Thursday, April 17, 2014


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“Lynn, are you up?”

Connor's voice crept it's way into his bedroom where I was sleeping. The smell of warm french toast and fresh coffee filled the air. It was enough to awaken me from my slumber. I rolled around on the queen sized bed until I found myself on the edge. I jumped off and made my way into the restroom to freshen up.

“Good morning, sunshine!” Connor's voice cheerfully sang. He was awfully peppy for 7am.

“No.” I grumbled as I grabbed a piece of french toast and zombie walked over to the breakfast table. Connor was leaning against the kitchen counter as he drank his coffee. He was already dressed and ready for work. “How the hell are you functioning right now? What time did you wake up?” I asked, groggily, while stabbing my toast.

Connor laughed at my unfamiliarity to a responsible adult life. “I woke up at 4. Went for a run, took a shower, got ready, made breakfast...” He nodded his head with each task he listed as if to remind himself that he'd actually done it. “Oh, and I finished all my reports!” He balled up his fist and thrusted his elbow back in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, I sat in my pajamas with major bed head. “You did all that, while I was sleeping?”

“Yeah” Connor squinted his eyes. “You're a pretty deep sleeper.” He took one last sip of his coffee before he walked over to the sink to wash his mug.

I felt my ears burn in embarrassment. It was the first time we'd spent the night with each other and I'd already managed to show Connor how lazy I really was.

He placed his mug on the drying rack and walked over to my side.

“You're really starting to spoil me with all this good food you keep making.” I smiled as I looked up at him.

Connor furrowed his brows for a quick second before he smiled back. He lifted my chin with his finger and leaned down to kiss me. “I'll see you after work?”

“I'm going over to Kadie's tonight.” Connor walked back over to the kitchen counter and put on his coat. He picked up his messenger bag and slung it across his body. He turned back towards me and began fixing his coat's collar. I stared in awe at how effortlessly beautiful he looked. Ugh, I knew I should have made my hair.

“Well, you can always stop by afterward.” His blue eyes looked up at me and I felt a chill run through my spine.

I nodded my head and smiled. “Sure.” Connor said goodbye and went on his way to work.

There was still a couple of hours before I needed to be in class, so I finished breakfast and cleaned up. I was making the bed when I noticed Connor's side table drawer was slightly opened. Just as I was closing it I saw a photo inside of Connor and another girl. I stopped and pulled the drawer back open. Before I could looked any harder, I closed my eyes.

Is this really what you want to do, Lynn? I thought to myself. This is such an invasion of privacy. My conscience tried to stop me. Instead I shook the voice from my head and opened my eyes. I reached down to grab the photograph and noticed a few more underneath it. I sat on the bed as I examined them. There was a gorgeous blonde in every picture. It looked like the two of them were on a yacht. Connor stood shirtless, exposing his washboard abs. He was only wearing dark blue board shorts and a captain's hat. He held a cigar close to his mouth as he laughed. The blonde next to him had one arm around his shoulder and the other on his chest. She was slightly slouching over on him as she laughed along. Her hair blew softly in the wind, as did her kaftan. It was so sheer you could see her tiny slender body underneath. They both looked so perfect, as if they were straight out of a high fashion photo shoot.

The next picture was the same as the first, only they were now looking at each other. And the third, the same as the last, but they were kissing. I quickly flipped back to the first photo and put it away in the drawer. I wasn't one to lack confidence. In fact, I loved every flaw about myself. But, naturally my mind couldn't help but fill up with negative thoughts. Was I in over my head? Connor could obviously get any girl, why was he with me? Was this Jessica? Or Colleen? Either way, she was the opposite of myself, and I didn't know if that was a good thing or not. Most importantly, why were these photos in his bedside table?

I shook my head again and closed the drawer. Maybe he put them there and forgot about them. I reassured myself. I finished making the bed and grabbed my things to leave.


“Earth to Lynn!” Sarah waved her hand in front of my face. I snapped back to reality and looked over at her. “You got here quite early today.” She placed her book bag on the table and sat down next to me. Our professor had just walked in. Usually, Sarah would get here before me and I would troll in just behind the professor.

“Yeah, I woke up early today.” I pulled out my laptop and began setting up for class.

Sarah scrunched back her face in shock. “That's a first!” The room grew quiet as our lecture began. After class we went to our study session for a few hours before we called it a day.

Henry, Sarah, and I waited outside for their driver to pick us up. As I climbed into the car I was surprised to see Poppy inside. Kadie had invited us over for dinner, but I didn't know she asked Poppy to come along as well.

“Oh, Lynn!” She said in her monotone voice. “So nice to see you again.” I smiled back at her. The more I was getting to know her the weirder I felt around her.

