Thursday, November 7, 2013

Survival of the Richest

After Jonah walked me back to my place I explained to him how I was freshly wounded. I stood on the steps leading up to my apartment door so I was at eye level with Jonah. I told him that it was only my first week in a new place and I couldn't possibly tie myself down so quickly.

He took both my hands in his and intertwined our fingers. He let out a sigh and looked down at the ground for a few seconds. Jonah went on to tell me how he had a very “different” feeling when he first saw me. A feeling he didn't know how to control. That he was weirded out himself for getting so close to me so quickly.

I could relate to him. I had this feeling too. Like we were old friends but it hadn't even been 24 hours since we had met. Jonah paused for a second in mid-thought.

  “Lynn Lee, something's telling me this isn't the last time I'm going to see you. I want to get to know you better. I understand you need to figure things out right now. And I respect that. Trust me, I want nothing more than to kiss you like a maniac and carry you up those stairs. But I know there's something more to this. I promise you, if this is meant to be a thing, fate will bring us back together. I'm sure of that.”

We hadn't exchanged numbers. I knew he was a comedy writer that occasionally performed at local comedy clubs and he knew I was a student at Mount Sinai. Like Jonah said, if it was meant to happen, it would happen.
I'm not a hopeless romantic by any means. Or at least I don't think I am. Okay I probably am. Fine, I know I am.

 After Jonah left I stayed up the rest of the night laying in bed staring up at my ceiling. I had envisioned twenty different rom-com scenarios of us randomly being brought back together. Between every scene I would have to stop myself from thinking

 “Ugh, Lynn Lee, if you're thinking so much about it, it's never going to happen!”,”Oh my God, what if I'm on a walk through Central Park, in full hair and make-up of course, and the handsome man in a suit and tie walking towards me with roses in hand is Jonah??”, “Seriously!! STOP IT! YOU'RE JINXING YOUR FATE!!!”

 This went on for hours. It's safe to say I didn't get any sleep that night.
The next afternoon when I had woken up I decided to jump into the shower and get my day started. I finally unpacked all my things and hung up a few of the art pieces I was lucky enough to snatch up in SoHo.

I had been out of the social media loop since moving to New York. So I tried to catch up on Facebook messages, tweets, and emails. I did the obligatory Facebook check-in to let everyone, who didn't know, that I had moved to New York and was fully enjoying my time.

As I was going through old emails I saw an invite from the Dean of my college. It was sent a week earlier and I hadn't seen it. The Dean had arranged for a mixer to take place that night in order for students who had came into town before orientation to meet.
Now that I had unpacked my things and caught up with messages I had nothing holding me back from going to the mixer. Luckily, I didn't have to rummage through my closet for my LBD since everything was freshly organized.

I pulled it out and hung it on the closet door. I sat back down on my bed and mindlessly stared at the dress. I let out a heavy sigh and fell onto my back, once again looking up at my ceiling. I couldn't help but imagine, for some odd reason, bumping into Jonah at the mixer. Why am I doing this to myself? I knew he wouldn't be there.

Frustrated with myself I jumped off the bed and tried to find matching heels to wear. Once I had my outfit pulled together I started my hair and make-up.
I decided to take a cab to the party. I wasn't comfortable going in the subway with heels on. The mixer was at a hotel on the Upper East Side a few blocks away from campus.

When I stepped out of the cab, I was surprised to see clean, well lit streets. It was unusually quiet. I wouldn't have thought twice about it back in Texas, but quiet was a sound I hadn't heard since I moved here. There were no cars honking or whizzing past each other. There were no dogs barking, or drunks fighting. The buildings on the street all had the same Victorian architecture with tall black iron gates. This must be where the rich snobs of New York lived.
Just as I was admiring the Upper East Side I heard a few people coming around the corner. By the look on my face they could tell I wasn't sure where I was going. Why does everything in New York have to be hidden? You may never have to learn how to drive here but you damn well need to know how to find your destination once you get there.
A young petite girl with blond hair stepped in front of me,

“Are you here for the Med School Mixer?” She had a British accent.

I couldn't help but admire how perfectly her hair was made. It was slightly bumped on the crown and braided into a bun just behind her left ear. Her bangs swooped across her forehead the same way as those celebrities who's pictures we show to our hairstylist to recreate.
 “Yes, I am, I was just trying to find the building. I'm Lynn Lee by the way.” I extended out my hand.

