Thursday, October 23, 2014

Closet Confessionals

It was Thursday night when I finally decided to go over to Kadie's place. Just earlier this week I witnessed Poppy and Jebrone walking out of her office building. They were smiling, laughing, and talking like Jebrone and Kadie were the best of friends with Poppy. I was in complete shock. Kadie was always the type of person who did what she needed to do to get ahead, a true hustler. But, with Adam in the picture now I couldn't believe she'd went behind his back to meet with her.

I was watching from a distance when Priyal, Jonah's assistant, had given me a call. I was so distracted that I hadn't seen Kadie catch a cab and drive away. I'd only realized it when I went up to her office and saw that it was locked.

I could have called her to figure out what was going on, but this was one of those conversations that needed to happen in person. You know, so you can catch the person in question making their “lying” face.

“Lynn!” Kadie squealed as she opened her front door. She had two glass tumblers in her hand and passed me one. “You came just in time! Adam's making his special drinks.”

I grabbed the tumbler from her hand, “What's so special about it?” I asked him as I walked into their apartment.

“I don't know, we're trying to figure that out.” He said as he looked at a bottle of vodka, shrugged his shoulders, and poured it into a mixer.

“Hey, so, Kadie...” I tried to get her attention as I shimmied out of my jacket. I threw it over the couch handle and walked back to the kitchen.

Kadie turned around and looked at me. “What's up?”

Adam was distracted by the concoction he was making. “What ever happened with the Poppy thing? Did you decide to go through with it?” Adam furrowed his brows and looked over at me.

Kadie leaned off her elbows nervously and pretended she was checking on dinner.

“Of course we didn't go through with it.” Adam huffed. He put down the bottle and glass in his hand. “You were there when it happened...”

“You're right!” I faked a smile and looked at him. He shook his head and went back to doing whatever he was doing. “I've been so busy lately, you know, with school and everything. I was actually coming by your office Monday night to see you.”

“Why didn't you stop by?” Kadie spoke with her back turned to me. I saw her elbow moving around as she stirred a pot of soup.

“I did” I pulled out a bar stool and sat down. “I missed you by a few seconds. You were leaving the building with Jebrone and...” I lingered on my words. I wasn't going to out Kadie in front of Adam, but I needed to scare her enough to know that I knew.

“Oh!” She shouted to cut me off before I could say anymore. “Yeah, Jebrone stopped by to talk business.”

“You didn't tell me Jebrone came by” Adam looked up again. He confidently took a sip of the drink he'd been making and cringed. He grew tired of trying and decided to put the bottles of alcohol away. “You should have called me, I would have came over to talk.”

“It's okay, babe. We were just reviewing numbers and making sure things were running smoothly.”

Adam looked back down for a second. Kadie's eyes quickly shot towards me. She gave me a look while curling in her lips threateningly. I widened my eyes and looked back at her as if to pressure a response.

“Hey Lynn, I have this dress in my closet and I can't, for the life of me, figure out where I got it from. I think it might be one I stole from you a while ago. You want to check?”


“Come one” She gestured as she walked away. “Be right back, honey.”

I followed Kadie as we walked through her bathroom and into her walk-in closet. She peeked around the corner before she slightly shut the door.

“What did you see?” She whispered aggressively.

“Why the hell are you and Jebrone hanging out with Poppy Leroux? Haven't you learned anything?” I whispered back. “Don't you understand that you're literally making a deal with the devil? It isn't worth it! And what about Adam, he's going to be devastated when he finds out.”

“Which is why you're not going to say anything” She stared at me before she continued. “I'm not signing Poppy to the firm. Jebrone and I are trying to make a united front. We're making Poppy believe that we're cutting her a “secret” deal as a way for her to come in and out of our office. Every time she does Jebrone is going to call the paparazzi so they can wait for her outside my office. Boom. Instant exposure.”

I shook my head disagreeing with her idea.

“Look, I'm going to tell Adam soon. Stop making me feel bad.”

“Why would I make you feel bad about going behind your boyfriend's back to work with his psychotic stalker when he asked you specifically not to?”

We both turned our heads to the door when we heard Adam's voice.

Kadie swung the door open and we walked back out to the living room. “If it's not your dress, I don't know whose it could be?”

Adam pulled out some plates and set them on the table. “How's school been going, Lynn?”

“It's a little rough this year. Not to mention Connor's my new mentor” I let out a heavy, aggravated sigh.

“What?” Both Adam and Kadie stopped what they were doing.


“Well, apparently the mentor my group was suppose to have dropped out last minute and Connor just happened to be his replacement.”

Adam and Kadie stood still as I continued setting the table.

“You can't possibly be okay with this?” Adam asked.

“I'm not.” I shrugged my shoulder. “But, I tried talking to the professor. There isn't much he can do. Every mentor can only have 5 students and right now every one of them is at full capacity. I can't even dropped out of the assignment because it's a major grade.”

“So, that's it? That douche lord is going to determine your fate?” Kadie angrily asked.

“He can't fail me. My professor said if there's any questionable judgments or grades on Connor's behalf, that he'd have a talk with him. Besides, as career minded as Connor is, I don't think he would jeopardize his professional relationship with another physician just to get back at me...right?” I asked reassuringly as I looked around hoping they'd agree with me.

“You're awfully calm about this.” Adam and Kadie continued to stare at me in disbelief as we sat down to eat.

“I've had the last three days of throwing a constant fit in my head. But, I've realized that maybe working with him will give us the closure we need.”

“How does Jonah feel about the whole situation?” Adam asked.

“Well, that's the thing” I curled my lips in from fear. “He doesn't know yet...”


  1. Loved this post! I think the Poppy issue is going to turn into a big problem soon. How is Adam not going to find out about it when all the paparazzi show up??

  2. Don't get ne wrong, Im 100% against what kadie is doing but did lynn realise how hypocritical she sounded saying that jonah doesn't know yet about connor being her mentor. I know its on a different scale but still..

  3. How upset could Jonah really get though? He knows they work in the same field so it's just professional. Plus Lynn has chosen Jonah every single time.

  4. She needs to tell Jonah herself before sorting out Kadie's life.
    Also I think Kadies idea is quite bad, Poppy will probably take revenge if she finds out. Can't wait for the next post. X

  5. Ya I can't see Jonah getting too upset, he is very level headed and understanding and it's not like it was in her control
    Hoping Poppy doesn't find out what Kadie is doing and turn the tables on her!