Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Friday's no good. I'm helping K with the flower arrangements, remember? How bout Saturday night?

I strummed my fingers on my chin as I waited for Jonah's text. Sarah, Henry, and I were sitting in the library going over notes.

Texting always made me anxious. Why couldn't people respond as fast as I did? I looked away from the screen to take my mind off of it. There was a window where we sat which over looked the latter of Central Park. Snowflakes fluttered around just barely surviving as they landed.

I looked down at my phone again.

I have an appearance for work Saturday night. Sunday?

I sighed as I read Jonah's text. It was past frustrating and just plain exhausting. I was starting to think we were cursed. We finally moved in together and now we'd never see each other again!

Sunday's the last weekend day before K's wedding. We have so much to do then.

Are we really turning into 'that' couple?

Please, don't make me feel even worse than I already do

I buried my head under my arms. I felt Sarah poke me with her pencil, but I ignored it.

My phone vibrated. I jolted up to check Jonah's text.

I'm staring out my office window. It's snowing and there's people ice skating. Why is life so unfair? What did these people do right that I didn't?

I smirked. Just by reading his words I knew he was being sarcastic. It was his way of trying to make me feel better. I have to admit his sense of humor always did the trick.

I guess we'll never be royals. It don't run in our blood.

I typed out the lyrics to Lorde's song hoping Jonah would get the joke. It'd been a few minutes, but he finally responded.

That kind of luxe just ain't for us...

My smile grew. He never let's me down! I put my phone away and continued skimming through my text book. Henry and Sarah both peeked up from their books. Henry was about to say something, but stopped himself. “Never mind” He mumbled and went back to reading.

I sighed and rested my head on my fist. I stared at a picture of human organs, but it was the last thing I could see. All I could think about was how nice it'd be to ice skate at Rockefeller center while the snow kissed our skin.

And then it occurred to me. I grabbed my phone and quickly texted Jonah.

Unless what?

Jonah almost immediately responded.

Unless I skip my study session, you skip the rest of your work day, and we both go to the ice rink right now.

And then there was silence. I dropped my head in defeat knowing what Jonah would say.

I have a deadline to meet by tomorrow.

I rolled my eyes. Right then the “...” symbol popped up letting me know Jonah was typing. So naturally I kept staring at my phone until his message showed up.

Buttttt, it would be spontaneous...Can you be here in 15?

I shook my head. Did I just read that right? Was Jonah really considering skipping out on his job just to spend time with me? There was nothing in the world that could ever make him miss work. It was like his life source. This was a first and an opportunity I surely couldn't pass up.

Already on my way!

“Where do you think you're going?” Sarah whispered angrily as I hurried to stuff my books and binders into my bag.

“I have to go!” I whispered back. “Jon and I are being spontaneous!”

“What are you talking about?” She sat up straight irritated with the lack of information.

I huffed as I threw my bag over my shoulder. “We're being spontaneous!” I practically shouted in excitement. I covered my mouth as everyone in the crowded library turned to look in our direction.

Sorry I mouthed and proceeded to tip toe out of the building.

I hailed a cab and got to Jonah's office building in record time. He was already sitting outside waiting for me. I admired him for a second before I stepped out the car. He was wearing a pea coat and scarf around his neck to keep him warm and his hair was just barely hidden by his beanie. Jonah was blowing into his fists to keep them warm. His cheeks were rosy from the crisp air.

I had forgotten just how handsome he was.

“Come on lady! Are you getting out or what?” The cab driver snapped my attention back to reality.

“Yeah, yeah...” I dug through my purse for some change and handed it to him.

Jonah finally noticed me once I'd gotten out of the car.

“Hey!” He walked over. “I can't believe the two most responsible people are doing this.”

“Well, speak for yourself.” I tossed my hair over my shoulder. “I've been told I'm pretty irresponsible.”

Jonah laughed. “I told everyone I had an emergency.” His eyes scaled up the building. “You know they're gonna look down here and see us skating.”

We both shrugged and headed to the rink.

We skated until the sun set. Well, actually, I wobbled around while Jonah showed off. He skated fast and slow, backwards and sideways. He'd grown up going to the ice rink so it was home advantage for him. But, for me, this was probably only the third time in my life.

Jonah finally showed mercy and slowed down enough to hold my hand. We went around the rink a few times before our hunger kicked in.

We stopped by one of Jonah's favorite corner deli's to drink some soup and headed back to the apartment.

“This is weird” Jonah mumbled as he shoved the key into the door lock. “I don't think we've only come into the apartment at the same since the first day we got it.”

I thought about it for a second. “You're right” I nodded. “I think we should make up for lost time.” I grabbed his hand before he could open the door and wedged myself into the empty space. We were chest to chest. I unbuttoned his coat and unwrapped his scarf.

“Someone's gonna see us” Jonah whispered as he tried hard not to smile.

“So?” I narrowed my eyes. He leaned down and kissed me. I pushed my body against his the more aggressive we became. 

“We should really get inside.” He managed to say with his mouth still on my body. He opened the door and I walked in backwards as he walked towards me. “So what should we christen first? The kitchen or the guest room?”


  1. Great! Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

    And I, for one, am totally over Kadie. I hope once she is married she will drift into the background. mum

  2. I love that she and Jonah are working it out! As long as they both make each other a priority, they will be fine!

    “So what should we christen first? The kitchen or the guest room?”

    .....I am pretty sure my Fiance and I said the same exact thing when we moved into our new house. LOL I laughed so hard when I read that. So relatable. hahah!

  3. Chris - @nylonlover69 on IG/TwitterJanuary 22, 2015 at 11:00 AM

    Kitchen! lol

  4. Love this so cute!!

  5. Sometimes you just need to take time off and breathe, so I agree with Jonah when he told them its an emergency. Im one of those people who wasnt feeling them but I really love them together now. Giess they grew on me :)