Monday, February 3, 2014

Round 2

It was Saturday morning and I had woken up to the sun pouring into my room and the smell of french toast. Despite how cold it was and how much I wanted to stay wrapped up in my blanket, I jumped out of bed and ran for the kitchen.

“Kadie!” I yelped while throwing my arms around her. It had been a few days since I'd seen Kadie. She was working late this week, so by the time she'd come home I would already be knocked out from a night of studying.

“Lynn! My baby!” Kadie hugged me back. “I made your favorite. Go clean up and tell me about Casey!”

“Alright, mom!” I smiled and rolled my eyes at Kadie.

The night that I ran into Casey, I texted Kadie letting her know what was going on. Now that it was the weekend we were finally getting time to catch up on the details of everything.

I went back into my room to change out of my pajamas. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, made my hair, and then came back to eat breakfast.

I grabbed a couple of waffles and a french toast and sat with one knee up at the kitchen table, waiting for Kadie to sit down.

“So, tell me! What is she like?” Kadie eagerly called from over her shoulder as she was making a plate for herself.

“First of all, she's gorgeous! I guess good looks run in the family” I shrugged my shoulders and started cutting my french toast into bite size pieces. “She's very well spoken and so sweet. Honestly within the first few minutes of talking to her she made me feel like we'd been friends forever”

Kadie walked over to the kitchen table and sat down with her plate “How did  you run into her again?”

I took a huge bite of my food to avoid answering the question. I hadn't told Kadie anything about Connor. I wasn't planning on having a relationship with him and like Connor said it was a “one night” thing. What Kadie doesn't know won't hurt her, right?

“We, uh, we bumped into each other in the street” I quickly looked down at my food to avoid eye contact. I could see Kadie staring at me accusingly.

“Oh, that's so random” She tilted her head as if she didn't understand and slowly put her fork and knife down.

“Yeah, I dozed off in the subway, so I ended up missing my stop and had to get off at the next one.” I got up from my chair and walked over to the fridge “You want some OJ?” I pulled it out, trying to change the subject, and began pouring some for myself.

Kadie leaned back in her chair and folder her arms “No, thank you” She stared off into space as if she were lost in thought “So is that where you two ran into each other?”

I took a big gulp of my orange juice before I refilled the glass “Yeah, apparently she owns a few boutiques around the city and she came into town to check on them. When she saw me walking by she ran out to stop me because she thought I looked familiar, I guess from some pictures Jonah may have shown her.” I walked back over to the table and sat down.

“Hm, that makes sense” Kadie concluded. She sat up straight and began eating her food again.

I sighed with relief that Kadie hadn't caught me in my lie. Just as I was releasing my tensed up shoulders, Kadie looked up at me “You're not telling me something”

I tried to play it cool, “Not telling you what?”

She picked up a piece of french toast with her fork and ate it. We silently stared at each other until she looked away “Nothing, never mind.”

I quickly changed the subject again and we started talking about Kadie's crazy week at work.

“Eva is in negotiations with a client and if we settle on an agreement our company will be the official PR reps for this big time network company.”

“Ooh, that sounds amazing! Any idea who the network is?”

“Eva wouldn't say. She said legally she isn't allowed to until we're officially hired” Kadie took my empty plate and stacked it onto hers “But, she did say that if we do get the client we're going to be busier than ever. This network has multiple events in a month. Which means more mula for mama!” She shimmied her shoulders as she picked up the plates from the table and took them to the sink.

After breakfast Kadie and I decided to run some errands. Adam, Kadie's boyfriend, was coming over for dinner that night and she needed a few things from the grocery store.

“So how are things going with you and Adam?” I asked while we browsed through the pasta aisle.

“Things are going good. They're starting to get a little serious...” Her voice drifted off as she turned away from me

“Serious how?” I walked to the other side of Kadie

“Serious, like, he wants us to move in together”

“What” I couldn't help but raise my voice. The shopping basket handles that were resting on my forearm slid down to my hand. “You two have only been dating for a couple of months, Kadie. Don't you think it's moving a little too fast?”

“Lynn, please” Kadie gestured for me to lower my voice “We want to take this thing to the next level. And we think that would be moving in together”

“So, then you're just going to leave me?” The palm of my hands were facing up as I waited for Kadie to answer my question.

“I just want you to be happy for me. I finally found a guy I like. I want to make it work with him” She sighed and looked at me defeated.

