Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Positive Energy

So far Kadie has been enjoying her time in New York. It's her first time here so I had to make sure she experienced everything. I took her to Times Square, we rode bicycles around Central Park, and experienced the unbelievable view of New York from Top of the Rock.

The day had flown by and it was only a few hours until Sarah's party. We decided to treat ourselves to blowouts at DryBar.
  “So what kind of party do you think it's going to be?” Kadie shouted over the loud hairdryers at the salon.

 “I don't know. She texted me the address and it's in Brooklyn. So, I'm thinking it's going to be a chill artsy type crowd”

  “Oh god, this better not be a hipster party.” Right then Kadie bite off the head of a gummy bear she was munching on.

We had stopped by Dylan's Candy Bar right before going to the salon. Kadie's like a child when it comes to sitting in one place for too long. She needs to have something to do.

  She continued in a sing-song voice and wiggled in her chair,

  “There ain't no party like a hipsta party, cause a hipsta party is WACK!”

we both started giggling like little girls. I wouldn't doubt that our hairdressers were annoyed with us.

Once our hair was done we headed back to my apartment and started getting ready. I decided to keep it casual with leather leggings, heels, and a draped black sweater. I completed my look with Fixed on Drama, a dark maroon lipstick from MAC.

Kadie wore a highlighter yellow dress that cinched at her waist. The sides were cut out so the armholes went all the way down to the cinching. The dress was cut just high enough to accentuate her slender legs.

Not going to lie, we looked pretty damn hot.

Before going to the party we decided to stop by a bar in downtown to grab a small bite to eat. We found a place that looked to have a young crowd. We order drinks and mozzarella sticks and nestled ourselves into a corner booth.

  “So what are you going to do about Jonah” Kadie was bopping her head to the music that was playing

 “What can I do? We figured we'd find each other when the time was right so we didn't exactly exchange
 numbers or anything.”

As cute and romantic as it sounded when Jonah and I came up with the idea I was totally regretting it now.

 “Well, if you really want to see him again you have to put the energy out in the universe”

 “Oh god Kadie, don't go all Oprah on me!” I gulped down my drink and ordered another. And then continued to pull away at the cheesy mozzarella sticks.

 “No, I'm serious Lynn. I had this client once. Total bat-shit crazy. She use to read people's energy. And she's created her whole life around it. She literally stood us in a line, execution style -”

    I couldn't help but giggle at Kadie's story

 “And she would read our energy to see who gave off a good aura. She only wanted those people to work on her party. And guess what Lynn?”

  “The party was a success?”

   Kadie slammed her glass down on the table,“The party was indeed a success”

“What was the point of that story”

   Kadie looked confused for a minute. I could tell she had just been rambling without a purpose. And then her face lit up as she dipped her mozzarella stick in marinara.

  “The point, Lynn, you thought I didn't have one.” she said matter of factually, “The point is she put positive energy for a successful party out there and it was one of the most easy going parties we had. There literally weren't any mess ups or stress.”

  “So then what should I do?”I wiped my hands on a napkin and then folded my arms.

 “Say it. Say that you will see Jonah again. Think positively about him. It'll happen!” Kadie's eyebrows were so far up her forehead from how passionately she was talking.

  “Okay” I said while rolling my eyes. I grabbed my drink and took another sip.

 “Say it!” Kadie demanded.

  “Oh my god. I want to see Jonah again” I said in a mocking tone

 “Say it the right way or it won't work!”

  “I want to see Jonah again!” I finally declared so Kadie could stop harassing me.

 “Good! Now let's go to this hipster party! Who knows maybe Jonah will be there!” Kadie said teasingly

I knew he wouldn't be there but I couldn't help but spiral back into the endless daydreaming of scenarios bumping into Jonah.

 I may have doubted Kadie's energy theory but I kinda felt like giving it a go. Anything to get us to be back together, right?

