Monday, January 26, 2015

Get Home, Stay Home

“Classes for the rest of the evening are canceled!”

Our dean walked into the classroom speaking loud and clear making sure everyone in the auditorium could hear. We'd been on alert all morning that a blizzard was whizzing it's way through the city. The snow had just started this morning, but it was still too early to tell if anything would come of it. I guess the school was just being cautious.

“Make sure you have enough food and blankets to last you. Once you get home, stay home!” The sound of his voice was being drowned out by the noise of everyone packing up their things. “We will be sending out an email to inform you when it is safe to resume classes. Stay safe!” He waved his hand in air and walked out of the room.

I gave Henry a frightened look. I'd never experienced a snow storm before and it was obvious. Henry on the other hand looked relieved that classes were canceled.

“How are you not panicking?” I asked as I shut down my laptop and stuck it in my tote bag.

Henry rolled his eyes. “The news always over does it. It's just a little snow.”

“Have to agree with Harry” Sarah looked just as thrilled that class was out. “The last few times schools in the city were canceled, it ended up being nothing but a glorified vacation.”

“Really?” I wanted to believe them, but something was telling me to listen to the dean.

“Really.” Henry confirmed. “I say we use this off day wisely.”

“I agree.” Sarah added. “Lunch?”

I shrugged, “I guess if I have enough time to get home then, why not?”

I went against my gut feeling and joined Sarah and Henry instead. We were at our favorite Italian shop when Kadie had given me a call. Jebrone had just dropped off the key to the loft where Kadie was planning on having her wedding. Since he had so many industry parties he was familiar with the best venues in the city. So, when news broke about Kadie's wedding Jebrone had offered his “hook-up” as a wedding present.

By the time we were done with lunch there was only a couple of inches of snow on the ground and a few flurries floating around. Maybe Henry and Sarah were right. Maybe the school was just being cautious. There was nothing to really worry about.

I headed on my way to the address Kadie had texted me. It wasn't too far from her office. Just a few blocks over on Central Park West.

“This is...” My mouth dropped opened as Kadie and I walked out of the elevator and into the loft. “Beautiful!”

The room was completely empty with concrete floors, high ceilings, and white pillars. There were windows on all four sides of the room.

“I feel like I'm in a snow globe!” Kadie shrieked as she looked out the window. She turned around to face me. “So, we're thinking of having the ceremony here” She pointed to an area behind her. “The aisle will go down there."

“What about the reception?” I asked. The room was large enough for a ceremony, but not for both.

“Oh” Kadie shrugged “We're gonna have a social hour down in the lobby while the decorators turn the room around for the reception.”

“You got so lucky with this place, you know that?” I looked around the room again admiring the view of the city and Central Park.

“I know” Kadie smiled as she thought to herself. “Everything's been falling in our favor.” She pulled out a binder from her bag “You're not in a hurry are you? I wanted to show you some of the designs, it'll put this place into perspective.”

“I guess I have time” I said as I noticed the snow slowing down.

“Great!” Kadie sat down on the floor and I joined her. It wasn't an ideal situation, the floor was hard and freezing, but the lack of seating in the empty room wasn't helping.

“The tables are gonna have this cover with this runner” She pointed to swatches of fabric attached to a piece of paper. We went through every page of her book. If my phone hadn't vibrated I never would have noticed the time. We'd spent almost an hour and a half going through Kadie's design book.

“It's Jon” I rubbed my forehead as I looked down at my phone. “He's wondering where I am.” I frantically texted him back. “I didn't realize the time passing.”

“Oh” Kadie was just as shocked as she looked down at the time. “I didn't notice it either. We should probably get going.” I helped her as she picked up her things and packed them away. “How's the living situation going by the way?”

I shrugged “We're figuring it out slowly, but surely.”

“Good! Just seems a little weird, am I right?” She said as she laughed to herself.

“Weird?” I was confused “What do you mean weird?”

“Oh, you know, the fact that you two aren't serious yet you're living together.” She looked at me as if it were a joke and I should laugh with her.

“We are serious. Why else would we move in together?” I shook my head. “Why would you think that?”

“Come on, Lynn. We both know he's probably not going to pop the question any time soon.” I hissed as I gave her a dirty look. Kadie quickly explained herself. “I mean he's young and the star of his own late night show. He's the big boy on campus. He's not going to settle down while he's in his prime. Besides, it's not like you'd say yes”

“Why would I not say yes?” I was quickly growing irritated. “Jonah loves me. He doesn't care about any of that stuff!”

“I'm just saying!” Kadie pumped her hands gesturing for me to calm down. “If marriage was on your mind you wouldn't have been so quick to leave Josh behind.”

My mouth dropped. I couldn't believe Kadie was bringing him up. “Josh? Are you serious right now, K??” I tossed the file folder in my hand onto the floor and stormed to the elevator. “I left Josh because I couldn't see myself happy if I did end up staying with him. You should know better than to think it was a commitment issue.” I kept pushing the down button until the light finally lit up.

I tried closing the doors, but Kadie had picked up her file folder and ran in just in time.

“Josh wasn't even that bad of a guy”

I slowly turned towards Kadie. “What's your problem? Why are you suddenly defending him?”

“I'm not!” Kadie yelled back. “I've known the guy my whole life. I'm sorry if I stick up for him every now and then.”

“No! You shouldn't! I'm your best friend, I'm your maid of honor, I've been there for you since day one! You should be sticking up for me!” The doors for the elevators finally opened to the lobby and I walked out.

I didn't get too far. There was a pile of snow blocking the glass doors. It had rapidly accumulated in the last couple of hours. In fact the weather had completely turned around. Snow was quickly falling as gusts of wind blew through the streets which were now barely visible.

Both mine and Kadie's phone vibrated. I looked down to see an alert.

Winter Weather Advisory: Extreme weather conditions. Stay indoors.


  1. Ugh... Just when you thought kadie was starting to redeem herself she goes and does it again... She has no respect for Lynn or her relationship.

  2. Lol love the blizzard scenario because you put some of the real life situation into this story. I'm from New Jersey so I can relate although we haven't been hit bad where I'm from but it must be worse in NY

  3. I just dont know y Kadie continues on her high horse. If she could remember she wasnt engaged to Adam before she moved in w/him. Had Lynn had said this to her during that time Kadie wouldve lost it on her. Personnaly i wouldve brave a blizzard to get out of that building w/Kadie. How better yet y are they best friends again its like moving to New York & being engaged has gone to her head. I bet if Lynn tells Jonah he's gonna be done trying to deal w/Kadie maybe be cordial for Lynn but thats it she cant expect him to deal w/her being so condsecending about their relationship all the time.

  4. Kadie... really?

    Being serious with someone does not always equate to engagement, or marriage, especially at Lynn and Jonah's ages/levels of career development/etc.

  5. I don't like how the author turned Kadie into a bitch when she used to be a normal, nice friend.

  6. yea they use to be inseparable and now she writes kadie as the psycho friend. what is going on?

  7. Kadie is so jealous of Lynn. lol That is the problem.

  8. Yeah it is kinda odd.. All of a sudden K becomes this crazy friend.

  9. I disagree! Kadie has been condescending and judgmental of Lynn's choices from Day 1, it's just less noticeable when she's happy. It's definitely flared up a lot post-Poppy and this is a really good example of when her snottiness comes up. That being said, no one is perfect and I'm sure Lynn has learned how to tolerate Kadie's condescending nature by writing it off as a quirk over the years... Kadie has been a good friend but definitely embraces the "holier than thou" thing a bit too much.

  10. this was great! but lol the snow in nyc wasn't bad at all