Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Crasher

“If I ever see you anywhere near my girl again...”

Jaime had walked into the bathroom and swung Joshua, by the shoulders, against the wall. He stood inches away from his face. His arm forcefully pressed against Joshua's neck as he spoke through his teeth. “I swear to fucking God I will murder you.”

I covered my mouth as I watched. I knew Jaime could give anyone a good scare, but I'd never seen him filled with such rage. Joshua's body began slouching down as Jaime let go of him to walk away.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he soothingly ran his hands up and down my arms.

I nodded my head. “I'm fine.”

“He didn't hurt you did he?” Jaime lifted my chin up with his finger and stared intently into my eyes.

“No, but I'm glad you knew to come” I gave Jaime a hug. I looked over his shoulder at Joshua, who was slowly starting to pick his drunken body up.

“Come on, we better go before someone comes in here” Jaime tried to lighten the mood by smiling.

By the time we'd made it to the bathroom door Joshua was practically standing up. Before walking out, Jaime pushed him hard enough to make him stumble and fall back down. “Fucking Francy.” Jamie whispered, “This dude's a joke.”

We rounded the corner of the restaurant and walked back into the private dinning hall. The waiters had already placed dinner on the table. Kadie stood up as she saw me approaching.

“Lynn, what's going on? Where were you? Where's Joshua?” She whispered.

“What'd you do to him you bitch? Where is he?” Francy shouted as she stood up from her seat. She'd overhead Kadie. Everyone stopped their conversations and looked up at her.

“Calm your tits, whore. You're still gonna get paid for the night.” Jaime held up his hand and made a disgusted face. There was a low gasp followed by quiet giggles from everyone at the table.

I turned back towards Kadie and whispered into her ear. “Don't worry, Jaime took care of it. I'll fill you in later.”

Kadie widened her eyes and I did the same to ensure her everything was okay. Francy grabbed her purse and proceeded to the door "Josh was right about you..." 

She tried to continue before Jaime cut her off, “Bye, Francy!” he called out. Which only made her angrier as she stormed out.

There was an awkward silence in the room before Jaime, Kadie, and I sat down. Slowly the air was filled back up with conversation and clinking of utensils.

After dinner was over, Woody invited everyone over to his place for a late night bonfire. It was something we'd always done when we were younger after any occasion. Football games, spring formals, winter galas, etc. The night would always end with all of us cuddled around a bonfire eating s'mores, in Woody's back yard.

One by one everyone slowly found out about the run in between Jaime and Joshua. By the time we made it to the bonfire, it was the topic of conversation. A few of the guys high fived Jaime while the girl's cheered him on.

“I'm so glad someone put that boy in his place!” Eric called out.

“You know he was just doing that because you came here with that hot piece of ass” Lori pointed to Jaime. He began to blush.

“Hey!” Tom, Lori's boyfriend, nudged her. “I thought I was the only hot piece of ass here?”

“You were...before we started dating!” Lori laughed and high fived the girls around her.

“Honestly though, Josh has changed. This is the first time we're all seeing him in a while. I don't even know why he was invited to the wedding.” Rebecca shot a look at Lacey and Mark.

Lacey sighed, “I'm sorry Lynn. I had to invite all the old neighborhood kids.” That's what we'd refer to ourselves as. We all grew up in the same area, and no matter how much distance grew between us, we'd always come back together. “Even if I didn't my parents would've still invited his family anyway.”

“It's fine, I understand. No hard feelings” I reached into a cooler and grabbed a few beers for everyone around us.

“So what's y'all's deal?” Lori made googly eyes towards Jaime.

We both looked at each other and laughed. “We're just friends” We locked our arms and leaned back against a wood pile.

“Just here for moral support.” Jaime smiled as he glaced over at me.

I looked around the bonfire and noticed that everyone there, except Jaime and I, were a couple. It was around this bonfire that we'd sit and dream about who our future partners would be. It almost made me sad to realize how fast we were all growing up.

“Jaime, you got yourself some big ol balls the way you talked to Francy tonight” Woody shouted across the fire as he tossed in more coal.

Travis walked around the make shift stone bench and sat down. “She's a class A bitch!”

Renee, Travis' girlfriend, sat next to him and wrapped a blanket around the both of them. “Oh Jesus, don't get me started on that girl!”

“Oh, please spill!” Jaime sat upright and put his bottle of beer down to give his full attention. Everyone began laughing at his antics.

“Not a single one of us gets along with her”, Renee looked around the bonfire to confirm what she'd just said. “She fights with just about anyone. And I'm talking, dirty, on the floor bashing people's face in type of fights. She's been arrested a few times. She's as trashy as it gets.”

