Friday, January 31, 2014

Coffee and Conversations

* Hello, Readers! I just want to start  by thanking you all for the sweet, funny, enthusiastic comments. I'm so glad everyone has been enjoying the blog! So, to show my appreciation, I've decided to give you all a much requested bonus post for this week! I've received countless emails and comments asking for an update on Jonah. Today's post was written specifically for this request! Have a happy weekend and enjoy today's read!*

I couldn't believe it. Out of the millions of people living in New York, I just had to bump into Jonah's sister outside of Connor's apartment. Oh, the irony!

After introducing herself, Casey suggested we go down to the corner coffee shop to get better acquainted. She came into town to visit her friend, who apparently is Connor's neighbor, and was on her way back to Long Island, where she lives.

It was almost 9PM and the once busy streets were now vacant. Everyone that was scurrying around earlier had safely made it to their destination. It wasn't unusual since the residential areas of New York always died down the quickest.

“I'm so sorry if I interrupted. I just had to say something when I saw you” Casey apologized as we walked into the shop. The barista gave me a confused look, wondering why I was back for the second time that night.

“You didn't interrupt anything. I was on my way out...” I mumbled, embarrassed that she witnessed my walk of shame.

“I don't mean to pry, but is he...” Her hushed voice carried on waiting for me to finish her sentence.

I laughed to make it seem as if she was crazy for assuming anything else “Just a friend. Nothing more.”

Casey ordered both of us a couple of coffees and we nestled ourselves into a corner booth. Now that I knew who she was I could see the resemblance between her and Jonah. She was beautiful. Her light brown flowy hair was parted down the middle. Unlike Jonah, Casey's eyes were green, and her skin had an even sun kissed tan. The kind you see on people who've just come back from an exotic island.

I remembered the first time I went to Jonah's place; there were pictures of his family around his apartment. He'd mentioned having an older and younger sister, but I didn't pay much attention to the people in the photographs. I'd only known Casey was older because Jonah told me his older sister had recently gotten engaged. I looked over at Casey's hand to see her wearing an asscher cut diamond ring.

“Do you have a date set?” I asked Casey while nudging towards her ring.

She looked down at her hand and smiled “March. We want to have a spring wedding. Hopefully this nasty weather will clear up by then.”

I smiled back and held up my hands crossing my fingers.

“Do you come into the city often?” I rested my head on my hands giving my full attention to Casey.

“Occasionally for work. My friend Dina, whose apartment I was just at, is also my business partner. We own a few boutiques around the city. Dina takes care of the stores from here while I do most of the finances and buying from the 'burbs. I come in time to time to make sure everything's running smoothly.”

Coming from a suburban area to a big city, I couldn't imagine why any one would want the opposite lifestyle “Are you not a fan of the city?”

“Oh no, I am!” She gave me an, are you kidding, look “Jonah and I used to live out here together. But when our youngest sister moved out to go to college I went back to Long Island.” She paused for a minute “I'm sure Jonah told you about our dad's passing..”

I nodded my head “Briefly”

Casey looked away towards the window and slightly sucked in her cheek exposing a faint dimple.

“He was a firefighter. He died saving a family from their burning home. We were all pretty young at the time. Anyway, mom never remarried after that. She always said he was the love of her life. I can tell, so many years later, she's still torn up about it. So I went back to keep her company.”

I couldn't help but pout my lip as Casey talked about her parents. It made so much more sense why Jonah was the way he was. Ambitious and striving like his father and a lover like his mother.

“So, how's Jonah doing?” I was curious to know. We had fallen out of communication in the last month because of our schedules not matching and the 3 hour time difference between us.

“Jonah's doing good! He's enjoying L.A.” Casey softly blew over her coffee before she took a sip “He actually just got promoted to producer.”

“That's amazing!” I squealed. I was genuinely happy he was accomplishing everything he set out to do.

“I know! My baby brother is growing up so fast!” Casey laughed.

“That's something I always admired about him. He's so good at everything he does”

“Yeah, no kidding! The viewership for the Late Night show has gone up significantly since he's been head writer. There's been a lot of buzz among the top dogs of the entertainment world about Jonah. He's thinking now would be a good time to team up with a few of his writing buddies and create a new show of his own.” She smiled like a proud older sibling.

“I'm sure it won't be anything short of amazing” I stirred my coffee with a spoon before I took a sip. Casey looked at me as if she was lost in her thoughts.

“Lynn, I know I don't know you all that well, and don't take this offensively, because I'm not sure what note you two left on” She reached her arm across the table and grabbed my hand “But I've honestly never seen Jonah so in love. Oh, the way he would talk about you!” Casey dramatically held her hands over her heart and laughed.

I smiled back at her a little confused as to where she was getting at.

“You have to promise me you two will give it another try when he comes back to town” Her eyes widened as she waited for my agreement.

“Comes back to town?” I furrowed my brows.

“If his new show get's picked up, they're going to be filming in the City”


  1. thank you for posting!!

  2. First off, you are absolutely amazing for giving us a bonus Friday post, and on top of that, giving us an update on Jonah! So thank you for that!! Second, pleaseeee bring Jonah back!!! I'm dying to have him and Lynn be back together again and this is the perfect opportunity. And I'm so happy he's accomplishing his dreams, he deserves it. I really liked Casey too. She's as lovable as Jonah is and it shows that he really does come from a good family. I'm glad we heard a bit about his parents too. It helped show why Jonah is the sweet guy he is (if only every guy in the world was like him, the world would be such a better place).

    Anyways, loved the post, love the characters, and absolutely obsessed with your blog!! Thank you for making my day!! Can't wait for next week :)

    - Holly (I realized I tend to forget to sign my name after my comments on some of the past posts; trying to make a better habit of it haha)

    1. Thank you, Holly, for your kind words! Thought this would be a perfect opportunity to shed a little more light on Jonah's background. I guess you'll have to keep reading to find out if Jonah plans on coming back or not! :p Love your enthusiasm! Have a great weekend!

  3. THANK YOU!!!!! I'm so happy you did this Friday post!! I am a huge Jonah fan. Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks again!

  4. THANK YOU!!!!! For this Friday post I loved it... So glad to hear Jonah might come back to town! I can't wait to hear more about him and Lynn.. Keep up the good work!

  5. Awesome post! What a nice surprise!! Thanks for the bonus and great writing!

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    thank you for this bonus post, you once again made my evening <3

  8. Wow, Jonah's coming back! I like Casey too! But I think she'll tell Jonah how they met and he'll figure something out...we'll see!

    thanks for posting today!!

  9. Thank you so much for the bonus post!!! Love the blog and I really hope she gets back with Jonah!!!

  10. Yeah!!! Thank you so much for posting. (:
    New York Dixie is an extraordinary blog! I am so happy to hear about Jonah, and his sister is just as amazing as him. Please oh please have Jonah and Lynn get back together. I look forward to Monday. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you! It means a ton getting back such positive feedback! Hope you enjoy today's post :)

  11. This blog is amazing. I keep looking forward to the posts. And the character is smeone I can easily realte to which is nice

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  15. Just found this blog and am catching up. I really enjoy the read. My only distraction is how Lynn has every guy falling at her feet. Makes for a fun dating blog, but at the same time I feel like I want to see more of the nuances of dating. As in, a guy not professing his love (or speaking in ways we dream) on a first date.

    Looking forward to reading more though!