“Sarah didn't tell me you were still in town.” I lied.

“Yes, I guess I've extended my stay. I'm having too much fun with my cousins.” I shot a look over at Henry. He covered his face as he held one nostril with his finger and inhaled. He laughed silently as I stared at him coldly.

Poppy's smile went flat and, for the first time, she snapped off her sunglasses. Her hand held onto my wrist as she examined my bracelet. “Where did you get this from?”

“Uh” I mumbled.

“Easy, Poppy!” Sarah intervened. “Sorry, Lynn. She can be a little aggressive when it comes to jewelry.”

Poppy loosened her grip and laughed nervously. “I'm sorry. I just meant to imply that it's a beautiful bracelet.” She leaned back in her seat. “Where did you say it was from?”

I pulled my hand back into my lap. “I didn't. It's Kadie's, she let me borrow it.”

“Do you mind?” Poppy asked to see it again. I wasn't sure what her fascination was with the bracelet. Then again, she's a fashion guru.

She spun it slowly around on my wrist. “I believe it's J.Crew.”

“Yeah, I think Kadie mentioned that.” Poppy kept turning until she found a missing shourouk stone and stopped. It was almost as if she knew exactly where to look. I furrowed my brows in concern as I took a closer look.

“Huh. I guess it must have fallen out somewhere.”

She leaned back and put on her sunglasses.“If you want, I can take it to someone who can fix it for you.”

“Thanks” I gave her a fake smile. “I'll let Kadie know.” I knew something was going on. And with Poppy's previous shady behavior I knew it couldn't be good.

We pulled up to Kadie's apartment and went inside. Adam was working late so it was just the five us of until Jebrone showed up later in the evening. After we stuffed our faces with the amazing Italian food Kadie made, we lounged around in her living room drinking wine.

“Kadie” Poppy called out as she perused through framed pictures of Kadie and Adam. “I had no idea Adam was your mate. I've known him for years!” She turned around and gave Kadie a wicked smile.

“No way” Kadie shouted back from the kitchen. She turned off the faucet and walked over to the living room where Poppy was standing. “He never told me you two knew each other.”

“Must have slipped his mind I guess.” Poppy replied before taking a sip of her wine. Her eyebrows shot up as she remembered a story to tell. “I'm actually the one who introduced him to Jebrone.” Poppy pointed at him and smiled. Jebrone sat with a straight face, only faking a smile when Henry nudged him.

“I'm surprised you even knew any decent men.” Jebrone murmured under his breath. By the way Poppy looked at him and turned away it was obvious she heard him too. She linked her arm around Kadie and the two of them sat and chatted on the opposite side of the living room.

“So, Lynn” Sarah sat between Henry and me. “What's going on with lover boy?”

I couldn't help but beam as I spoke. “We...” I paused for a second which only made the suspense on their faces grow. “Decided to be official. As of now, we're dating.”

Sarah jumped in her seat with excitement. “I knew it! He seems like such a fabulous guy, Lynn!”

A few hours passed and every one decided to call it a night. I stayed behind to help Kadie clean up. After we waved goodbye to everyone we went straight into the kitchen. I took off my rings and bracelets. I stood quiet for a moment as I remembered how weird Poppy was acting in the car ride here. I decided to nonchalantly ask Kadie about it.

“Where did you get this bracelet from?” I held it up before putting it down on the counter. “It's beautiful.”

She smiled as if she realized something. “I forgot I let you borrow that! I've been looking all over for it!” She picked it up and examined it. “Adam surprised me with it.”

“Is it from J.Crew?” I watched as she put it against her wrist.

“Yeah” She put her wrist up to her clothes to see if it matched.

“You know there's a stone missing right?” I started stacking the dishes that were left out on the counter top to make it seem like I wasn't too interested in what we were talking about.

“It was like that when Adam gave it to me.” She tilted her head and stared at it one last time before she took it off.

I stopped what I was doing and turned towards her. “Why would he give you a bracelet with a missing stone?”

Kadie laughed at the memory as she started stacking plates with me. “I found the bracelet in his car. He said he was going to surprise me with it. I showed him the missing stone and he told me that was the reason he hadn't given it to me yet. That he was going to get it fixed before he did. But I told him I loved it so much that I didn't want to give it up. Besides you can barely see the missing stone.”

Slowly, everything was puzzling together in my head. My thoughts were distracted by Kadie laughing again. A low subtle laugh this time. “What?”

“It's funny cause Poppy asked me the same question earlier.”

I faked a smile and laughed along with her. “Yeah, she was obsessing over it on the car ride over.” By this point everything was making sense now. Both of our eyes shot towards the door as we heard keys rustling. Adam walked in and greeted us.