She reached out and cupped both her hands around mine.

 “Oh, lovely! I'm Sarah. This is my cousin Henry, and his boyfriend Jebrone.” Sarah had the enthusiasm of a high school cheerleader.

I looked over at Henry and Jebrone with a smile and head nod. I could tell without hearing Henry speak that he was British as well. Unlike Sarah, He had dark hair. That, with his strong jawline, gave him a European look.

Jebrone on the other hand was a light skinned African American. He looked rich. Exactly how I would of imagined someone who went to private school looked.

  “Are y'all new here?” I really had to work on fully pronouncing my words.

 “No, Jebrone grew up a few streets over. He actually goes to Columbia Law.”

   Jebrone chimed in, “I'm just here for moral support.” He turned towards Henry and gave him a smile.

“And mine and Henry's family owns estates here and in London.” Her hands were flying all over the place as she spoke. “So we've always traveled back and forth. But I can tell you're new here...” She raised one eyebrow leaning her head forward so I would get the hint to carry on.

  “Yeah, I'm from Texas. Born and raised. I just moved here a week ago.”

Sarah turned towards Henry and Jebrone, “Well, this will be fun!” She linked her arm around mine and we made our way into the hotel.

If I didn't feel out of place walking through the streets of the UES I was definitely feeling it now. The hotel lobby itself made me feel like I couldn't even afford to look at it. I didn't even want to know how much people paid to stay here a night. Everything was so beautiful and unreal.

We walked to the hotel's bar where the mixer was being held. It was a swanky club you see in movies for millionaires. And I'm sure that's exactly the crowd that came here.

I looked around the room and there were about fifty other students there hanging around getting to know each other. I went over to the bar and ordered a Gin and Tonic. I took a few sips to calm my nerves and started to make my away around the room.

  “Hi, I'm Lynn Lee”, I was practicing my introduction voice.

Right then Henry came up behind me.

 “Yeah, I know, we just met outside.”

 I turned around startled. “Oh, I wa -”

  “I'm teasing. Here let me introduce you to some of my mates”

 “Wow, you've already gotten a chance to talk to people here?” I was surprised. It hadn't even been ten minutes since we walked in.

 “Most of the people here tonight live in New York. Outsiders usually don't come to town til orientation. I'm a bit shocked you're here.” He said in a condescending tone.

We walked over to a crowd of people standing across the bar.

 “Everyone, this is Lilly. She's new here. She's from Texas” Henry announced as we approached the crowd.

“It's Lynn Lee” I was a little embarrassed by his mistake.

 “What did I say?” Henry looked caught off guard

“You said Lilly. It's Lynn Lee” I could feel everyone staring at me and wished I had never corrected Henry.

 “Lynn Lee? Lynn Lee. It all sounds the bloody same to me”

“You know what, you can just call me Lynn” I wanted the mockery to stop. I didn't want this to be my first impression amongst my class mates.

  “Alright, Lynn.” I could tell Henry was annoyed I had corrected him. He continued to introduce me to everyone.

  “This is Maxwell, Abigail, and Rupert, my mates from London. And this is Alice and Elijah, my New York mates.”

It was a pointless introduction since there was no way of telling who was who. Everyone looked like they had just stepped out of a high fashion magazine. Right then Sarah joined the group.

  “Has everyone met Lynn Lee?”

“Oh no, don't call her that. Apparently it's Lynn”. Abigail chimed. I was assuming it was Abigail because of her British accent.

 Everyone snickered.

  “So Lynn, What do 'Ya'll' do down in 'Tex-as'” Maxwell asked in a very rude accent.

 “Oh, bugger off!” Sarah caught a glimpse of how uncomfortable I felt. She once again wrapped her arm around mine and continued “That's no way to talk to a billionaire! Lynn's family is in the Oil business. I bet some of you even have family employed by hers.”

She let out a slight laugh beneath her breath. I was confused but I played along. Sarah raised her glass up and tilted it to touch mine.

  “Looks like you need a refill” She pulled me away from the group.

 “Oil? Really?”

  “I'm sorry. I know it's stereotypical. But I couldn't think of anything else Texas is known for.”

