Thursday, April 2, 2015

We're Having A Baby, My Baby and Me

Jonah was gripping my hand so tight my fingers were starting to turn fuchsia. I just stared down at my hand. I didn't know what to say, or do, or even how to act. Judging by Jonah's behavior I could tell he didn't know either. This was probably God's twisted way of foreshadowing the next eighteen years of our lives

Dr. Adler sensed our confusion and the smile on her face slowly vanished. She put down a file that she'd been holding before cupping her hands as if to add a more serious tone to her body language. “I understand if this may be an unwanted pregnancy. I won't ask any questions, but if you need some time to make your decision requiring the future of your baby...”

I knew it was standard information to give, especially after our blank expressions, but hearing her say “your baby” struck a chord with me.

“...We need to know immediately to take the proper repercussions.” Her voice was monotone. The loud, joyous, Dr. Adler that had walked into the room a minute ago was no longer here.

“How about a paternity test?” Jonah finally let go of my hand. “How soon would we be able to determine if this baby is even mine?”

My eyes practically popped out of my head as I snapped upwards. Dr. Adler was trying hard to hide the disgust on her face. In her eyes we'd quickly gone from a cute loving couple to a couple that needed to be on Maury.

“Oh, my God Dr. Adler!” I used all my strength to elbow Jonah in his obliques. He bent over erupting into laughter. “He's totally just kidding! Seriously! He knows it's his!” I tried to convince her while I looked at Jonah, who was recovering from his outburst, and spoke through my teeth. “He has the most inappropriate timings.”

Dr. Adler caught the sudden drift and smiled. She picked up the file once again, pointing it at Jonah, and squinted her eyes. “Oh, I've seen Mr. Cohen's talk show. I know he's a jokster.” She opened up the file in her hand and began walking towards the door. “Trust me Miss Barnes, despite the timings, the funny ones are the keepers.” She winked at us before she opened the door.

“Yeah...” I held onto my stomach as I smiled back, “apparently!”

She excused herself from the room allowing Jonah and I to talk. We stared at each other for a few seconds before I covered my face with my hands and laid back on the exam bed.

“Lynn” He spoke softly. I could feel his finger tips running up and down my arm as he stood over me.

“I just need a minute” I spoke through my fingers. Even though my hands were covering my face I still closed my eyes. Jonah's hands were no longer caressing me. Instead I felt him sit besides me. I took a deep breath and uncovered my face. “Why aren't you saying anything?”

Jonah furrowed his brows, “you told me you needed a minute.”

“Yeah,” I sat back up so we were face to face. “But, you haven't said anything since she told us.”

He took my hand and held it between his. “I can tell you need time to collect your thoughts. I don't want to say anything yet because I know you Lynn, I know you'll feel obligated to feel the same way. We're both going to be parents, but you're the one that has to carry the baby so it's important that you know how you feel.”

“Why do you have to be so nice all the time?” I leaned my head on Jonah's chest and did what I'd been doing for the last week. I cried. I don't even know why I was crying. At this point it was just turning into a habit.

Jonah's head laid on top of mine. His arms wrapped around me like a blanket. I felt his chest move slightly as a cool breath touched my head. I looked up baffled.

“What is it?” I asked. Jonah shook his head refusing to answer. “Jonah...” I leaned away from him so his arms were no longer on me. “Tell me.”

Jonah hesitated at first, but then went on.“You use to put walls up around your emotions. I remember I would have to try so hard to get you to tell me how you really felt. I'd have to ask the same question twenty times in twenty different ways...”

I chuckled and finished his sentence. “And now I spill my guts all the time.”

“I'm not complaining.” He smiled and opened his arms again. I nestled myself on his shoulder.

“It's weird.” I mumbled. Jonah asked what I was talking about and I continued. “I felt like I was ready, but once I heard Dr. Adler say it out loud I don't know anymore...I...I just don't feel ready. ”

“I think...” Jonah took a deep breath “It's something you can prepare yourself for, but it's something you won't be ready for until it happens.”

“You think so?” I looked up at Jonah hopeful.

He shrugged. “Yeah, because I have so much experience with having kids.”

I shook my head and smiled. I may have given him a hard time about his inappropriate timings, but the truth is, it never was. He always knew what to say at the right times. Even if it was something completely obscene just to put a smile on my face.

