Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Beginnings

“How has my favorite couple been?”

Kadie, Adam, and I stood on the sidewalk outside of Kadie's office building. Poppy had just gotten out of the backseat of a blackout sedan. She wore an oversized floppy hat and sunglasses that covered half her face, obviously trying to hid from the media.

“Poppy, I told you if you didn't stay the fuck out of our lives I would have you deported.” Adam stood with his shoulder slightly blocking Kadie. “I'm giving you one last chance to get the hell back in your car and leave.”

“Oh, Adam.” Poppy laughed as she took off her sunglasses and folded them. She wasn't wearing an ounce of makeup and yet, as much as it pains me to admit this, she still looked flawless. “Enough with the hostile language already.”

“What do you want Poppy? Why are you here?” Kadie barked. Her once peppy attitude was turned into annoyance.

Adam held out his arm gesturing for Kadie to back away.

Poppy's eyes looked down at Adam's arm and back up towards them. “Well, I'm not going to bite for God's sakes!”

Adam mumbled under his breath. “Wouldn't be surprised if you did.”

She looked over from Adam to Kadie and smiled. It was like one of those creepy smiles that movie villains always seem to have. It was so wicked, just the sight of it gave me chills. “I believe congratulations are in order.” Adam and Kadie's faces were stone cold. “Well, are we going to stay out here or go in for our meeting?”

The four of us stood in silence.

“Cut to the chase already, Poppy.” Adam rolled his eyes. “No one's buying this act of yours. You're failing at it miserably, by the way.”

“I knew you'd say that” She quickly fired back. “I knew you wouldn't believe that going to rehab would change me. But, it has Adam. I'm a different person. I'm not the drug crushing, sex crazed, egomaniac I once was.”

Bullshit” I mumbled from the sidelines. Poppy eyes shot to me for a brief second before she continued.

“I wanted fame for all the wrong reasons, but I've realized that I abused the power of the platform I was given. I'm starting over, I have to! People don't last long in the fashion world. I need to build my empire if I want to survive.” She spoke so fast in her British accent it almost sounded like another language. “Going through withdrawal and staying clean gave me a lot of time to think. I used that energy to figure out a way I can brand myself. I've already come up with designs for clothing and jewelry and handbags and I'm sure soon enough I'll be able to set up shops worldwide. I just need an outlet to shine some positive light.”

“And you think we're going to do that for you?” Adam laughed loudly and Kadie joined in. “You've got to be fucking kidding me!”

“She's up to no good, Adam. Let's just go, we're wasting our time.” Kadie pulled at his arm and gestured for me to follow.

“I can help you!” Poppy shouted after them.

“Why would you want to help us?” Kadie asked.

Adam pulled at her hand. “She's not helping anyone, but herself.”

The three of us began walking away when Poppy jutted out onto the sidewalk and shut the car door behind her. “Imagine all the exposure your company will get.” She shouted loud enough to get Kadie's attention. She turned around and looked at Poppy, waiting for her to finish. “Imagine all the clients that will be begging for you to sign them once they see how you've turned around a pill popping party girl into the next Tory Burch.”

“Why is this our problem? Why isn't your dear Aunt Eva helping you?” Kadie snapped. She was still upset about losing her dream job with Darlington.

“Unfortunately, my Auntie only agreed to continue representing me if I stayed the full allotted time in rehab. I believe I'm a better person now and I'm eager to start my turn around. But, since I didn't finish my time, she doesn't trust me. I can't blame her, I did light the match that burnt that bridge.” For the first time there was a glimpse of emotion that briefly flashed across Poppy's face.

Kadie sighed and looked at Adam. He furrowed his brows and gave her a look. “What? Don't tell me you believe her!?” He held onto both her shoulders and bent down to eye level. “This is what she does, Kadie. She puts up a bullshit act to get people on her side and then fucks them up!”

“You can't honestly tell me you're falling for this, K.” I folded my arms and stared at her.

Kadie was one of those people that easily forgives and forgets. That had been the case our whole childhood. Luckily, she was also easily persuaded. So, I was constantly having to explain to her why some people weren't as trustworthy as others.