 “It's okay. Thanks for that anyway”

  “I know what it's like to be an outsider. I remember the first time Daddy brought us to New York. He was here on business for a few months so I had to enroll in a school here. A few months turned into a few years...” Sarah leaned her back against the bar and stared towards the crowd.

 “London's a fabulous place. But everyone here seems to care about money and status. It wasn't until I was older and realized who my father was that I was able to fit in with everyone. Not that I fancy any of those things. But I guess it's just survival of the richest here.”

 “This is all too much of a culture shock for me.” I took a seat on the stool next to me and leaned my elbow on the bar. “ I came to New York scared that I wouldn't fit in. And I'm starting to get a feeling I won't be able to.”
  “Not with that attitude you won't!” Sarah said with a cheerful smirk. “Trust me, the key here is to fake it til you make it”
   A couple hours had passed and Sarah and I had still been at the bar chatting. We had a lot in common despite the social standing. She seemed like a great girl that genuinely had a good heart.

  “Hey” Jebrone pulled up a stool next to Sarah and ordered a drink. “Don't worry too much about Henry. He can be a catty school girl when he meets someone new.”

  “I almost forgot about that. One too many drinks I guess” I looked down at my phone for the time.
“It's getting late I should probably go. It was nice meeting you Jebrone.”

  "Wait” Sarah jumped up out of her stool and wobbled a bit from all of the drinks we had. “Give me your number. There's a party this weekend my friend is throwing. I want you to come. I promise it'll be fun! None of these wankers will be there!” Sarah quickly covered her mouth like a child who had just realized they cursed. “Whoops! Excuse my language. My lady-ness seems to go away the more drinks I have.”

Jebrone and I couldn't help but laugh at how cute Sarah was. She couldn't help her personality. Unlike her peers.

Sarah and I exchanged numbers and I made my way out the hotel.

Once the cab driver had pulled up to my apartment I saw a dark blonde girl waiting at the door into the building.

She was obviously cold. She was the only person around wearing a thick coat, gloves and a head wrap.
  “Kadie?” I couldn't help but laugh at the sight of her. She turned towards me.

“Lynn Leeeee!!!” She pranced her way to me and gave me a huge bear hug and then punched me in the arm.

  “What the hell is wrong with you?” Her voice was growing louder and louder. “Didn't I tell you to talk to Joshua BEFORE you left? I can't believe you Lynn Lee!”

We stared at each other in silence before we let out a laugh. There was no way my best friend and I could ever actually be mad at each other.
“I'm so glad you're here. We have a lot to catch up on!”


  1. Enjoying your blog so far! Do you have an idea of a posting schedule you might have? It's sad when your checking your fav blogs everyday and nothing is updated yet. Why isnt there an anonymous log in? I hate typing out my annoying long email and pw for aim n google.

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying it! I haven't decided on an exact schedule yet, but I'm thinking maybe Mondays and Wednesdays afternoon. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for the feedback, Renee, I appreciate it!

  3. Found your blog from the excosmo blog about Josie ☺️ really intrigued by Lynn lee's story! Adding you to my bookmakers ☺️

  4. mondays and wednesdays would be great since lovesexpizza and moderndayfaith's schedule is tuesdays and thursdays :)

    Really liking the story, wonder what Kadie is doing in newyork though.
    I also like Jonah, hope we'll see more of him soon!!

    1. What is the URL for modern day faith?? I am constantly looking for new blogs to read and would like to try this one. Thank you for your help:).

    2. It is, that one is pretty good, and youll be hooked! She has posts since 2009!

      Also I'm starting to write a blog too, if you want to check it out

  5. This is interesting..... I haven't found a blog I'm as loyal to as I am to Josie, but I have a feeling this is it. Kudos

  6. Agree!!! loving it so far!!! and yes Mondays and Wednesdays!!!!

  7. Thanks for the feedback ladies! Mondays and Wednesdays it is. I'll try having it up by 12pm(eastern) on posting days.

    I'm loving everyone's excitement!! I've always had a passion for writing but never took the initiative. I'm so glad I did and I'm glad I have an awesome audience like you all! Thank you! Please, keep checking out the blog and leaving comments. Definitely gives me fuel to write more! Lots of love!

  8. Looking forward to more posts! I was just about to say that Mondays and wed would be great so I am glad that you decided on that!