Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Table For One, Please.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where it seems like the days just flew by, but then you really start to think about it and you realize it was actually the complete opposite?

Well, that's how my week was going. I had been so consumed with studying over the weekend and any chance I got during the week, for my exam on Thursday, that I didn't even know where the days had went. I only realized how long it'd been since I had a proper meal because of the thundering growls projecting from my stomach during the exam.

I held my hand over my stomach as I double checked my scantron before turning it over to the professor. I grabbed my bags and hauled ass. Need. Food. NOW.

I was practically sprinting out the door when I heard footsteps following behind me

“Hey, wait up!” Emma pulled my shoulder, whizzing me around. Even though neither of us has much of a relationship outside of classes, things felt a little more awkward than usual when her date with Corey didn't work out. In her defense, he comes off as a great guy on paper, but I guess the sparks just weren't there.

“Oh, hey Emma...Was that exam ridic, or what?” I tried to make small talk as we both continued to walk out of the university's building and onto Park avenue. It was only half an hour past sunset and the street lights were already on.

“Yeah it was really intense” She sped up her pace and stopped when she was in front of me “I actually wanted to ask you a favor”

I hesitated to ask Emma to elaborate, because honestly the only thing I could imagine was a ginormous drool-worthy pizza and Emma standing between me and my love. She was totally food-blocking me.

“What is it?” I spoke slowly and cautiously, afraid that if I spoke too enthusiastically that Emma might think I agreed to do what ever it is she wanted.

“I know this is going to sound silly, but my friends are coming into town tomorrow night from Boston and we're all going out to dinner. They always tease me about my taste and I want to show them that my style has changed.” Emma's face was glowing with embarrassment. I took a good look at her and realized what her friends were referring to. Her taste was very simple and minimalistic. I wouldn't consider myself fashion forward, but I had definitely started taking more time to execute my outfits since coming to New York. So I knew where Emma was coming from.

“Will you come with me to pick out an outfit?” She looked at me hopefully.

I was reluctant to say yes, but I knew I was obligated. I could feel my stomach detaching itself in protest for not feeding it. “Sure” I looked down at my phone to check the time “You know who would be great for this? Kadie, she's a little fashionista! She's probably just leaving work, I'll give her a call.”

After letting Kadie know where to meet up, Emma and I headed towards 5th avenue. There's an H&M off of 51st street that always has the best sales. Emma complains about money being tight so I knew we could find affordable cute clothes there.

As we walked into the store I spotted a blonde excitedly bopping her head in and out of the clothes racks. “There she is” I lead Emma to Kadie. She had already gotten started shopping. Her hands were holding so many clothes a worker had to offer her a shopping bag

“Oh my God, Lynn. I forgot how epic this place is!” She picked up a shirt from the display table and after examining it, she shrugged her shoulders and tossed it into her bag.

The three of us went to work. We rummaged through clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. 

After an hour of speed shopping we sent Emma on her way into the fitting rooms.

“We'll be out here, Emma, just give us a shout” Kadie and I went to the clothing area next to the fitting rooms.

“Lynn, this would look so fabulous on you!” Kadie picked up a dress and held it up to me.

“I don't know, Kadie. Pink usually isn't my color.” I grimaced and pushed the dress away.

Kadie looked at the tag “But it's only $10!”

“What?!” I snatched it from Kadie's hands “In that case...” I put the dress into my shopping bag.

I'm sure Kadie and I looked like a couple of psychotic girls as we pulled out clothes from the racks and started laughing at the prices while putting them into our bags.

Emma called for us to come back into the fitting room. We picked out five different outfits for her but she had only chosen to show us one.

“I think this is it” She stuck out her arms as she slowly spun around. She was wearing a flowy black chiffon top tucked into a forest green pleated skirt and sheer black leggings with black polka dots.

Without saying a word Kadie ran out of the fitting room

“Kadie, where are you going?” I called after her

“I need those leggings in my life!” We watched her sprint down the stairs to grab herself a pair.

Emma and I laughed as she went into the fitting room to change back into her clothes.

Once we were done shopping we went over to the registers to check out.

