Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One Hit And Quit

The morning after my date with Jonah I was feeling amazing! I was in such a great mood I decided to make breakfast for Kadie. I started with scrambled eggs but I couldn't stop there. I cut up some fruits for a fruit salad, I made french toast, regular toast, omelet, breakfast biscuits, breakfast burritos, bagels with shmear (because we're New Yorkers now, duh.), coffee, and tea. Our table was covered with food and it looked like a carb loaders wet dream.

  “Uh, are you expecting me to eat all this?” Kadie had a plate in had but no idea where to start. She looked around at every item on the table but couldn't figure out what she wanted more.

 “I hope this isn't a tactic to distract me from that note Jonah left you” Kadie finally decided to make her plate of food and then came over to sit with me on the couch. I was tired from cooking so my appetite was gone. I settled with a cup of tea.

  “Did you get to talk to him last night?” I had mentioned Kadie to Jonah when we took the long subway ride over to the amusement park.

  “I was just getting ready for bed when he knocked.” She popped her eyes out before she went on, “He's hot! Like, I wish that was me he was carrying in. Damn!” she took a big bite of her breakfast burrito. I could feel myself blushing as if Kadie were paying the compliment to me.

  “Last night was seriously a dream. He took me to this amusement park he use to work at back in high school. I guess him and his friends still have the key. Anyway, we jumped on this huge trampoline, swung on a trapeze set, rode a few rides. Ugh, Kadie it was like something out of a movie. All you need is a video montage of us running from ride to ride and Pompeii by Bastille playing in the background. It was perfect!” I was grinning from ear to ear. I couldn't stop as hard as I tried.

  “And then...” Kadie raised her eyebrow and put down her burrito.

 “And then we made out on the beach.” Kadie's jaw dropped.

   “Tell me something more happened!” She put her plate on the table and jumped excitedly back on the sofa.

  “Honestly, it was pretty PG. But, I think there had been so much built up tension between Jonah and I that making out was satisfying enough.” I dropped my head back on the sofa and went on, “And oh my god, Kadie, he did not disappoint!”

Kadie grinned and held onto my arm, “I haven't see you this happy in so long!” She threw her hands over her head and shouted, “Jonah for the win!!”
Kadie and I cleaned up the breakfast table and decided to go shopping. The weather was starting to get cooler and we really needed some winter clothes. While we were out Kadie told me she would be leaving back to Texas next weekend to pack up her things and bring them back. Eva Darlington wasn't opening up her new office until the end of the month and Kadie wanted everything to be settled before then.

After a couple of hours of retail therapy I stopped by campus to pick up my class schedule. It looked like I was going to have a busy year. My eyes were glued to my schedule as I aimlessly walked around the common area.
   “Oh, I'm so sorry!” I had ran right into a young man doing the same thing. He was tall and skinny with curly brown hair. He was wearing black slacks and his dress shirt was neatly tucked in.

  “It's fine. I'm Corey” He said extending out his hand. His voice was much deeper than I expected.

 “Lynn” I grabbed his hand and shook it.

   He saw the papers I was carrying, “Are you a first year?”

 “Yeah, I was just going over classes. You must be a first year too” I saw the sheet in his hand had a lot of the same classes as me.

We started talking about where we were from. Corey grew up in New Hampshire and went to Dartmouth for under grad. As we started talking a petite red headed girl stopped us and introduced herself.

  “I'm sorry to interrupt, I heard you guys saying you're first year students too. My name is Emma. I just moved here from Boston.” We all spent the next hour getting to know each other. Afterwards, we decided to walk around campus and find our classes. We still had another week before school was starting. Emma and Corey both looked like studious people and I knew I could count on them when it came to cramming before an exam. We all exchanged numbers and I headed back to the apartment.

Sarah texted me to let me know she was on her way to Jebrone's place. They had some business to attend to and would be making their way to the bar in an hour.

Kadie decided to come into my room to do her hair and makeup “Do you think I'll ever find someone like Jonah?” Kadie was sitting at my vanity staring in the mirror tracing her eyebrows with her fingers.
   “I'm sure you will. The guy to girl ratio out here is insane.” I was strumming through my closest trying to figure out what to wear.