Our cab driver dropped us off in a secluded neighborhood in Brooklyn. The streets looked dark and a few fliers for local bands flew around. The sides of most of the buildings were covered in graffiti and had wood slabs covering the windows.
   Kadie turned to me with wide eyes,“If this was anywhere else other than Brooklyn I'd think it was gross. But my inner media manipulated being is saying this is fucking awesome.”

Once we got into the building there were signs directing us to the roof. We made our way up a few flights of stairs and started to regret wearing heels. Finally we got to the top and opened the door. There was a crowd of people covering the roof. There was an indie rap artist preforming and everyone was dancing with red Dixie cups in their hands. A string of lights weaved across the roof. Behind the crowd there was the most perfect night view of New York. It was glowing in all it's glory and I was reminded of why I came here.

Kadie turned towards me and grabbed both my arms,“I was right, this is fucking awesome!!” She squealed and made her way into the crowd.

That's another thing I love about Kadie. She doesn't need to know anyone around her to have a good time. She can walk into a party not knowing anyone and walk out with 20 new friends.

I grabbed a Dios Equis and walked around the crowd to find Sarah. I spotted her with Jebrone towards the back.

  “You made it!” Sarah shouted when she saw me.

 “This is insane!” I said while pointing to the crowd.

  “Isn't it? He's the new talent Jebrone is signing onto his record label. His name is Br-Ease.”

 Sarah started dancing to the music. I turned towards Jebrone confused.

 “Record label? I thought you were in Law School?”

“I am. My uncle has his own record label so I grew up around this kinda stuff. A couple years ago I found an artist that I was crazy about but my uncle wouldn't sign him because it wasn't the “sound” of his label. So, I decided to start my own label and hired a team to work with me. I sign the talents and my people do the rest. That way I can still focus on my studies.”
 “Rich folks. Well, here's to signing Br-Ease!” Jebrone and I clinked our bottles together.

Jebrone looked a lot more laid back then when I met him a few nights ago. He was wearing a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, jeans, and Nikes. He was trying hard to fit into the crowd with his attire but his facial features looked like he was born into wealth.

I grabbed Jebrone's hand and led us into the crowd. We all danced for the rest of Br-Ease's set. It was actually really good music. It was like a mixture of Kid Cudi and Drake put together.

   I caught a glimpse of Kadie and signaled her over.

  “Kadie, this is my class mate Sarah. She's the one who invited us out here. And that's Jebrone, Sarah's cousin's boyfriend.”

 “Oh, hi! Thanks for the invite. This is amazing!” Kadie said with a burst of enthusiasm.

Sarah seemed to pick up on Kadie's upbeat personality and reciprocated it.

 “I'm glad you guys liked it! I'm so excited for Br-Ease to be part of the team!” Sarah said as she clapped her hands together.
   Kadie was confused by Sarah's comment and I explained to her that Jebrone had his own record label and that he just signed Br-Ease.

 “No way! So do you work with Jebrone on the label?” Kadie seemed invested in what Sarah had to say

  “I have some experience in events and marketing so I help out with release parties every now and then”

 “Kadie actually worked at a PR company in Dallas! She knows a lot about that” I chimed in

  “Oh really? Which firm?”

   Kadie shot a look at me and answered Sarah,“R.J Gables”

“That's a really good firm! My mum has her own flag shipped in London. And others around Paris, Barcelona,Melbourne,Shanghai, Dubai, most recently in L.A and she's just about to open one up here in New York.”

  “Darlington?” Kadie stared at Sarah as if she saw a ghost.

 “Your 'mum' is Eva Darlington??” Her voice grew louder with every word.

  “Yes, how'd you know?” Sarah looked concerned

“I've been following her career since before she started in America! I read about her opening a firm in New York. I love her work! I've only dreamed of working with her!”

 Kadie really needed to calm down with the fan girling.

  “Fabulous! Truly amazing! You, my dear, have great positive energy!” Sarah was thoroughly impressed with Kadie's knowledge.
Right then me and Kadie turned towards each other and laughed. So energies was really a 'thing'.