I continued walking down the aisle “Fine. We can talk about this later”

We grabbed what we needed and walked back to the apartment. Once we put all of the groceries away I went into my room and dedicated the next few hours to studying.

It was about 5PM when Kadie knocked on my door again “Lynn, dinner's almost ready, you wanna come help me?”

I opened my door to respond “Don't worry about me. I'm going to Sarah's later. I don't want to intrude on your dinner with Adam” I folded my arms across my chest and leaned back on my door frame.

“Don't be silly, Lynn. I made enough food for the three of us. At least stay for dinner” Kadie yelled from the kitchen.

Just then there was a knock on the door. I opened it, inviting Adam inside.

“Hey Lynn! How's it going” Adam handed me a bottle of wine.

“It's okay. Could be better” I looked unimpressed as I glanced at the wine bottle even though it was aged and expensive. I put it on the kitchen counter and walked past Adam to pull out plates for dinner.

“Hey babe!” Kadie kissed Adam. The two of them continued to talk while I set up the table for dinner. Once everything was out we sat down to eat.

“So, Lynn, did Kadie tell you we're planning on moving in together?”

“Yeah” I responded in a condescending tone “Don't know how good of an idea that is” I mumbled before stuffing pasta in my mouth.

“Lynn” Kadie whispered while punching my leg under the table.

"What was that?" Adam looked up at Kadie and I fake smiling at each other

"I was just telling Lynn to uncork the wine you brought so we can have it with dinner" Kadie looked back at me.

I picked up my phone from my lap and put it on the table as I got up. Kadie came in closer to me and whispered threateningly “Do not do this right now, Lynn!”

“Whatever” I whispered back. My phone started vibrating as I walked away. When I turned around to grab it I saw Kadie's face peeking over at my phone with her jaw dropped.

“Connor?” She practically yelled in shock “I knew you were lying to me about something!” She picked up my phone and held it up showing me the text message.

Can't stop thinking about Wednesday night. Round 2 tonight?

“Lynn Lee Barnes, you better have an explanation for this!”

I snatched my phone from Kadie's hands. “It's none of your business!” I texted Connor back as I walked away from her.

“Who's Connor” Adam asked as he watched Kadie and I angrily stare at each other.

“No one. I'm leaving. You two have fun” I grabbed my purse and coat and headed out of the apartment.

“Lynn, you DON'T want to do this!” Kadie shouted as I closed the door behind me.


  1. Honestly, I'm a bit confused, they're both acting kind of immature. Getting mad at one another without explaining or even trying to understand. I do appreciate Kadie's warning though, in case Jonah magically appears outta no where soon, it's gonna get messy. Btw, this is my first comment ever. I've been following you from the start though. Great blog concept :)

    1. You've been following since the beginning, and you're just now commenting? What took you so long?! lol Just teasing! Glad I could find a loyal NYD reader in you! And, I agree, despite how mature Kadie may seem to act, her and Lynn have a lot of growing up to do! (love how you're looking out for Jonah! lol ) :)

    2. Hmmmm. My gut tells me this is about to get messy! I'm betting the "network" is Jonah's.

  2. Love this! Such an accurate portrayal of 24 year olds! Up one minute, down the next. Can't wait for me. I'm officially addicted :)

  3. Kadie sometimes gets on my nerves.. sort of how my best friend meddles in my life lol.

    I dont think the moving in thing is a good idea though.. too soon. way too soon!


  4. This was good!! Definitely a shocker that kadie is wanting to move in with her man already.... makes me wonder if Jonah will be back soon and Lynn will move in with him! After all, she will need a new room mate! ;)

    Can't wait to hear more about Jonah! Crossing my fingers he moves back. Keep up the great work!

    ~ Lisa

  5. I agree, they are acting a little immature. But then again 24 is still so young!!! I would LOVE for Jonah to move back to NY. Casey would be a great sister-in-law :-) I don't think she should do a round 2 with Connor, he was so rude last time. She had her fun she should just leave it at that.

  6. I'm currently reading 4 blogs. Don't tell the others but you're my favorite lol. I love the story line and characters. We've all had our Connor's right? I say have some fun. Jonah moved across the country. She can't just sit there and pine for him as much as I did loooove Jonah have some fun. Med school is a big deal and getting stuck in a rut will just get y down... I say go and bring back details of round two pleeease... I need to live vicariously through Lynn Lee =]

    1. What are some other blogs? I'm reading 2 others and am always looking for more to read. Please share!

    2. What are the other four blogs? I'd love to read some other ones. :)

    3. Love sex pizza
      Love and all those other drugs
      Minne apple girl

      I'll post links when I get on my computer.
      I like all of them a lot! These are the only ones I care to keep up with lol.