  “Yeah but not just any guy. I haven't been able to stop thinking about the date you went on. I'm kind of jealous. I wish I had something like that.” She sighed and rested her chin on her fist.

I turned around facing Kadie and crossed my arms “What do you mean?”
  “I mean" She straightened her posture and changed the subject. "I mean, nevermind. I'm just destined to be a whore.” I laughed and walked up behind Kadie looking at her in the mirror. I grabbed her hair and started brushing it with my fingers.

I knew Kadie hadn't had any luck with the last couple of guys she was with so I tried to reassure her “Everyone always says Southerners are such gentlemen, but honestly I think Yankees have it on lock. I'll be damned if you don't find a man here. Someone who appreciates you. I'm not going to let you settle for anything less.”
   Kadie and I finished getting ready and headed out to a bar in midtown after stopping in Hell's Kitchen to eat dinner. Once we got there Jebrone and Sarah had already arrived and greeted us. They went ahead and got a table since the place was crowded. Jebrone ordered a round of shots for the table.
  “To Kadie!” he yelled as we all raised our glasses and shot back our drinks.
 “Woooo! Eva fucking Darlington!!” Kadie yelled as she slammed her glass down.
   Most of the night was spent laughing and catching up with each other. I was really glad I met Sarah. Her and Jebrone were good peoples. They were really turning out to make mine and Kadie's time in New York worth it.

After a couple of hours into the night Kadie excused herself to go to the ladies room. Once she was out of view I leaned in closer to Jebrone and Sarah.

  “So, do ya'll know any single guys that might be interested?” I wasn't sure if either one was taking me seriously. By the way they laughed my suspicions were confirmed.

 “Not for me you guys” I said rolling my eyes. I slowly leaned against the back of my chair. “For Kadie. She hasn't been having any luck with any decent guys.”

  “But she's gorgeous. How are guys not falling at her feet?” Jebrone asked confused.

 “I know, but that's the problem. Every guy is a fling. She can't find one that's relationship worthy.”

  “'Jebrone, what about...” Sarah looked at Jebrone and started wiggling her head around.

 “Noo, you think they'd be good together?” Jebrone stared off into the distance deep in thought. “You know what maybe it would work?”

  “He's a catch there's no way Kadie wouldn't like him!” Sarah was growing more and more eager thinking about the potential.

 “Okay, who are we talking about?” Sarah and Jebrone stared at each other for a few seconds longer before Jebrone replied

  “Adam. He's an old friend of mine. He just started his career as an entertainment lawyer and is ready to get into a serious relationship.”

 “Perfect! They both work in the entertainment industry so they have common ground!”

  “Oh my god, why am I not in the match making business? I love this! Jebrone text Adam and see where he is!” Sarah was practically bouncing out of her chair. Jebrone smiled and pulled out his phone.

 “Okay, I told him to meet me for drinks. He's at his office a few blocks away. He'll be here in half an hour”

Right then Kadie came back to the table “Who's going to be here in half an hour?” She took a sip of her watered down drink and grimaced at the taste. She signaled a waitress to come over and ordered another.

  “Our friend Adam was in the area so we told him to stop by. Hope you don't mind?” Sarah was holding back her excitement by trying her hardest not to smile. It was so obvious.

  “The more the merrier!” Jebrone, Sarah, and I kept catching each others glances and laughing. If we hadn't had so much to drink I think Kadie would have easily caught on. Jebrone changed the subject and continued telling us more about some of the artists he was working with. He had some interesting stories about the temper tantrum some of these people threw.

Right on cue, Adam walked into the bar. I knew it was him because he looked like the lawyer type. He had black hair that was parted from the side. His face was clean shaven and his skin was evenly tanned. Adam was tall and built like a man. He had a glimmer in his eyes that I'm sure all lawyers are required to have. Jebrone got up from his chair to give Adam a handshake hug.

  “Wah wah we wow!” Kadie leaned into my ear and whispered. Jebrone introduced me and then proceeded on to Kadie.

