Thursday, April 10, 2014

Somebody's Got A Case Of The Mondays

Monday morning was brutal. Our flight had made it into town later than we'd expected. And I was paying for it this morning. My hair was a mess, my clothes were wrinkled, and my eyes? They were just barely peeking through my lashes.

I slumped down next to Henry and Sarah. Neither one flinched when they saw me. It was late enough in the school year for them to realize that the “case of the Mondays” garb was, sadly, normal.

“I'm taking it your weekend home went well?” Sarah leaned over and whispered. I would have responded by giving her a thumbs up, but both my hands were propping my head up.

I mindlessly scribbled down notes until it was time for our break. We packed up our things and headed to our normal brunch spot.

“So, tell me. What happened?” Sarah was too energetic for my liking. I cringed as I picked up my coffee cup and took a sip. Once I'd gotten some caffeine in me I was able to properly function.

“You're never going to believe this. The day I get there, I go to a convenient store to pick up some things and I literally ran into Joshua...and his new girlfriend.”

Sarah gasped and held her hands over her mouth. Henry stopped chewing on his chocolate croissant as they both stared at me in shock.

I nodded my head as we all silently agreed how awkward the situation was.

“Yeah! And the best bit of it was, he came back inside to talk to me. I guess it was too soon for the both of us, so it just ended with me throwing this chunky box of hair dye at his head.”

Sarah gasped even louder. Her hands flew from her mouth and gripped onto the table. “No! You're kidding!”

“You think I'm kidding about that? Get this, after giving him a huge bruise, he came onto me at the rehearsal dinner. Like, he had me pinned up against the wall in the bathroom.”

Henry's eyes shot up at me in disbelief. “Shut...up!” He slowly said in his thick British accent. I shrugged my shoulders. “Well what'd you do then?” He pushed his coffee away and leaned forward onto the table.

"Luckily, Jamie got a feeling to check up on me. He saw what was going on and roughed up Joshua enough to give him a scare.”

“I guess that bloke can be good for somethings” Henry grunted.

“What?” I knew Henry and Jaime weren't on the best of terms but I wasn't sure what Henry meant when he said that.

“Nothing. Keep going.” Henry brushed his hand in the air.

There was a brief awkward silence before I continued. “So, that happened. And the next day Connor surprised me by coming to the wedding. As of then we are officially unofficially together.”

Sarah gasped a happy gasped this time. Her body perked up and he clapped her hands. “Oh my goodness! That's wonderful! But, wait, what does that mean?” She leaned back onto the table as confusion took over.

“It means, I've decided to give him a shot. We're going to take it slow before we make anything official official.” My eyes were wide open by now from all the coffee I consumed.

On our walk back over to class, I caught them both up on the rest of my weekend. After the day of lectures was over we headed to the library for our study session with Corey and Emma.

I'd just sat down at the table when I felt my phone vibrating. I pulled it out and saw a text from Connor.

Things are so hectic at the office today. Staying late. Rain check for tonight?

I was equally relieved I didn't have to go home after a long day and cook yet upset that I wasn't going to see Connor tonight.

No prob! When were you thinking?

I stared down at my neurology book as I waited for his response.

Soon... I miss that ass!

I shook my head as I smiled.


He almost immediately texted back.

Sorry, I meant 'you'. Damn autocorrect! ;)

I laughed to myself as I slid my phone back into my purse. I looked up to see everyone still quietly reading, except for Sarah. She was making a kissy face at me while shimming her shoulders.

We spent the next few hours reviewing notes. Once our study group was over I headed back to my apartment to crash. Only after I grabbed the biggest box of pizza I could find. 

It was almost 9pm when I'd gotten a call from Jebrone in the middle of my Game of Thrones marathon. Freaking out as to why he'd be calling me so late on a Monday, I picked up. He told me he was in the area and wanted to stop by.

“Hey!” I swung my door open to see him standing outside.

He matched my energetic “hey” and gave me a hug. We went into the living room to sit down.

“Pizza?” I offered.

He responded by shaking his head and holding his stomach. “Just got done with dinner.” He turned towards the TV and saw the paused screen. “No way, I love this show!” He grabbed the remote and made himself comfortable on the couch. “Do you mind?”

“Go for it” I smiled as he pressed play. We sat quietly and watched the rest of the episode.

Once it was over I stood up and took my pizza box over to the kitchen. “So, what are you doing out on a Monday night anyway?”

Jebrone shook his head as he held his hand over his eyes. “To be honest...” He sighed before he continued. “I was out at dinner with Henry when Poppy decided to stop by. This is between us, but I can't stand her. I told him I had a client I needed to quickly meet after dinner just to avoid being around her.”

I'd almost forgotten about Poppy. And a little surprised she was still in town. “Wow, that bad, huh?” I sat back down on the couch, Indian style.

“She's so annoying, Lynn!” Jebrone covered his eyes again. “How is it even possible for anyone to be so fake?”

I shrugged my shoulders. I couldn't say much about Poppy since I'd only met her a couple of times. And of course because Henry had sworn me to secrecy about the drug incident.

“Anyway, how are you holding up since Kadie's been gone?” Jebrone looked around my now half empty apartment.

“Okay, I guess. It definitely gets lonely at times.” I leaned my head back onto a pillow.

“Any prospective new roommates?” He asked.

“Well, Jaime and I talked about him possibly staying here for the time being since his hospital is close by.” I leaned my head forward, realizing I'd mentioned Jaime. Just as I thought, Jebrone wasn't too happy.

