Monday, January 6, 2014


“I'm leaving Monday morning for LA. I'll be there for a week but I want to see you before then. I really miss you, Lynn. Can we do something tomorrow night?”

Jonah texted me almost immediately after Connor asked me out to dinner. It was as if he knew about Connor's text and was trying to intercept my plans with him.

I stared at my phone for a long time reading and rereading Jonah's text. Should I ditch Connor to see Jonah before he leaves? Or should I move on from Jonah?

After Adam left that night I confided in my personal Yoda.

“Kadie, I don't know what to do?” I paced back and forth from the couch Kadie was sitting on.

“Do you want my honest opinion or do want me to tell you what you want to hear?”

“Your honest opinion...No, wait! Tell me what I want to hear....Okay, no, I should really hear your honest opinion...Or should I-” I was looking down at the floor talking like I'd lost my mind.

“Lynn!” Kadie cut me off “I hate to tell you this, but Jonah is leaving. He's moving to LA. Unless you plan on moving there too I don't think you'll be seeing him anytime soon. Don't get me wrong I'm 100% on Team Jonah, but you need to move on with your life, just like he is.”

The last part of Kadie's advice stung a little. I had to sit down once she said it. It was true. Jonah was moving on with his life. Kadie scooted her body over to the edge of the couch where I was sitting.

“Maybe going out with Connor, even if it is just as friends, will help you transition a little better.”

I picked up my phone from the coffee table and looked over both text messages again. I started typing out my reply to Jonah.

“I miss you too, Jonah. Please don't leave! I need you in my life!” I erased the text faster then I'd written it out. I settled with a shorter text instead “Miss you too, but I'm busy tomorrow night”

I went to Connor's text message and replied back to him as well, “Thai sounds good to me! I'll see you tomorrow night!”

Kadie was looking over my shoulder as I hit send. She patted me on the back “You know what makes everything better?”

“Ice cream?”

“Ice cream!” Kadie bounced out of her seat and pranced into the kitchen.

The next morning I decided to wake up a little earlier than usual. Kadie was in this fitness phase of her life and I figured if things were going so perfectly for her maybe I should do whatever it was she was doing. We set out to run around a park that was close by our apartment. More like she ran and I did a weird combination of a fast walk mixed with a slow jog.

I could see Kadie from a distance slowing her pace as she was finishing her run. Instead of finishing my mile, I collapsed to the ground and waited for Kadie to approach me.

“Oh, stop being so dramatic Lynn, you barely ran!”

Kadie extended out her hand to help me up “Now it's time for the real fun!” she sang cheerfully.

“What? I thought we were done...” I looked at Kadie confused

“Oh no, no, no, these glutes aren't going to shape themselves!” She pulled my hand to follow her to an open grassy area. We spent the next hour doing free weight lunges and leg stretches.

And that was the day I died. Okay, so I'm being a little dramatic. But it's safe to say there was definitely a pain in my ass.

Once we were done Kadie insisted on running back to the apartment.

“Come on! It's not that far Lynn! It's just a couple of blocks!”

I slowly stood up from the ground and dusted off the grass from my yoga leggings “ Okay, fine, but I'm going at a slower pace, so you go ahead. I'm coming behind you”

Kadie jumped up with a huge grin on her face. I started doing my fast walk as Kadie ran off into the distance. Once she was gone I went over to the side of the street and hailed a cab. There was no way in hell I was about to run all that way. Kadie was out her mind!

We got back to the apartment and I jumped into the shower to clean up. When I stepped out I heard Adam's voice in the living room again. He and Kadie had been spending a lot of time together lately and it made me think where their relationship was headed.

Kadie had always been the independent type. Doing things on her own, never relying on anyone. She was an only child, so it was in her nature. Seeing her with Adam was great and even more exciting that she was willing to let someone in on her life.

Since it was Sunday I decided to run some errands like, grabbing some groceries and getting my laundry done.

The day flew by and before I knew it I was getting ready for dinner. I decided to keep it casual with a cotton dress and a cardigan with tights and flats. I didn't want Connor getting the wrong idea.