We parted ways with Emma and headed back towards our apartment.

After we ate dinner I went back into my room to check if Connor had texted me. We hadn't talked since our run in at his practice last week. So I texted him to make sure we were still going to dinner the next night like we had planned.

We're still on for tomorrow night, right?

Fifteen minutes later I got a reply

Of course. Meet you there at 6!

The next day after classes I decided to skip our usual study session and went back to my apartment instead. I laid out my dress, clutch, and shoes, on my bed before leaving to class that morning. I quickly jumped into the shower to freshen up. Once I was dressed I headed over the the restaurant.

Connor and I were meeting at a Mexican place in downtown.

When I stepped out of the cab and went into the restaurant I couldn't spot Connor. I figured he was just running late so I went ahead and grabbed us a table.

“Would you like to order a drink while you wait” my waitress offered.

“Water for now, please” I didn't know how long it would take Connor and I didn't want to be completely bombed by the time he got here.

As I looked around me I noticed that the restaurant was filled with couples. It seemed like the place to be for date night. Connor had suggested the place and I was really hoping he wasn't getting the wrong idea.
_ _ _

I'm sorry miss, but you're going to have to give up your table if you don't order soon.”

The waitress came by my table for the third time to fill my glass of water. I was still sitting in the middle of the restaurant by myself at a table set for two. I shook my head as I pulled out my phone from my purse. There weren't any missed calls or text messages. It had already been an hour and fifteen minutes since I had been there.

I couldn't believe the nerve he had

I took one last sip of my water before I grabbed my clutch and left the restaurant. Connor had officially stood me up.


  1. I'll be impatiently waiting and checking back every hour!!

  2. awh, I've been looking forward to this all day! (since its already evening here in The Netherlands :)) can't wait! you're totally my fave bloggist.

    1. Thank you, Emi! I always look forward to your sweet comments :)

  3. I love your blog. I found it from another blog I read. I can't wait until the next post.

  4. Still no post? =[

  5. i Know is not been 24 hours.... but i'm waiting impatiently :|

  6. I can't believe he stood her up! So immature! Can't wait for next week!

  7. Well now! I guess he either has a great excuse or Lynn really ticked him off!!
    Great post!

  8. I really enjoyed this post! Thank you for the clarification! That's exciting that she got a full ride! Very impressive.

  9. this could be a really good way for lynn to level the playing field with conno - if he has a good excuse. if something came up and he blew her off, they are even for what she did to him before. but, if he's just being a jerk who was trying to get even he's childish and needs to go!

  10. I thought it was funny. Lynn was totally ridiculous that night at the restaurant. Instead of being mature and explaining the situation, she acted like she was in a bad I Love Lucy episode or something. I don't think Connor purposely stood her up, though. I think there is more to the story. Anyone else? mum

    1. I think you are right mum.. i just picture that scene on my head and i laugh until my stomach hurt. i would love to hear his side of the story.

  11. I love your Blog.. Keep it up the good work !.

    I will be here next Monday to read his (Connor) side of the story. Hopefully it will be a good one.

  12. How immature of Connor! I hope Jonah can get back in her life soon again :) Also, thank you for your clarification! my parents are kind of the same (not rich though) but they pay for my education and living until I can start working ^^ so I kind of understand that she doesn't like talking about it. great post, was worth the wait! now it's back to the waiting corner until Monday :c

  13. I'm kinda a bit miffed at Kady. That was rude some of the things she said. that she likes to pretend independence yet whips out daddy's credit card. That's not her business to tell people Lynn's situation, and I'd be royally pissed beyond belief, and Kady would have gotten a solid punch in the throat if it were me! grrr.


  14. Just a heads up that your posts are updating automatically. This is regarding the post for the 27th. Hope you aren't having problems again!

    1. Thanks! I took it off automatic since I had to delay last week's post! forgot to switch it back

  15. lol I love how a lot of you are ripping on connor for standing her up when she basically did the same thing but even worse kept running back and forth and bailing on him for Jonah -in front of him I might add-instead of just being upfront. Serves her right :P I think turn abouts fair play and she was just as immature!

  16. Please post today's. I need my fix. Haha