That morning I decided not to go to class. I knew I wouldn't have been able to concentrate and Henry would've probably asked a million and one questions. I couldn't deal with that right now. After the week I'd been having I just needed a little normalcy in my life for a brief twenty four hours.

Jonah didn't want me to be at home by myself. Especially since I'd been so full of emotions lately. He insisted I come with him to work. I laid on the couch in his office for most of the afternoon. The T.V mounted on the wall across from me was on, but I just stared at it blankly. Jonah liked to keep it on the news channel for current events. He'd watch for a few seconds from behind his desk and then go back to typing on his computer.

Every time Jonah had to leave his office Priyal, his assistant, would come in. He thought I didn't know it wasn't a coincidence, but I knew he asked Priyal to keep me company. She looked like she had a lot of work to do and I kept telling her to get back to it, but she'd refuse, saying it was no big deal, and that she never gets to spend time with me. She must have thought I was mentally unstable and couldn't stay in a room by myself.

Later that afternoon I went downstairs to the studio to watch Jonah film. I was always in and out of the studio so much that Mike, Jonah's producer, had a special seating area for me behind the camera where I could sit and watch with the crew.

Once the show was over Jonah and I headed back home. He still had some work to do, but decided he could finish it at home. We stopped by our favorite Thai take out and grabbed dinner.

“Babe” Jonah tried to get my attention while I opened up the box of food. He grabbed a piece of noodle and ate it. “You've been really quiet today.”

I took out a couple of plates, but Jonah put them back. He grabbed a fork and ate straight out of the box instead.

“I don't know what to say.” I shrugged.

He put his food down on the counter and held onto my shoulder. “Tell me you're okay.”

I smiled. “I'm okay” I shrugged again. “I just don't know what to say.”

Jonah continued to look into my eyes. He kissed my forehead and went back to eating.

“There's a million things going through my head.” I said as I poked at my food. “What's going to happen with school? I'll be working in the hospital by the time the baby comes so will I even be able to do my rotations? “

“Lynn..” Jonah tried to cut me off.

“You're at work, like, twenty hours out of the day so who's gonna watch the baby while I'm gone? Is this apartment even safe for the baby? Will we have to move again?”


“Can we afford to move? How much does it cost to raise a baby any way? Do I have to multiple that cost by ten since we're living in New York? Why is everything so damn expensive here?” Jonah walked back over to me and covered my mouth with his hand.

Lynn...breathe.” I inhaled a deep breath through my nose. “You're gonna keep going to school. You'll be able to do your rotations. We will get a nanny for when we're gone. If you don't feel comfortable here, we can always find a new place that's safe for our baby. And yes, we can afford to move. I'm not sure how much it cost to raise a baby, but trust me we can afford that too. In fact our baby could go to a private daycare and become a snobby New Yorker. And you'll have to ask Bill de Blasio about that last question.” Jonah finished answering all my questions just as fast as I had asked them. He waited a brief second longer before he moved his hand from my mouth.

That was it. That was all I wanted. To know everything was going to be okay.

Our baby is gonna be a snobby New Yorker. I don't know if I should be happy or sad.”

Jonah laughed. “Hey, not all New Yorkers are bad.”

Name one...” I squinted my eyes as I smiled.

Oh! There she is! There's my beautiful fiance!” Jonah held my chin “I was looking for her all day!” He teasingly squeezed my cheeks as I tried to wiggle away from his grip. The two of us laughed like we hadn't in days. It felt familiar. Even though Jonah had been there the whole day, something snapped, and suddenly I didn't feel alone anymore.

I grabbed his hands and intertwined our fingers. I was wedged between the kitchen counter and Jonah's body. Everything about him being so close to me felt right. I smiled as I looked at him. “We're having a baby!”

Jonah smiled back just as big, if not bigger, “My baby and me” he sang softly before he leaned down and kissed me.


  1. I have mixed feelings about this. I love Jonah's reactions, as usual, and I love that he and Lynn are happy.

    That being said, it was really shitty and unprofessional of the doctor to say "your baby" before the doctor knew they were going to keep it. Imagine how terrible that would make you feel if you were planning to terminate the pregnancy.

    1. The Dr saying your baby is not what will make them feel terrible if they were going to terminate it, that is the smallest thing to get mad about ,trust me they would have other thoughts clouding their mind even if they were OK with that.

    2. I agree with you, saying your baby was not professional at all. I'm not saying call it a fetus, but she could have said "the baby" instead.