    4. I recently stumbled upon. MODERN DAY FAITH and this blog has been going on since 2009. It took me 3 days but I'm totally hooked! Check it out as well! In the mean time thanks for posting the others I read 2 our of the 3 you have posted and will Google the other!

  7. I agree with Kate S we all have had our Connor's and why not she is young and on her own have some fun. I think Jonah should come back but not for a little while longer I think she needs more time to be single. As for the Kadie thing I don't think its too soon I moved in with my husband on day 8 and haven't looked back. I think Lynn is just upset cause it could have been her and Jonah or she doesn't want Kadie to feel trapped like she did before she moved.


  8. I think that it's a bit soon for Kadie to move in with her boyfriend, but really it's not Lynn's business. People need to make their own mistakes and Lynn shouldn't act like Kadie's mom! :)

    1. Minneapplegirl I agree! But at 24 I'd be doing the same thing especially to get the attention off of the whole Connor situation. Lol. Can't wait to see what happens with Theo on Wednesday! ^_^

    2. Yeah i agree. Kadie can make her own decision. Don't rmb Kadie acting this way when Lynn wanna move to NYC. If anything, Kadie has always been positively supporting Lynn all these while..

  9. Lynn's situation has a very emotional side to it and I think she's been trying to keep it all in. I mean, the person she loves and misses is all the way across the country, he may or may not be coming back which just leaves her wondering, and now her best friend is moving out to live with her boyfriend, and on top of everything, med school is just a complete pain. So I kind of understand where Lynn is coming from. She's kept it together pretty well for the past month, in my opinion, and I think she's hitting that point where all the emotions from everything is getting to her and she needs to let it all out. It's hard, I've been there and it really is frustrating. I'm sure as much as Lynn is happy for Kadie, seeing Kadie and Adam happily together doesn't do much to help her get over what she had with Jonah.

    And I hope Lynn doesn't go for round 2 with Connor, just because she seemed to be in an emotional state when she left the apartment and I don't think hooking up with Connor/dealing with arrogance is going to help her at the moment. I hope she texted him and said she couldn't, and just left to go hang out with Sarah like she said she was going to. Thank you for the great post though! Can't wait for Wednesday! :)

    - Holly

    1. I love your analyzation of Lynn! Very well thought out and every bit true! Back in Texas, when she was with Joshua, everything was planned out for her. Now she's in a completely different world where nothing is planned and everything's going wrong, and she just doesn't know how to deal. Thanks for the comment Holly, loved reading this! :)

  10. Oh I love this post and can't wait until the next I just hope she doesn't get too wrapped up in Connor that she doesn't get back with Jonah unless he changed and is a jerk then she can keep up with Connor!

  11. That production company is totally going to be Jonah's and he will definitely be back!!

  12. I agree with most of the comments! Seems to me a med student would have a little more brains than to run around for a booty call but many do it all the time. Her & Jonah left the whole deal up in the air.
    Kadie seems to be enjoying herself but I don't agree w 'living together' w the old adage of 'why buy the cow when you get the milk free'.
    I like how these posts leave you hanging!! Never dull!! I am enjoying this one the best but don't let Lynn get too crazy!

  13. I don't see anything wrong with her getting some even if she is a Medical Student so far it's just been Jonah and Connor not as many as it could of been.. I really like Jonah tho and can't wait for him too be back..

  14. I know Kadie is only trying to help and be motherly but I'd be so frustrated if I was Lynn! I can't help but notice that although she's a faithful friend she can also be extremely patronizing to Lynn - despite the fact that Lynn is old enough to make her own decisions and face the consequences, independent enough to move to NYC without expecting anyone else to move too, and is extremely smart having been accepted on a scholarship!

  15. Just started reading today. I love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I'm officially hooked.

  16. So, I have to say I'm a little I found this blog when it's still fairly new because I got all caught up this morning and now have to wait like everyone else.

    I love your writing style and I love this blog. Keep up the amazing work :).

    - J

  17. I'm so hooked on this blog as well!! I kept checking to see if there was another surprise Friday post! Lynn is at a point in her life where she can do what she wants. Like Carrie said in satc "the twenties are for making mistakes, thirties for learning from those mistakes. ...."