“Really? You're going to let that scum bag stay here?” I watched as his brows furrowed.

“Hey, hey, hey! You may not like him, but he's still a good friend to me.”

Jebrone sighed heavily. “Whatever. Just watch out for that guy.” He pulled out his phone from his pocket to check the time. “I should get going.”

I walked Jebrone to the door when he stopped. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound so rude about it.”

“It's okay, I know where you're coming from.” Jebrone leaned over and gave me a hug. We said our goodbyes before I shut the door behind him. I turned around and leaned my back against the door, still confused by what he meant. A second later I laughed to myself as I realized I was reading too much into it.


  1. I wonder what Jebrone and Henry could both be talking about. I love Jamie's character and I really hope it has more to do with Henry trying to hook up with Jamie then with something actual.
    Can't wait to read more, really enjoying your writing!

    1. Thanks for being a regular reader Melpod! :)

  2. Gather round girls, it's time for Question of The Day!

    (But first....)
    I would officially like to apology to those frequent readers who didn't get their NYD fix yesterday. Sorry! Now, I'm not one for excuses, but I have had a bit of a conflicting schedule lately. That's besides the point because I'm here now!

    Secondly, my schedule has opened up once again (yipee!) and I would love to take this time to improve my writing. Typically what I like to do is write a few posts ahead of time. That way I can go about my week without stressing. Sometimes I'll rewrite bits and pieces of the posts for reader satisfaction (because honestly that's what matters most to me) Anyway, long story short, I'll be writing a few of the future posts this weekend. But this time around I want to focus on the quality of the story rather than the quantity. I need your help doing this.(even you ghost readers! :P )

    So, here's my question(s):
    A few of you mentioned that the posts are getting better, what is it that makes you think so?
    What have been your top 3 posts?
    If I could improve on one thing, in your opinion, what would it be?

    Thanks again for helping me out. Love you all to pluto's moons and back! xo

    1. You do a good job of going back and reviewing or telling the back story again, if it's a character we haven't heard about it a while. This blog is easy to read and REMEMBER. You have a good mix of humor and day to day boring-ness along with surprises. All of the characters are relevant and seem like real people. Erin

    2. Hmmmm, where to begin? LOL. Ok, here goes!
      1. I like the overall creativity of the blog. For example, Connor showing up at the wedding and Jamie already having an explanation for why that happened. It's genius!

      2. I will not even try to give exact posts, so I will go with scenes. I liked the scene where Lynn and Jonah first met. Might be because I'm one of those "if it's meant to be it will be" type of person. That's how the guy I am currently dating began doing so... I liked Lynn and Connor last sex scene. The sneaky stuff is the best!...And third, I like any scene with Jamie. I pray to God he isn't shady because I would be disappointed if he and Lynn were not friends.

      3. I'm reaching here. I love the blog so much I don't have any complaints. It might be nice learn more about Lynn's background. We got some but more would be nice.

  3. I love the blog... I am ready to hear more about Lynn Lee and Connor now they're kind of together.. I love the post where he showed up at the wedding.. I can't wait to read more and see what happens!!

  4. Of course we all love long posts! But the quality is great, and we can't always have both! I also like it when u describe the characters in more detail, like when u talked about why Connor was mean and rude to Lyn. I like how u mix it up and talk about Connor, Joshua, school, friends.. that keeps it interesting! ~Z

    1. Z, I will definitely add more character details into my future posts! Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Oh. So this blog is not exactly real time? Kinda confusing to read a monday post and see monday morning again on a thursday.

    Thought Lynn knew better than to mention Jamie in front of Jebrone. Obviously not.

    Great post anyway. Would love to see the Jonah drama soon.

    1. Hey Min, the blog is "real time" but the exact date is never actually stated. Sometimes the events in the separate posts are still the same day in Lynn's world. And other times a week "passes" between a Monday post and a Wednesday post. Monday's post ended on a Sunday night in Lynn's world, so I decided write about her arrival back to the city on Monday morning rather than jump forward in order to set up a storyline for the next few posts. I hope I'm helping in explaining this and not confusing you even more LOL :)

  6. Great explanation....I figured that's what went on. It would be wired not to hear about the arrival. Also I like the details that gives a good picture. Also like the other person stated switching up the events and ppl really does keep it interesting. One thing you could do is more proof reading. Not a lot but there are times it would read one thing but be another. Ex: in this post it read he instead of she. It's only sometimes though. Keep up the great work you would be a great author one of these days. :) ~Ann

    1. Oh, I didn't even catch that! Lol Sometimes my eyes get so tired from constantly looking at the screen. But thanks! I'll fix the error and keep a look out in future posts :)

  7. I also would like to hear more about Connor and Lynn. I feel the posts with lots about Connor have been few and far between lately, but that's understandable as the story progresses. Maybe the posts could be a little longer? Other than that, I'm really loving this blog. I love the idea of Connor and Lynn and I really really hope Jonah is out of the picture for good. That boy was wasting Lynn's time.

  8. I don't think Jonah was wasting her time he was nothing but romantic to Lynn and treated her special.
    I don't like the idea of Jamie moving in. Henry is too dramatic.
    Hoping kadie stays with her man. But hoping maybe a new roommate will come in giving us a new character, maybe even her shy friend(can't remember name) who tried to get Lynn to hook her up with another one of thei study friends

  9. Why no post today?

    1. Hey Anon. I will no longer be posting on wednesday. My new schedule will be Tuesdays and Thursday @ 12pm. More details are at the end of "Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want" see you back tomorrow! :)