Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year New Me


The crowd around us counted out loud.

It was the last few seconds before New Years and we were celebrating at Jebrone's industry party. We were out on the roof over looking Times Square. Normally a outdoor party in this weather would crown you insane, but his studio had the perfect view of the New Years ball.

Just about everyone was at the party. It was crowded, but it beat being packed like sardines in the streets.

Jonah's hands were wrapped around me. His body held me close as a gust of cool wind blew past us. “So, what's it gonna be?” He whispered in my ear.

I pulled my face away from his shoulder and looked him in the eyes. They were big, beautifully lit, and hopeful. How could I resist?

Let me rewind.

It all started about two weeks ago when Jonah asked me to move in with him. Of course I wanted to. But, what was going to happen to our relationship if we did? Things between us had only been going up since we'd gotten together. I was afraid this would be the turning point. First it would start with territory. Then it would escalate to annoying habits. And then it would just be a snowball effect from there.

I wasn't sure if I was ready.

So, I told Jonah I needed to think about it. I'm sure it hurt his feelings, since he was excited by the whole idea, but Jonah can be a little bit more understanding than I am. So he agreed to let me think it over.

He threw subtle hints here and there. “You should probably get home. It's getting late and you have to wake up early to make it to class on time since you live so far from campus.” He said one night after dinner. Or, “Make sure to double check your locks at night. There's been a lot of robberies going on in your area. Most of the targets have been women.” He'd actually been using that one a lot lately. Jonah knew how easily scared I was, so I wouldn't have doubted if he made the whole thing up just to rattle me. (side note: it worked)

It seemed like every event that took place in the last couple of weeks was a test. The way we handled situations, or how we prioritized our time. I hadn't paid attention to the way we did things before, but now suddenly it was all I could notice.

We spent last weekend with Jonah's family. I was starting to get pretty comfortable around them since I'd been seeing them so often. The following weekend Jonah came with me to Texas for Christmas. It wasn't his first time meeting my family or friends, but it was his first time visiting.

It felt strange at first. Not because he was being weird or anything. He was actually being his normal charismatic self. But, it was strange because of how well everything was going.

He charmed the socks off my mom. She was constantly finding a reason to feed him. That's my mom for you. Expressing her love through food. My dad always jokes and says he knows he's doing something right when he starts gaining a little weight.

Speaking of, Jonah's old soul really connected with my dad. The two of them had countless hours worth of conversations about older musicians, aged liquor, and politics all while smoking a couple of Cuban cigars.

There were moments I would catch Jonah dazed in deep thought. I couldn't help but think maybe it was moments like this that made him miss his father even more. These conversations that he wasn't quiet old enough to have with him before he passed.


I snapped out of my thoughts and realized I was still staring into Jonah's eyes. “Yes!” I shouted. I startled myself and covered my mouth. I began to laugh...I don't know if it was because of sheer excitement or nerves, but Jonah joined in too.

“Really?!” His hands hand moved from my waist and held my cheeks as I nodded my head.



We clenched each other harder as everyone screamed, “Happy New Year!!!” For a moment it seemed like we were the only ones there. We continued to laugh.

“I love you” Jonah smiled as he brought his face closer to mine.

“I love you too.” I leaned forward and kissed him.

It was a magical moment with fireworks, confetti, and the rumbling sounds of cheers up and down the streets. It obviously wasn't meant for us, but that didn't mean I couldn't pretend that it was. After all I was about to make a big move in my life. (no pun intended.)

“Okay, so there's this neighborhood I've been wanting to check out. It's perfect since it's between my work and your school. We can go...” Jonah was talking a mile a minute. He only stopped when he noticed the expression on my face. I was holding in a laugh. “What is it?”

“You've already planned everything out?” I asked.

“Of course I have.” He held onto my hands. “I've been wanting this for a long time. I had to build up the nerves to ask you.” His eyes shied away.

“Jonah” I whispered. “I had a lot of time to think about it and this is exactly what I want.”

“I'm happy if you're happy.” He looked back at me and smiled.

“Let the apartment hunting begin!”

Just as we were conversing a waiter walked by with a tray of Champagne. Jonah grabbed a couple of glasses and handed one to me. We clinked our glasses as Jonah spoke, “May the odds be ever in our favor!”


  1. Excited for them to start this new chapter! mum

  2. LOVE!!! Happy New Year see you on the 12th

  3. Yay!!! Happy New Years!! I can't wait to see how this goes!!! Can't wait until the 12th 😄

  4. So exciting!! I was hoping she would say yes! Happy New Year, everyone!

  5. Fingers crossed everything goes well with them moving in together! :) He's so considerate of her though, if she doesn't want to move in with him then I definitely will, haha.

  6. You never seem to disappoint me. Another wonderful post! Like I've mentioned before, I love Jonah and Lynn!

  7. Are you not posting for awhile? I'm having serious withdrawals =]

  8. I'm also wondering where the posts are, she has missed two now. Did I miss where she said she wasn't going to be posting?

  9. She had said she'll be on hiatus until I believe is January 14th

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  11. Found it :
    Hey Readers,

    New York Dixie will be going on a short hiatus during winter break. There will be a special New Years post on THURSDAY JANUARY 1st. And regular posting will resume on JANUARY 12th. I hate that I have to step away from the blog for a moment, but I'm working on a special project that I'm excited to share with you all once we return on Jan. 12th. This project needs my undivided attention for the next few weeks, but I promise you'll love it! I hope that you all have a happy, happy holiday!! Enjoy, be merry, and stay safe!


    Only 2 mmore days

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