Monday, February 10, 2014

Trust Issues

“Lynn, I'm so glad you're home!”

The sound of the front door opening had woken Kadie up. She was lying on the couch with a blanket. It looked as if she was waiting for me.

“Yeah. I think we should talk.” I kicked off my shoes and left my things at the door. I walked over to Kadie and sat down next to her.

“I'm sorry, Lynn. I should have included you more in my decision to move.”

“No," I grabbed Kadie's hands and held them in mine. “I'm sorry I over-reacted. I should have been more supportive. I know what you've been through and I'm just glad you found someone you can trust.”

Kadie grabbed my hands back. Her eyes glazed over as if she just remembered why she had trust issues to begin with. I leaned forward to give her a hug.

Growing up, Kadie was very close to her father. He was a business-man that was always traveling. When they were together they would always have a great time. But, it was when he wasn't there, that would tear Kadie apart. Eventually he stopped showing up to Kadie's soccer games. He would make promises to make it up to her, but then never show. Until one day he was completely gone. She never understood why. She was too young at the time. All she knew was that her father, the man she admired, was no longer there for her.

It wasn't until she was much older that Kadie learned the truth. Her mom did a good job of covering up the real story until she was old enough to know. Which was that Kadie and her mom weren't good enough for their father. That son of a bitch had another family on the side. Even though Kadie's mom kicked her husband out of their house; Kadie always thought of it as her father choosing the other family over her.

Kadie's daddy issues lead to some questionable decisions in her dating life. She craved the attention she wasn't getting from her father. As quick as she would get into a relationship, she would end it. She couldn't bare to have someone leave her again.

“I want to apologize too.” Kadie sounded like she was getting choked up. She cleared her throat and continued, “I'm sorry about being judgmental about the whole Connor thing. It wasn't my intention. I just feel like you're my little sister and I have to protect you.” She pulled her hands away from mine and pushed her blonde tousled hair off of her face.

I felt a pit in my stomach when I looked at Kadie. I had turned something that should have been a happy moment for her into something she was having to apologize for.

“You don't need to apologize, Kadie.” Her crystal blue eyes jetted back towards me. “I know what I'm doing with Connor isn't right. But that's a mistake I need to make. And when I'm butt-hurt from making that mistake? That's when I'm going to need you to go into big sister mode. For now, I just need my best friend.”

Kadie cracked a smile, “Deal” I held onto her shoulders before we leaned in to a hug. It was almost as if the pit in my stomach had gone away. Fighting with Kadie was a foreign concept to me. And I was glad for it to be over.

“So...” I got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Gatorade and last night's left overs. “Have you two picked out any places yet?”

“Not yet” Kadie yelled from the living room. She wrapped herself back into her blanket and turned on the TV. “I want to be somewhere near work on the Upper West Side. But Adam wants to be in Greenwich”

I walked back over to Kadie and sat on the opposite side of the couch. “Oh wow! Do you think that's something you could afford?”

She turned her head towards me. “I've been making significantly more since working at Darlington. So, I've saved up quiet a bit. Plus, with this new client we're about to sign, I'll be making a lot more.” Kadie crossed her fingers.

“Any idea who the network is yet?” I curiously asked Kadie.

“No idea” She turned her head back towards the TV.

The rest of the afternoon Kadie and I caught up on some of our shows. Our DVR box was at full capacity with recordings that we hadn't had time to watch.

I had gotten a text from Sarah late in the day asking if Kadie and I wanted to come to a party that night. Jebrone had signed another artist to his label, and they were throwing a celebratory bash. Kadie and I had so much fun the first time we didn't hesitate to respond. And after the day we had, we needed this.

I did my make up and curled my hair. I decided to go with a peachy nude lip and subtle smokey eyes. I threw on a white flow-y chiffon top and leather leggings.

Kadie straightened her long blonde hair and pulled it over to one side. She was wearing a plum colored peplum top with dark jeans.

When we were finished getting ready we headed out to the party.

As we stepped out of our cab we saw a sea of people trying to get inside the venue.

“I guess Jebrone decided to promote the party this time” Kadie whispered in my ear.

The first party we went to seemed like an exclusive group of people. This wasn't what we were expecting to see.