“Headed to Chow. See you there in a few!” I texted Connor before I headed to the subway. It's impossible to get service down there.

When I arrived to the 46th street stop I came out of the subway and saw a cute little shop with vintage furniture. A vanity desk Kadie had been searching for caught my eye. I knew it would take Connor a while to get to the restaurant so I decided to go inside.

After I spent 20 minutes looking around at some of the pieces, I felt my phone vibrate. I knew it was Connor letting me know he was at the restaurant so I headed down the street.

I made a reservation earlier that day so when I went inside I gave the hostess my name. She showed me around to my table. I was surprised when Connor hadn't arrived yet.

I pulled out my phone to see who it was that texted me. I unlocked my phone and saw a text from Jonah.

“Glad you changed your mind! I'm in the area. Be there in a bit”

Jonah's text made no sense at all. What did I change my mind about? I looked to see what the last message was in our text thread. I dropped my jaw and covered my mouth with my hand. I accidentally sent Jonah the text I meant to send Connor. Shit!

I started to quickly text Jonah back but before I could I saw him walking in to the restaurant. He approached the hostess and she pointed over at me. I ducked my head behind the dividing wall that was next to me. I peeked over slightly to see if Jonah was coming. Thankfully his view was blocked by the hostess walking infront of him so I quickly slid under the table and started crawling towards the bathroom. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

I was getting weird looks from everyone as I crawled mission impossible style from table to table. I looked back to see that the hostess had seated Jonah down at my table. I turned back around and started crawling when I bumped into someone.

“Oh, I'm so sorry!” I whispered as I looked up. It was Connor. He looked at me like I was crazy. I mean, I couldn't blame him.


I was shit out of luck.


  1. Eta:
    Oh my god I loved this post. Crap can't wait until the next...sadly I have texted the wrong person many a times....

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm literally obsessed. I cannot wait until Wednesday now! I do think Jonah's going to be hurt when he finds out what's going on. Yeah, Lynn wasn't doing anything wrong. Her intention was to go to dinner with Connor as friends. But, I disagree with Kadie. I don't think the right way for Lynn to "move on" from Jonah was to do something with Connor, even if it was just as friends. Yes, Jonah is moving on with his life. But he's not moving on with another woman. He's doing it for his career. It's his job and he really enjoys it. There's a really big difference, and I think he's going to be genuinely hurt that Lynn is doing things with another guy before he's even gone. I really do think Lynn and Jonah need one more night together, whether it just be talking and being with each other or... uh... doing other things haha. They care about each other too much to leave with no real goodbye.

    1. I absolutely love readers like you! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts! Much appreciated :)

  3. Didn't she just leave TX and her boyfriend and tried to avoid a goodbye there too?

  4. Oh my gosh, I looooved this post! Im so curious for the next one I'm almost bouncing up and down the couch at the moment.
    I hope Jonah can "forgive" Lynn for this and spent the night together, Connor should just bugger off. I'm sooo Team Jonah, y u do dis? :C

  5. They are both going to be hurt and Lynn will be left alone to cry in her chili. I'm kind of disappointed in her. mum

  6. Bahaha!! That would be me!! However, if Jonah wanted to see her why did he have to have dinner? Why not go to her place? Dinner is so blah and very public when someone is leaving. Who wants to deal with that in public ? I don't want people to see me cry! I would have just stayed at the table and face the music. She should tell Conner first the truth of the mix up since he asked her to dinner first. Then tell Jonah that he could come to her place at another time & that she accidentally sent him that last text. She says anything else she is digging her own grave.
    Nothing was ever set in stone on her and Jonah (even though I liked him) and it was his choice to leave to better 'his' career -not that that isn't good for him but Lynn needs to look out for herself & put herself first. (If you don't look out for yourself, who will?!) Jonah will be disappointed but that's part of life. Not sure how Conner will react but he shouldn't be too offended -she didn't do it on purpose!!
    Great post!! Thanks for keeping it up through the holidays!!