Thursday, May 22, 2014

That Awkward Moment

“Hey, baby.”

Connor smiled as he rolled over, stretching his arms in the air, before wrapping them around me. It was Friday morning and I stayed the night over at his place. We laid chest to chest with our legs intertwined. I was praying to God I looked as beautiful as he did in the morning. I kept rubbing under my eyes to make sure my mascara, that I was too lazy to take off the night before, didn't smudge all over my face. Why do guys have it so much easier?

“Hi” I lowly whispered back. “You're up early.” I peeked over Connor's shoulder to see the dark sky outside. There wasn't a sign of a sun rise. I relaxed, knowing I had plenty of time to get ready before class started. Connor on the other hand had the day off.

“Internal alarm clock, I guess.” He leaned his head down to give me a kiss. Just as he was near my lips I turned my face away. “What's the matter?” His brows furrowed in concern.

I laughed embarrassingly as I pushed myself away from him. “I feel gross. I haven't even brushed my teeth yet.” I jumped out of bed and almost stumbled over as I looked back at Connor. He was laying on his back with both his hands behind his head. His body, as perfect as a Greek god's, was peeking through the sheet he was wrapped around in.

He caught me doing a scan of the scene I was missing out on. “Come on, you know you want to.” He gestured for me to lay back down. For every second I stood silently debating, he slowly pulled the sheet exposing more and more of his abs.

“Ooh, you're so evil” I playfully teased him. “But, you're underestimating my will power!” I smiled and turned back towards the bathroom.

After I'd showered and gotten ready I went into the kitchen to find Connor making breakfast. He had his cell phone lodged between his shoulder and ear. “Alright, ma” His accent was more prevalent when he talked to his family and friends back in Boston. “I love you, too” I smiled at how adorable he sounded.

“Hey, look at me, I'm from Bahs-tan” I teased Connor with my impersonation of his accent.

“I do not sound like that” He smiled as he spoke without the accent knowing he was guilty. He handed me my plate and we both sat at the breakfast table. If there were one thing about Connor, he really did a great job at spoiling me. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd gained weight since we'd gotten together.

“That was too good for words” I took both of our plates to the sink once we were finished eating. Connor followed behind. I put the dishes away and turned towards him to give him a kiss. We stood with our arms wrapped around each other, staring into each other's eyes.

“I'm so glad I met you” Connor whispered as he broke the silence. We kissed again before we ended in a long hug.

“Shit!” I looked over at the time. “I've gotta go!” I picked up my bags, said goodbye and headed out the door.

I pressed the down button on the elevator, but it was taking too long. I debated on taking the stairs, but I could already envision myself gasping for air by the time I'd gotten to the bottom. So, I waited instead. A few seconds later the elevator dinged, letting me know it was ready. I began walking to the door as they slid open.

Once I was inside I heard someone running to catch the door before it closed. “Wait!” The familiar voice called out. I pressed the button to allow the door to open again. I couldn't quiet put a face to the voice, but I knew I'd heard it before.

I stood in shock as the doors had finally opened and revealed Jonah standing there. He was dressed in a button down shirt tucked into slacks with his suit jacket folded in his hands. We stared at each other, without saying a word, until the door began closing again. He stopped the door with his hand and walked in.

“Lynn!” He smiled, snapping back to reality. “What are you doing here?”

I smiled nervously. We still hadn't gotten a chance to talk, so bringing up Connor just felt awkward. “I, uh...”

“Did you move here?” He asked, trying to finish my words for me. I shook my head. Jonah had gotten the hint and laughed, “Oh, your boyfriend lives here.”

“Yeah” I looked at the elevator screen displaying the floor number we were passing. I could have sworn it was going slower than usual. “Wait, why are you here?” I turned towards Jonah questioningly.

“I didn't tell you? I sold my apartment.”

“What?” I was surprised he would get rid of such a nice place.

“Yeah, I guess it was too big for just one person. I might have been a little gluttonous when I bought it.” He smiled.

“...So you moved here?” I asked, trying to figure out why we were sharing an elevator.

