR firm for a push. It's gonna help you build up your company if you were able to sign some clients.”

“Huh” Kadie sat back in her chair and thought about it for a second. “That's actually a pretty good idea.” She leaned back forward into the same position. “What do you think Lynn? Shall we go to L.A?”


  1. Yes they should go to LA! Btw Kadie is totally baller in this post! Loved it!

  2. Love the Legally Blonde reference. I could totally hear it in my head. Off to LA! mum

  3. O...M...G...

    Officially I'm all caught up!

    Can I pls say how much I love this story?! Most blogs I find myself only reading at work, but this one, I have saved on my tablet and desktop at home.

    I am so in love with Jonah. He's smart, witty and from the description, very handsome. And that is what Lynn needs. Someone that she can be herself with that gets her and her crazy sense of humor and sarcastic demeanor. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age (why do I feel like I just aged 10+ years saying that???).

    Anyway, although I do not approve of the way she handled things at a lot of times, especially with Conner, I have to give her credit for her honesty and telling him what happened. I don't like the fact that she jumped to so many irrational conclusions, but she's young and she is going to make mistakes and do stupid things and hopefully learn from them later. I know how it is to speak first and think second. Even now I still have some issues with that and I'm... well past her age. (lol)

    But I'm so happy you're writing and sharing with us. I can't wait for the next post!!!


  4. I love this blog. Hopefully your followers might like mine as much as they love yours!

  5. Interesting post today! Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Daniel might have a thing for Lynn.?.?.

  6. Yes go to LA, can't wait to see what happens and I think Daniel has the hots for Lynn!!

  7. I'm not sure quite yet what i think of daniel. He definitely has an attraction to lynn, though. Great post, as usual!