“Hey, ladies! How was dinner?” Adam's voice boomed through the apartment.

“Fabulous, of course!” Kadie strutted towards him to give him a kiss.

Adam's face was towards me as he hugged Kadie. “Yeah, Poppy had some interesting stories about you.” I made up a white lie. It was just enough to get his attention. The smile on his face fell and his eyes instantly shot up at me. I stood there staring back at him, with Poppy's bracelet in hand.


  1. Juicy!!!!!!! Kadie is so clueless.

    Hopefully, this ends differently than with Adam being a cheating douche :(

    Great post! Im excited for Tuesdays again.

  2. Ahh this just got so good that it inspired me to comment for the first time! I've been reading since almost the beginning and stayed quiet until now. Love this blog, and especially this post.

    1. L, because you've commented with such sweet words, you're totally forgiven for never commenting until now! lol I'm kidding! :P Glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. So excited for the next post!!! Tuesday can't come soon enough!

  4. I really hope Adam isn't cheating, but all of it is just way too suspicious. Kadie finding the bracelet in Adam's car, Poppy still being in town, her reaction to the bracelet, and Adam's reaction at the end. I hope Kadie's heart doesn't get broken, but it doesn't look so great. Guess we'll see though! And I can't blame Lynn for looking at those pictures. I wouldn't have been able to close the drawer after seeing them either. Since the drawer was partially open, I'm assuming Connor was maybe looking at them that morning. Still too vague to jump to any conclusions yet with this one though, so I'm excited to see how it'll come into play later! Great post!!

    - Holly

    1. You should have seen me while I was writing this post. I don't think I've ever typed faster! Haha I was so excited for how the story was unfolding. I know, I'm such a nerd 8) As for the photos, I know I most definitely wouldn't have been able to ignore them. In fact I think I would have been a little more upset than Lynn. Always enjoy your comments, Holly! :)

  5. Interesting stuff. Poppy is starting to really bug me though. Let's hope Adam doesn't break Kadie's heart; I like them together, and Lynn doesn't need to be insecure; I think Connor loves her very much.

  6. There is no other explanation than adam is cheating with poppy. If they were just friends hanging out adam wouldn't have had to lie about the bracelet in his car.

    1. I'm afraid you're probably right. And it's really strange that he gave it to Kadie. Poppy probably wanted to hide whatever happened between the two of them too by offering to Lynn to have it repaired. OR (hopefully) Adam rejected her advances and she realized later that her bracelet was lost at the time and she's trying to save face. All the comments and questions at Kadie's apartment about Adam don't point in a positive direction, I'm afraid. But I've always gotten kind of a weird feeling about him.

  7. Maybe Poppy and Adam used to date and she tried to rekindle and he told her no. I'm sure she wouldn't take that very well. Poppy just needs to go back where she came from. I really like Connor, but I am still hoping she ends up with Jonah. Her and Jonah just seem more...I don't know, right for each other.

    1. I'm hoping it's an old flame, too. I'd be way too disappointed if Adam were cheating.

  8. I sure hope that Adam had just giving Poppy a ride or something and the bracelet fell off I don't want him to be cheating him and Kadie are too perfect for each other.. I think Poppy is only around to cause problems I cant wait for her to leave.. I love Connor and Lynn together I hope it last for a while I can't wait to read more tho!! Love your blog..

  9. I'm sorry for asking this on someone else's blog but I can't access the other one. Dies anyone happen to know what happened to cranberry vodka and living laughing loving bosron? Do their writers read this? I'd like to get the invite to cranberry.

    Poppy is shady. Something is definitely up there and not in a good way!

    1. She took her blog down, something is going on with her health and she posted she wouldn't be posting for a while or something then it went down

  10. Cranberry vodka is in hiatus - not sure why you can't access the blog, it was available last week. Don't know anything about the other one.

  11. It seems so weird to me that Adam would ask Kadie to move in with him if he was cheating on her, but it definitely doesn't look good for him. Hopefully Poppy is just an ex or a jealous acquaintance or something. Kadie and Adam are too perfect for him to turn out to be a total douche!

  12. Yes, please keep Adam & Kadie together. I hope Adam isn't snorting or cavorting w poppy now. Maybe he gave her a ride somewhere & she gave it to him for the favor. I don't like poppy. At all.
    Who knows who the girl is in the pics but Lynn needs to remember all Connor has done for her so far & not feed those insecurities -they can only cause problems. If Lynn wants to know so badly who it is, just ask him. If the drawer was open, a female can't help but look as she's closing the drawer at any rate. Team Connor !!
    Thanks for the post!