“No, no, sorry. Dina's out of town on vacation, so Casey's house sitting. I've been staying with her until I find a new place.” I'd forgotten Jonah's sister's best friend and business partner lived on the same floor as Connor. I saw his eyes check the elevator screen quickly as he nervously spoke. “Probably should have done that before I moved back, but I wasn't planning on coming back so soon.” His hand rubbed the back of his neck.

There was a silent sigh of relief between the both of us as the elevator finally opened to the main floor. We walked out onto the street where the awkward silence followed us. There was so much we had to talk about, but neither one of us knew where to begin.

“Hey, so...” Jonah said at the same time I had started talking. We both laughed. “You first” we said at the same time again. “So...” Jonah managed to continue, “about the other night. My friend had put the whole dinner together. I told him to reach out to you, but I talked to him and I guess he'd forgotten.”

“No worries” I smiled. It made sense now why I didn't know. “But, why didn't you tell me you were coming into town?” Jonah looked around trying to figure out what to say. “I thought we were good enough friends...”

“I wanted to surprise you” His voice was louder than mine as he cut me off. “I came so soon because I wanted to surprise you. But I didn't know you were...” He stopped talking when he finally looked at me.

I was at a lost for words. I could tell by the expression on his face that he'd felt bad for revealing his secret. He rubbed his forehead as a black sedan pulled up to the curb. He looked at me again before he got in. “Bye, Lynn.” He shut the door behind him and the car drove off.


  1. So I guess it is safe to say that the author is partial to Connor, hence his complete personality reversal. Apparently he won't be going away anytime soon. This felt like a filler post based on the comments section of the last post.

    1. It's funny you said that because I felt the same way. I had actually written this before the last post had been posted. When I did post on tuesday, I was surprised everyone said what they did. I guess it worked out perfectly though, huh?

      As for being partial to Connor, I don't believe that I am. His complete personality reversal wasn't random. It goes back to the first big fight Lynn and Conner had. They've been trying to work through their issues since. They even went away for a weekend to connect. His character has only been developing in a positive way since then. Change comes over time, and I feel like you will see it gradually rather than suddenly. But, I have to say, some of the funniest comments are the ones that say Connor 's good deeds have malice behind them LOL

  2. I understand what you are saying in regards to Connor, but he does seem like he has had a complete personality reversal. He doesn't seem like he has evolved through time, he seems like a different person too quickly. People don't let all their insecurities go completely away that quickly. And men who have jealous tendencies and control issues don't just blow off an ex-boyfriend who was pretty significant to Lynn without any issues. Readers think that Connors actions have a hidden agenda because they always did before and his recent behavior seems just too good to be true.

    1. I agree completely. I think Connor has something up his sleeve. As for Jonah, I just love him & this post broke my heart a little. I hope Lynn reconsiders sticking with Connor. She & Jonah were perfect for each other. There was a spark that is not there with Connor. They only connect physically.

    2. I'm loving hearing everyone's perspective on this! I don't want to give anything away, but you can expect a post in regards to how Connor is dealing with the situation soon...ish. I have a few posts written and ready for the presses, just need to figure out the timing :)

  3. I like Connor I don't like Jonah so I'm hoping Connor sticks around :)

  4. Everyone always has their favorite characters and are partial to their own opinions about how the storyline should flow. However, this is Lynn Lee's story! The author is fantastic at keeping her posts creative and realistic . We as readers are so immersed in LL's story that we come back week after week, so who are we to dictate to the author how she should write it? Human nature is fickle, and only the author knows what is going on behind the character. That being said, I do love hearing everyone's thoughts on what is going to happen! Can't wait for next Tuesday!