But, in this moment I could tell that the more Poppy was talking the more Kadie was losing sight of the past.

Poppy knew she was reeling Kadie in. “I know all the in's of the business. Designers send me invitations to their shows, I have hundreds and thousands of Instagram followers, I party with celebrities, Kadie. I know who the next big model is going to be. I can get these girls to sign with your company.” She spoke gently like the tiny little devil that sits on your shoulder. Even though Kadie wasn't looking at Poppy, her ears were still perked towards her. “Without me, you're going to be losing talents to Darlington. I mean who's going to want to sign with a company no one's ever heard of before when they can go across town and sign with a prestigious, internationally well-known company?”

“How do I know you're not going to screw me over?” Kadie asked.

Adam held onto his forehead and looked over at me. “Oh my God! What the fuck is going on?”

“Adam, just chill out for a second!” Kadie snapped at him. She was too far gone. She was eating every word Poppy was throwing her way.

“There's no incentive for me to screw you over. You literally have nothing right now.” Poppy shrugged her shoulder.

Kadie stared at Poppy for a second before she pulled me and Adam aside. We huddled into a circle.

“You've lost your fucking mind, Kadie!” I whispered loud enough to express my anger.

“You can't say anything. Legally, you can't, Kadie, not without my consent. I'm your partner in this, 50/50. And my vote is abso-fucking-lutely not.” Adam's right fist tapped the inside of his left palm as he spoke.

“Okay, can you guys just put away your damn judgments for, like, one minute, please?!” Kadie looked over Adam's shoulder for a quick second to make sure Poppy couldn't hear anything. She stood leaning against the car, staring down the street and then at her phone. “Is she a psycho bitch?”

Adam and I answered Kadie's question before she could. “YES!”

Kadie furrowed her brows as we interrupted her, and then continued, “Yes, she is. Has she changed? Who knows. But, is she making a valid point? I believe so.”

“There's so many better ways of having your company take off, baby. Trust me, I've come from a family of men who have successfully created and sold companies. I know it takes time. You can't just start it and expect it to take off. It's an organic process. You have you give it time to grow naturally.”

“How will I ever be as big, or bigger than, Darlington if I don't push the envelope?”

“Don't make any rash decisions. You're going to regret it.” I sighed in defeat. There was no stopping Kadie now. She had already made up her mind.

Poppy leaned off the car and took a step forward, “Well, what's it going to be ladies? Are we in this together, or not?”


  1. Kadie is an idiot and I hope Poppy puts her through hell. Say goodbye to Adam

  2. Nooooooo!!! What a great post, I was slowly dying until the end. Kadie needs to be really fucked up to learn how to say no to people like this. Unless you've been fucked over before, it's kind of hard to say no.

  3. She is going to regret that decision and probably end up worse off. If she was really changed she would have stayed the full time at rehab and gone back to her aunt...who is bigger than adam and Katie right now anyway. She's just causing trouble. If she had really changed she wouldn't have been so hostile towards them. I will have no sympathy for Katie when this hits the fan and she has to face the consequences.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Poppy called Katie a bitch!

  4. This storyline seems like something that could be straight out Gossip Girl! Lol Poppy could definitely qualify as like the Georgina of this blog.

    I agree with everyone else. Kadie is making a huge mistake. I do understand why it sounds so appealing to her, though. Nonetheless, it's not worth it to work with Poppy. I have a feeling this is something that's definitely going to drive a wedge between her and Adam, but I really don't want anything to happen with them. I like them together!

    - Holly

  5. Isn't Adam the one who turned Poppy into the authorities and set her up to be arrested? I am sure there will be some kind of conflict of interest that should prevent Kadie from taking her on as a client. If I were Lynn, I would start taking pictures and posting the crap out of them showing how desperate Poppy is to try to sign with Kadie after she got her fired. Celebrity gossip boosts business too!!

  6. I see it differently. This might not be a bad thing if they do it right. Huge #1 there needs to be some serious provisions in her contract.

  7. Lol agreed with anon who compared to Gossip Girl! Love your writing, every post is so drama filled!!
    Ugh I hope Kadie doesn't fall for Poppy's B.S she's so manipulative!