  2. I disagree, I think the dr was fine. She had no reason to think they wouldn't be thrilled with the news of the baby... even Lynn said they looked like a loving, happy couple. Also, of course She said "your baby". It's their baby, or at least Lynn's, why wouldn't she said your baby?
    I'm very interested to see how they're going to handle the school/work balance with the baby. I also want them to have the real talks people have like money, time, etc. Obviously Jonah is rich, but it seems like Lynn has no clue what his financial situation is.

  3. I'm kind of bummed that this story took this turn. I feel like it changes the entire tone of the blog.
    I agree with Anon. The Dr. was fine and perfectly professional. Whatever they decide it's "their" baby and she was great with her interaction.
    It also sucks that everyone is going to think they are engaged cause she's pregnant.

    1. nowadays people don't also get married before they have kids and in a way, who cares what others think it's their life.
      I am very excited this blog is changing, it's unrealistic to always have the young character who constantly changes guys. There's plenty of other blogs like that out there. Just like the life Lynn would grow and things would change.

  4. I love Thursdays!!! Love your writing! You are a very good writer. Truly enjoy reading your blog. I like where the story is going. It's a fictional blog regarding what the dr said!! It isn't real.

    1. Exactly! Everyone has to be so politically correct now Haha.

      I absolutely love the title of this, I grew up watching I Love Lucy reruns and remember the scene where Lucy tells Ricky they are having a baby by tricking him to sing "we're having a baby, my baby and me" :) brought a smile to my face thanks

  5. Little disappointed with the turn of events, but just my own opinion, concerned where this might go with school for Lynn and a baby, but good story and I will keep reading, maybe with less anticipation though. Thanks for the post.

    1. Less anticipation for what, her to break up find a new guy, break up find a new guy, or post about school? Not really sure, this actually adds more interesting points to her current story

  6. Oh my gosh I can't believe people can't grasp that it's possible to have a kid and go to school or have a career

  7. Might be interesting to see how the blog handles it but in you can't finish med school and have a baby. Sorry.

    1. LOL this one definitely takes the cake

    2. You Can finish med school, sorry, seen it done so sorry you're wrong anon 12:53am

    3. Exactly. Just so unrealistic. Yeah it's fiction but anyone well versed in fiction knows that a key to a good story is its logic, its believability, its realism even if it has fantastic themes. This blog has lacked that for a while (there's no way Lynn could go out so much as a medstudent, it makes no sense that Kadie's personality suddenly shifted, and it's ludicrous to assume that she would likely be paired up with her ex in the hospital).

      This, however, I just can't accept. Anyone who has the ambition and drive to go to a med school like Mt Sinai would never want to do anything that jeopardizes their studies in this way. And no, you can't have a baby and finish med school with good grades without taking time off. And taking time off is not a good option either. Have you even seen what kind of material they study? And the couple has only been together for such a short time... why would they want a baby so early? What kind of med school student with that much intelligence would think that was good judgment? This is just ludicrous. The story has been interesting at times but I just can't handle the lack of logic. I won't be reading anymore.

      Let me please add that this is my opinion and I am in no way attacking the author. I dislike the far-fetched nature of rhe story and I have just as much right to give constructive criticism as you have to give (blind or otherwise) praise.

    4. Please, tell me how you really feel.

      Usually I let comments like these slide, but I'm baffled by the lack of information you possess.

      There's no way Lynn could go out so much as a med student? Are you a med student? No? Then how would you know what the life a med student is? Here's something else you didn't know, most med students don't even show up to class. Why? Almost all lectures are uploaded online. Rather than coming to class, students prefer to study on their own time. And guess what else? They're able to go out regularly. For someone like Lynn, who comes from a family of doctors, it's not hard to grasp the concept of the information she's been learning since birth.

      Did Kadie's personality suddenly shift? Or did you just realize that it did? Because, if you go back to Kadie's introduction into this story, you would know that Lynn describes her as a trouble maker. Kadie has always, from the beginning, made remarks to Lynn. She just chooses to ignore them. Do you remember what Kadie's opinions were towards Connor? She gave Lynn a hard time about him. Now, if this is true then why are you as a reader thinking that her attitude suddenly changed? Because it became personal when it was Kadie's turn to pick on Jonah. Lynn has finally met the love of her life, so now she's turning sensitive to the remarks and reacting to them.