Just then Sarah walked out and over to the bouncer. Kadie and I shuffled through the crowd towards her.

“Kadie! Lynn!” Sarah shrieked when she saw us. “They're with me” She told the bouncer as she signaled us to come inside. The almost 7 foot tall and heavy built bouncer opened the door for us.

“What is going on?” I shouted over booming music.

“Turns out the guy Jebrone signed is friends with Big Sean and a few other rappers. So when they heard the news they decided to turn the party into this” Sarah pointed at the craziness that was going on around us.

The amount of people in there was unbelievable. I wasn't so much into the club scene, so I followed Sarah over to the lounge area. Kadie on the other hand had already immersed herself into a crowd of dancing fools.

“Where's Jebrone?”

“He's in the VIP room with the guys. You want to go up there?” Sarah asked before she pulled my hand to follow her. We climbed up a staircase made of industrial metal.

I felt a vibration in my pocket. “Hold on” I called out to Sarah as I pulled away my hand.

I looked down at my phone and froze.

“What?” Sarah looked back at me “What is it?”

It was a text from Jonah.

Coming into town this weekend. Are you free? 


  1. Can I just say that I have never been this excited for a Wednesday before?! Pleaseeee bring Jonah back!!! I love him! I loved hearing about Kadie's background story too. I really like the friendship between her and Lynn. Super excited for the next post!

    - Holly

  2. I love that Jonah is coming back. Can't wait to hear what is going to happen between them!

    For those of you looking for another blog, I've started my own and would love your support. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

  3. Ugh! I feel nervous for Lynn as though it were me! I literally have a knot in my stomach! Jonah would be so heartbroken if he knew what Lynn was doing with Connor and she can't really hide it because the sister caught her doing a walk of shame! Can't wait til Wednesday! !!

  4. JONAH I can't wait for his return and she better see him. I am wondering if thats who the new client will be???

  5. So I think jonas show is who kadies boss is going to sign.....!!!!!! :) I hope so anyway lol

  6. Maybe it's because I'm a Millennial, but I'm all for no strings attached sex with Connor if that's what Lynn wants to do. A little, and I do stress "a little," sexual experimentation is good in your twenties. Especially when you consider the ways in which boys and girls are socialized and taught about sex. Sometimes it takes a little of that to figure out what sex is all about and how to enjoy it. More power to her :)

  7. I just read your blog from Start to finish over the last 24 hours and... I'M SO HOOKED!! I'm enjoying your storyline so much and I'm totally excited Jonah is going to be back (maybe). I love their chemistry! Can't wait till Wednesday!! :)

  8. yay jonah! I'm glad Lynn and Kadie made up, also loved to read more details from Kadies past. As always; can't wait for your next post :)

  9. Ok, I am SO in the minority here, but I don't think I like Jonah OR Conor for Lynn. I just think that there is someone else out there for her..someone like Kadie's Adam where they click immediately and want the same things.

    1. Jonah and Lynn totally clicked! Unfortunately things just happened at a time when Jonah was offered the opportunity in LA. Connor, um yuck. Don't like that one at all. I think that Lynn and Jonah want a lot of the same things, they just aren't at equal points yet in their lives. I hope they can work through that!

    2. ^ I completely agree. I don't think you can click with someone more than how much Jonah and Lynn clicked with each other. I actually think they clicked more than Kadie and Adam did! Kadie and Adam just seemed to moved at a faster pace than Lynn and Jonah did. Maybe that's why it seems like they clicked more (??). Either way, I definitely think Jonah and Lynn clicked immediately. I love them together :)

  10. this blog is so much better than love, sex and pizza! i can tell the author is really dedicated and loves what she does and it reflect onto her writing and story line. absolutely love this blog! keep it up :)

  11. I'm sorry but I have to point this out. The last sentence of the 9th paragraph should read "She couldn't BEAR to have someone leave her again", not BARE. Please don't take offense. I like the story and your writing. I've just noticed you've been making the same mistake over and thought maybe you just never noticed. Have a good day!

  12. Jonah can so be Lynn's new room mate

  13. I'm so glad Jonah isn't entirely out of the picture. I am in love with him!
    Can't wait for Wednesday's post!