 “Adam, this is our friend Kadie. We're celebrating her new job at Darlington.” Kadie stood up from her chair to shake Adam's hand. When Adam looked over at Kadie he couldn't look away. He stood quiet for a second. He realized his mouth was opened and closed it before he shook Kadie's hand.

“Darlington? That's the best of the best. Congratulations!” Adam winked at Sarah. He gave her a hug and pulled up a chair. 

Adam talked to Jebrone about a client he had that was also signed under Jebrone's label. While they chatted about that Sarah, Kadie, and I decided we needed mani/pedis and agreed to go the next day. Eventually Adam switched seats with Jebrone and started talking to Kadie. The three of us pretended like we had other things to talk about to give the two of them some private time.

An hour had passed and it was starting to get late. We all decided to call it a night and said our goodbyes. As Kadie and I walked out of the bar I was excited to ask her what she thought of Adam.

  “He's a great guy. I don't know if he's for me though.” She didn't seem interested in our conversation.

 “Why not? You guys seemed to have hit it off.” I didn't understand what she thought was so uninteresting about him.

  “He kept talking about himself. It was a little arrogant.” She leaped out into the street to hail a cab. I chased after her.
 “Maybe he was just nervous? Did you get his number at least?” I kept pressing her with questions.

  “Ugh he was too clingy. I did and I'm hoping he doesn't call.”

 “I don't understand where all of this is coming from? You just told me earlier today you wanted to find a guy. Now that he's here you're finding every excuse not to like him.” A cab finally pulled up and we hopped in. Kadie was quiet the entire drive. We made our way up to the apartment and Kadie locked herself in her room. I was confused by her sudden change in mood. So after giving her some space I finally decided to knock on her door.

  “I'm sorry Lynn, I don't mean to hurt your feelings.” she pushed past me to go into the kitchen. She opened the fridge to grab a bottle of water.

 “You're not hurting my feelings, K. I just want to know what it is. He's good looking, he's educated, he seemed to be really into you. Why are you being so negative? You always push away the good guys and go for the slime balls that just want to use you.” I knew my words were harsh but I could tell they were making Kadie think. I sat on the arm of our sofa and watched Kadie peruse through the pantry. She couldn't seem to find what she was looking for. She gave up and plopped herself on the couch.

  “Okay, I'll admit, Adam is a catch. But, I don't want to mess up. I've never-” She stopped herself.

 “You've never what?”

 “I've never had a boyfriend before, Lynn. Okay? Happy?” I laughed sarcastically until I realized she was being serious. “I've never gone on a second date with any of the guys I've been with. I don't know how to build off of the first date. I've had a case of the one hit and quit my whole life.” I came around the sofa to sit next to Kadie.

  “Let me see your phone” She pulled it out from her pocket and handed it to me. I went through her phone until I came across Adam's number. I texted him

 “Had fun tonight we should do it again some time :)”

I gave the phone back to Kadie. He almost immediately replied,

 “How about dinner thursday night?” Kadie looked nervous. I gave her a smile and patted her leg.

“Don't worry K, Momma's here to help you put your big girl pants on!”


  1. aww...I hope Adam is a nice guy...mum

  2. Very entertaining blog. Can I make 1 suggestion though? It's a little hard to read your entries. Sometimes I look away from the screen for a second and it takes me a while to find where I left off. Maybe make the spaces between the paragraphs or lines spaced out more? Or maybe go with a bigger font. It'll definitely make reading your blog more enjoyable!

    1. yes i'm agree with sashay13 here. loving the writing so far, just a little suggestion for the blog layout. it's not a problem when i access your blog from mobile phone, but on pc or laptop it's a little tiring to read.
      my suggestions are:
      - agree with spaces between paragraphs
      - agree with bigger fonts, and probably change the font type to sans-serif type like tahoma or helvetica and the likes
      - reduce the main column's width to around 800-900 px, you can find the option on the templete designer

  3. This blog has a lot of potential. I like the idea. That being said, the characters are really superficial. There's no real depth to any of them and I don't feel like I connect with them. In a story like this you want to LOVE the main character. Lynn is actually kind of annoying and I already find myself hoping she'll fail. Hoping this one gets better....