 “My mum is about to launch the firm but she still needs a few more people on her team.”

Kadie's jaw dropped she knew exactly what Sarah was referring to, “You wouldn't!”

 “Of course I will! Any friend of Lynn is a friend of mine! I'll give her a ring and see if she's available to meet with you this week.” She smiled at Kadie and rubbed her hand on Kadie's shoulder reassuringly. “Oh, will it be a problem with R.J Gables?”

  “No! No problem at all! I'm available A.S.A.P!”

 Sarah couldn't help but laugh at Kadie's excitement.

   As Sarah walked away to call her mom Jebrone told Kadie she was welcomed to work events for his record label if she liked.

“We have a very relaxed environment. You can step in for certain events and collaborate with the other event planners.”

Anywhere Kadie goes everyone loves her. She has a way of instantly connecting with anyone she meets. She can make people feel like she's their closest friend within minutes.

Sarah bounced her way back to us and sang the good news to Kadie, 

 “She wants to meet you Monday bright and early in the AM!”

 “OH MY GOD!” Kadie shouted and then covered her mouth with both hands. “Sarah thank you so much!! You don't understand!” she grabbed Sarah and gave her a bear hug

 Jebrone took us over to meet Br-Ease and we all chatted and took pictures. Br-Ease invited us to join him for an after party but Kadie and I were exhausted from our long day. We decided to call it a night.

Jebrone and Sarah walked with us down to the street.

  “Your not going to find a cab for a few miles out here. Let my driver take you back”

Right then a black Range Rover pulled up and Jebrone opened the door for us.

 “Thanks Jebrone!” both Kadie and I said cheerfully while climbing in.

We walked into the apartment and Kadie spun around on her heel and fell back onto the couch.

“Eek! This is unbelievable! This city is ah-mazing! Now I know why you were dying to come here”

I started laughing as I walked over to grab the T.V remote. I flipped it on to one of the late night talk shows and went to the kitchen to find something to snack on.
 “I swear Kadie, you have the best of luck. You need to rub off on me a little more.”
 Kadie walked into the kitchen and pulled out bowls while I grabbed ice cream from the freezer.

 “I'm telling you Lynn, positive energy!” She said while wiggling her fingers on either side of her head.

We sat back down on the couch and started watching the talk show. The host and some writers from his show were doing a bit. I dropped my spoon in my bowl and choked on my ice cream. Kadie looked up startled.
“What's wrong?” she saw my eyes fixed on the T.V and looked back over

“That's Jonah!”


  1. Just caught up on your blog. Im definitely a fan keep up the good work and i look forward to whats going to happen next!

  2. Great post! I love Kadie and it seems that she will be staying with Lynn. I've actually heard a lot of people talking about energy and I think I need to look into it a bit more. Anyway, I can't wait to hear what's up with Jonah. I know the feeling of hoping but not daring to hope to run into a guy after leaving things a bit open.

    I'm loving your blog and I have no doubt tons of people will catch on soon! Keep it up :D

  3. I just started reading your blog (saw it on lovesexpizza) and it's really good! I've been looking for another good read.
    Let me just say that I love Kadie! She has a lotta spunk.
    Can't wait to hear more about Jonah!!!
    Impatiently waiting for Monday! Keep up the good work!

  4. Sorry. So is the schedule Monday and Wednesday? I seem to see those dates most on the posts.. I'm just trying to get myself on track so I'm not checking every single day if you're only posting on certain days :)

    great so far. Keep it up :)

  5. KBear- Thank you so much for keeping up with the blog! Yes, the schedule will be Monday and Wednesdays at 12pm. I set my blogspot to automatically post at 12pm today but something when wrong. So for today only I will be posting at 7pm EST. Glad you're enjoying the blog! :)

    Thank you everyone for the love! I may be a little bias but I'm Team Jonah as well :P excited for you all to read on!