      It's not likely Lynn would be paired with her ex in the hospital. I'll give you this one. But, it's not far fetched either. Connor has been affiliated with Lynn's school since before they met. If Lynn wasn't paired with Connor, what would that have brought to the story? You seem to know a lot about fiction, so I'd really like to know.

      Now, I will say it takes a lot to offend me, but this next part really did it. You asked if I even knew what type of material is studied in med school. As someone who has been through med school, yes I do know what type of material is studied. That's not what offended me, but the fact that you think someone can't have a baby and finish school. About more than half of my friends are med school babies, meaning their parent(s) were medical students when their baby was born. And I know so many people now that are going through wedding preparations and having babies while still finishing medical school. It's not a curse. It's life. People, especially those that are able to get into med school, know how to juggle things that are thrown at them.

      I'm glad you were able to read the first part of Lynn's story and I'm sorry you won't be here for the next chapter. I hope this time away from the blog will ease up some of the stress you've had knowing how unrealistic and fake this fictional blog is.

    5. Well said Zara, I couldn't believe people couldn't seem to grasp the concept it can be done. They actually have a whole community of mdmom's online. It's unrealistic to think every med student is this cold, only study focused, too good for life, person. And no, I'm not saying they should all want or have a baby.
      I'm excited to continue to reading and as an author you really have a way writing a moving story. I've said this before, Jonah and Lynn's love story is so good I wish it was a romantic comedy movie.

    6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED!! lol i've always wanted to say that and this is the perfect opportunity *applause* well done Zara, well done :)

    7. I once saw the graduation ceremony for a friend in med school and there was another woman there also graduating in her class who had not one, but TWO babies while in school. I am sure it is hard as Hell, but certainly possible. (and this was at Stanford University Medical School, so a very very top tier school.).

  8. I know this blog is fictional, but I do wish it were more realistic. I suppose I do for many of them blogs I read; they are just simply so far fetched. Like Lynn had no idea what Jonah makes money-wise, but they live together. She seems to have a lot of free time, yet she is a led student. She never seems to hurt for money, yet had no income. I think Jonah's job is the biggest issue. There is simply no way this up and coming late night talk show host is connected with a fledgling led student. It makes her life and money situation just way too easy. Oh, we will get s nanny and the best this and that and it's all taken care of. Ummmm??? This is not realistic.

    1. It is for people with money, people aren't always struggling.
      Jonah knew her before the show and just like life very possible to date another non celeb if you want to call him a celeb. Also I think when they moved in together they must have not discussed exactly how much he made, he could be making more now too.
      A lot of people are encouraged not to work through med school because there gets to a point where school is pretty much your full time time and then some. Like other kids she might have high student loans and/or parents paying. Aren't both her parents doctor?
      What I find funny is why people are looking for this fictional blog to be so exact and realistic. There are plenty of other blogs out there with the craziest storyline and you complain about this.

    2. Jonah was not a late night talk show host when he met Lynn. He was a writer. Why would he not be interested in a girl pursuing medicine? Jonah himself was once considering medical school. In fact the real life guy that Jonah is based off of went to Harvard to pursue medicine but ended up becoming a writer instead and now how his own show. So, please continue to tell me it's unrealistic. There is most definitely a connection between medicine and hollywood. Still don't believe me? Look up Graham Chapman(Monty Python), Ken Jeong(Hangover), Rhetta(Parks&Recreation). Graham and Ken are doctors. Graham even had his own practice. And Rhetta? She's one of the many, many, explains of people who set out to go into medicine but took the route to hollywood instead. So, again, why would a late night talk show host who was once going into medicine not be interested in a girl who is currently in medicine?

      As far as Lynn not knowing Jonah's finances goes, if you didn't catch the context, she was feeling flustered in that moment, it has nothing to do with her knowing or not. Jonah answering every question simply for her was just a way to calm her down. We don't know yet if everything works out or not. This isn't the end of the blog.

    3. To the second Anon., Thank you! I legit thought I was going crazy, but it seems I do in fact have readers that pay attention to detail.

    4. and denzel washington, he studied to be a doctor before pursuing a career in acting.

    5. Perhaps I should have stated "This isn't typical reality" as opposed to a blanket statement. I like this blog, and find it entertaining. It is escapism at its finest. Considering this blog is stretched out over time, I had forgot Jonah was interested in medicine as it was mentioned a long time ago and never again. That said, the position he is in now he did not simply fall in to. He had to be THE writer to be in line for this job. He seems much more mature than Lynn, and even with the medicine connection you pointed out, I still think their relationship is fantastical. That's fine, though.

