Thursday, September 4, 2014

Test Run

“Can we kill the lights. They're a little much, don't you think?”

Jonah stood shielding his eyes with papers he'd been holding in his hand. It was Wednesday afternoon and I decided to stop by Jonah's office to check out a tester for his new show. He stood in front of the camera, with his hair neatly made and in a dark navy suit.

The studio was different from the last time I saw it. Before, everything was under construction. But now it looked like a real TV studio. There was a huge auditorium seating area for the audience, a nice big platform to the right where the house band was set up, and Jonah's desk with a matching chair and couch for the guests on the left. In between the two were curtains where Jonah would come out from and perform his monologue.

“Jon, don't forget to hit your marker. Let's do another run through from the top!” Mike, the producer for the show, shouted from the shadows of the room. There was a private seating area for the big-wigs of the show just behind the camera. They had tiny screens displaying multiple shots attached to a podium in front of them.

Jonah walked back behind the curtain. The band began playing while Bobby, the announcer (and Jonah's side kick on the show), stretched out his words as he shouted, “Here's Jonah Cohen!”

Jonah walked out, nodding his head to the empty audience seats, and pretended to swing an imaginary golf club.

Mike jumped up from his chair and looked over the podium. “Jonah, you can't do the golf swing, that was Carson's move. Legal is gonna fucking obliterate us if they see that.”

Jonah laughed, knowing what he'd done was going to get him in trouble. “Relax Mike, it was just a joke.”

Mike shook his head as he took his glasses off. “You're gonna have me killed before this even starts. Everyone take five!”

People scattered across the room. Jonah came into the audience and sat next to me. “So what did you think?”

“You did great!”

“Really, you think so?” He seemed unsure of himself.

“Of course!” I smiled and leaned over to give him a kiss.

“Hey” Jonah's tone suddenly became serious. “I've been meaning to ask you this, and I know it's way too soon, but I was thinking of going home next weekend. Just for a couple of days. I wanted to see if you'd like to come with me. You can finally meet my mom.”

I'd known Jonah long enough to not feel weird about meeting his mom, but at the same time it did feel weird. We were taking things slow, so it didn't make sense. I hesitated to respond and Jonah caught the hint.

“I mean” He quickly back tracked. “You don't have to come. I just thought you might be free, but it's cool if you don't.”

I tried to say something, but smiled instead. Mike shouted for everyone to come back to the main stage. Jonah stared at me confused for a second before smiling back. He gave me a quick kiss and stood up. “I'll see you later tonight?”

“Sure” I nodded my head and picked up my purse. I quickly slide out through the back exit doors while the crew assembled for a meeting.

Kadie invited Sarah, Henry, Jebrone, and I over that afternoon for a swim at her apartment's pool. As soon as I left Jonah's office I headed straight to her place. Everyone was already comfortable on a pool chair with a drink in hand.

I grabbed a cold soda and joined them. They were having a conversation about Kadie's engagement party before I had arrived. It was cut short when they asked me about the Kylie situation. I explained everything to them when Henry cut me off. “How are things with you and Jonah?”

“Funny you should ask.” I rolled my eyes. “He invited me to meet his mom next weekend. Which is fine, but awkward at the same time since we've only gotten back together, like what? 4 day ago?”

Jebrone and Henry both scrunched their faces. “Ohh, too soon.”

“No way!” Sarah wagged her finger at them. “That is not too soon! She's known the guy for a year. They were together before” She turned towards me, “And didn't you mention that he's already met your parents?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “That was by surprise....literally.”

Kadie laughed at the memory. “I have to agree with Sarah. What did you end up telling him?”

“Nothing” I popped the soda can open and took a sip. Everyone quietly stared at me.

“What do you mean, 'nothing'?” Jebrone asked. He straightened his posture as he spoke.

“I mean, he asked and I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything. I just smiled.”

“You're kidding!” Sarah covered her mouth.

“What's the big deal?” I shook my head, trying to understand.

“Lynn” Kadie held out her hand to block the sun rays from her eyes. “Regardless of the situation, you never tell a man you don't want to meet his mother. Especially one that raised him after his father died.”

I furrowed my brows and sat up straight to rebuttal, “I didn't say no!”

Jebrone held up his hand, as if to stop me, “ You might as well have.”

“Did he say anything when you didn't respond?” Henry asked.

“He just said it's okay if I don't come. That he was just asking.”

“You're kidding.” Sarah shook her head as she lifted the sunglasses off her face to look at me. She picked up her drink and held it up. “Best of luck to you, mate. Things are about to get real.”


  1. Rule of thumb...don't listen to rules of thumb.

  2. I just love this blog I'm so happy when Jonah and Lynn are together :) hope Jonah wasn't too hurt by Lynn's silence but I can understand where they're both coming from in this situation.

  3. I hope she'll go with him, they need a little vacation together!

  4. Well this should be interesting...

    --Nicole M.

  5. Just smiled? Lol poor guy. Just meet his parents and stop this taking it slow nonsense.

  6. Love where you've taken the story. Quick question are done with "writers block"

    1. Hey Marie,
      Yes, I've shut Writer's Block down. I'm planning on adding a personal section here on NYD. Just need to work out the kinks :)