  5. I'm in Lagos, Nigeria. This is my first time commenting but I had to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. I like Connor but Lynn needs to bang him more often or have an affair. I need to read about some sex! Lol! Ps I found this blog through lovesexpizza

  6. I really like Connor, I feel he is really trying to change for Lynn. I found it a bit amusing that some would think Connor has bad intentions when even the author has laughed at those idea. I think the author is definitely showing the conflict one has within themselves, Lynn doesn't seem to have been using Connor as a filler boyfriend since Jonah was gone, she seems to be a better person than that: again this is just my interpretation.
    I like Jonah, but he left and didn't even try staying in contact with Lynn, whether Connor is good for her or not, she shouldn't have to go back with Jonah just because he's there... there are other options.
    Can't wait to read what happens next!

  7. Urghh. I feel bad for jonah. People can have their opinions but I don't like her and Connor together. Let's get it over with and bring her (obviously this might take time) back to jonah

  8. I never felt like Connor was THAT bad. Especially considering how him and Lynn first started out. I feel as though some people forget that. And they had a few bumpy situations that would make anyone a little testy. But I never seen him as a truly bad guy.

  9. I don't really see how Connor is being favored. Jonah was the "perfect" guy, and she brought him back into the story for a reason. Give it all some time to play out.

  10. You can do whatever you want (JUST STATING THE OBVIOUS.) I really like the "reversal" and I don't see it as such. I just saw this as a great post and well sh*t happens, life gets in the way and you can't predict when the past might come back...

  11. I love connor and I reakky see that his character is evolving into a nicer guy _ He really likes Lynn and wants to make her happy hence his trying to better himself.... Btw im with a guy who was really possessive at first but as we got to know each other better, that changed completely so I dont know why a lot of you think that a possessive/ jealous guy will stay that way/ have a hard time controlling that possessiveness. Anyways I really like Connor's character because he feels more real.

  12. I really like Conner cause it gives us the good & the bad with his character & how he is trying to be a better guy for Lynn! && that's what actually happens in real life & more real! Anyways love you blog ! :)

  13. I personally have rooted for Connor over Jonah since the beginning. I'm liking this personality change! Keep it up!


  14. I think people are overanalyzing Connor. He has insecurities, who doesn't. I think a lot of people here like Jonah because on the surface, he seems like a great guy. People are so easy to write off Connor because he was uncomfortable with Lynn having a guy he doesn't know well in his apartment alone with wine. Tell me you wouldn't feel weird. At least Connor tries, unlike Jonah who believes he can pick up with Lynn anytime he wants. He knew he was going to be back in the city so why didn't he contact her? His last comment to her was just vicious and cruel. He wants to keep her hanging.

  15. I agree totally Tran. No one seems to notice the flaws in perfect Jonah. He drops Lynn like a hot potatoe for his job & I don't recall him calling Lynn or making special effort to see her after he moved. He asks his 'friend' to contact her (does he not have the time) & then he's surprised she has a boyfriend. Jonah just assumes she'll still be available. He has made no effort in the meantime.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Connor catches the two of them in the elevator or the hall & he goes balastic about Jonah staying in the same bldg -not that either can help it. Lynn might think the same if the shoes were reversed. In fact I recall her going nuts over a photo. She didn't even meet up w the chic in the restaurant like Connor did. I'd like to see Lynn in the same spot as Connor & maybe that would help her get it straight who she really wants & why? I see Connor as a real male that actively keeps working (though not perfect) on improving himself.
    I realize past relationships can resurface but you need to recall and weigh the reasons why those relationships ended.
    Thanks for the post!

    1. They mutually agreed that it wouldn't work long distance. Dropped her like a hot potato? I'm surprised she has a boyfriend too. LOL

  16. I like Connor!! I don't think she needs to go back with Jonah he dropped her so fast and left for LA without telling he her he was even going.. Can't wait to see what happens!!

    1. I'm not certain what you mean by "without telling her he was going"? The entire post about her accidentally double-booking herself for dinner with Connor and Jonah was them saying good bye to one another before he left for LA - where the studio moved the show he writes for. They agreed that they were ending things mutually because they didn't see how it could work cross-country. And then he found the opportunity to come back and be near her again. I can't wait to see what happens either.

    2. If you go back I believe that she saw a text on his phone or something he didn't actually come out and say hey I have been asked to move to LA!!!