      My main point before was how all of Lynn's concerns are assuaged by Jonah's finances. Nothing of her own doing.

      P.S. I also find it ironic she is a med student not practicing good birth control.

    6. Med students smoke, just because they are med students doesn't mean they aren't still human

  9. The her life is ruined/this is unrealistic crowd cracks me up. I hate to post a possible spoiler but she hasn't exactly delivered a healthy baby yet. I would also point out that Lynn wasn't trying to get pregnant. I was wondering if you are the same Zara who writes on LSP or of the name is a coincidence?

    1. thats zahra barnes, totes different.

  10. I am excited for this turn of events! So much interesting stuff is going to happen!!!

    P.S. I am in med school and I have a is not easy by any means, but hey, such is life. It is kinda disturbing to see how many people see her having a baby as the end of all her dreams...

  11. Why does everyone think having a baby ends your life? Omgggg I have TWO and have built a successful, busy career that is very high profile, after many years of HATE work, and marriage and life has been tough at times, but kids are awesome motivation.
    You negative women blow my mind.

    1. Hard, not hate. Hard work. As in, late nights, early mornings, and 24 hour days.

    2. Because some people feel that way. My career track would be ruined by a baby and my life would be miserable. But that's how I feel. I don't want kids. To me it would be a life ruiner (not a word, I know). Everyone thinks differently.

  12. I don't think having a baby ruins her dreams. Will it make it harder to do so at this juncture in her life? Yes, but it can be done. Especially, with the cushion of Jonah and his money.

  13. lol I always thought part of the fun of *fictional* blogs was that it is SUPPOSED to be a little unrealistic at times!?!?!? It's a nice escape from reality to dream of a "Lynn and Jonah" lifestyle..! It keeps things interesting, in my opinion!

    Also- I was one of the original readers who commented on the last post that said something about med school and having a baby - but after reading what Zara has said and a few other commenters, I do see their point. Plus, not just *anybody* can be a doctor. Obviously they can handle stress and the curves of life better than most people... or they shouldn't be a doctor!! So, I feel like I should give said-doctors/Lynn a little more credit. Could I do it? Probably (definitely!) not, haha. I stress out enough thinking about how I will take care of a baby AND be a good, hands-on mom while keeping my current job working for a Fortune 500 company. But, everybody is so different! I think when the time comes, you just make it work!! There are millions of working moms making it happen every single day.

  14. As some one who has been in- started and finished- med school, it is possible to complete such a rigorous program with engagements, weddings, marriages, divorces, infants, toddlers, teenagers, pregnancies, and any single or combination of these life events. I learned while I was there that I was capable of doing and being much more than I ever thought was possible for me going in. And I'll assure your readers, each one of those life events (plus a few others) occurred amongst my peers. :)

    Simply stated, the fullness of your "life" expands under the limits you allow (or force!) yourself. Think small, be small. Think big, and you'll push yourself to new amazing unforeseen heights. And if you need to grow, you will.

    I read this as entertaining fiction. Thank you for writing and sharing your creative talents with us.

    The Doc

  15. I, for one, have absolutely love, love, loved the past few posts. I love the way you are writing this and love Jonah and Lynn's love story evolving. The engagement? Her pregnancy while in med school? All possible realities. I hope it all continues to go well for them and their love continues to grow. Fiction or not, I think they're great as a couple.

  16. there is such a thing in the literary world called "suspending disbelief". but even so, having a baby/infant/toddler whatever and going to school is not all too far-fetched. it's possible. it's so possible in fact that some or all schools have childcare centres for students with kids. life isn't always about consecutive stretched out events, sometimes shit does happen all at once too

  17. Zara, I absolutely love your writing and storyline. It's a fictional blog people, ofc it won't always be realistic.
    Curious what will happen next to Lynn and Jonah :-)

  18. I love this blog and its writing! That being said, I really never feel like I can post what I feel if it goes against what the writer has written or what the general consensus is. Why can't people have differing views from you? And why can't they post them? It's too bad that it's like that here...

    1. I think there is a difference between stating your opinion or stating your opinion in a dick way. I mean, it's not really necessary to write something like "you suck and I'll never read again here". But that's just my opinion ;)