Lori added, “What do you expect from a girl that works at a whore house?”

“What!” Jaime gasped with disbelief.

I giggled at his confusion. “We call restaurants where the girls dress super skanky, whore houses”

“I don't understand though. Why is Joshua with her?” Kadie chimed in.

“His mama found out about everything he'd done.” Everyone quieted down as Woody began to speak. “So her and his daddy signed the inheritance over to his brother. That land's got oil you know. If he chose to drill he could make a pretty penny. They said they want someone responsible taking over it.”

I felt a pit in my stomach.

Woody continued, “He got depressed, started drinking and hanging around the whore house. That's where he met Francy.”

Fucking Francy” Jaime added.

Everyone laughed and repeated after him, “Fucking Francy!”

I sat quietly tucked away in a throw blanket, lost in my thoughts. Rebecca noticed my sudden withdrawal from the conversation and tried to comfort me. “It was a good thing you left Josh when you did, Lynn. You were just the tip of the iceberg, he was doing a lot more fucked up things. It was only a matter of time before he was gonna implode. This is all his doing, not yours.”

“Yeah! Don't let no one tell you other wise. Joshua's been steering off the railway since before you two even broke up. I don't know about y'all but I'm glad she left that son of a bitch!” Woody proclaimed.

Yeah!” Everyone cheered and raised their bottles of beer.

It made me feel slightly better to see everyone cheering for me. I have to admit, I was a little afraid coming back home, not knowing if I would be the blame for everything that had happened. But, my friends stuck by my side and were able to realize the truth behind the situation. And nothing felt better than that.

The next afternoon, Jaime and I dressed up in our Sunday's best and headed over to the venue. It was a small farm, mainly set up to hold wedding events. As we pulled up we both stood in awe. There was an arch way spilling with fresh flowers and a tent made of string lights and chandlers. It was beautiful.

Jaime and I waited for Kadie and Adam before we went inside a tiny little barn, where the ceremony was being held, and took a seat. Most of our friends were in the wedding party. The ones who weren't were out of towners like Kadie and I. We mingled with everyone around us as we waited for the ceremony to begin.

Our section grew quiet as Joshua and Francy walked in. I turned over to see Jaime making a disgusted face. He smiled then grabbed my hand to make me feel better. I smiled back and knew that if I had him, everything would be okay.

Joshua and Francy sat in the empty row behind us. I looked over my shoulder as I turned towards Jaime. Francy had caught my glace. “Boo, you whore” She hissed.

My jaw dropped open in shock that she'd been so blunt. Jaime, who's always ready to attack, fired back. “Who the hell are you calling a whore, you two dollar sleaze!”

Just as Francy was about to retaliate an elderly couple began hushing them. The music began playing as Mark made his entrance. Jaime gave Francy a brutal stare down before he turned back towards the front.

I looked over at Adam and Kadie, who were both (like me), biting their lip to keep from laughing out loud.

Once Mark walked in, Lacey and her bridesmaids came in shortly after. The ceremony was a sweet, but lengthy one. We were all just glad to step back outside. We waved the couple off as they headed back into the farm house to get ready for the reception. The area had cleared except for a man walking in the distance. Everyone's attention was set on him and trying to figure who it was.

“Ooh, who is that hunk of man?” I heard Francy say out loud. I looked over and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I turned over to Jaime, who had a wide grin on his face, which only confirmed my suspicion.

“Connor?” I called out.

“She knows him?” I heard Joshua whisper in disbelief to Francy.

I ran over to Connor and wrapped my arms around him. I didn't know why he was here, but I was just so happy to see him.

“Lynn!” He picked me up in his arm and swung me around.

“What are you doing here?” we stood with our arms still wrapped around each other.

“I came by to see you the other day. I ran into Jaime instead and he told me you'd be here.” I looked over at Jaime to see him holding two thumbs up. “I wanted to show you that I'm serious. I'm not in it for the short run. I'll take it as slow as you want.”

I felt my grin grow from ear to ear. I grabbed Connor's face and pulled it down to kiss him.

Everyone in the background began cheering.

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  1. Absolutely loved the ending!! Great excited for Fridays post!

  2. Love love love this post! So funny and interesting and just perfect :)

  3. I thought it would be jonah who would show up! Great post tho :)

    1. I did too! What a let down that it was Connor. I just don't like him at all! Loved Jaime though. Too bad he is gay, can you imagine the banter between the two of them if he wasn't??

  4. OMG .... i re-read this post like 3 times totally awesome the way you play with the characters...

    and let me tell you this TEAM CONNOR ALL THE WAY :) , i'll be counting the hours for Friday post!!!!

    Did i say it was an awesome posts ?



  5. That was great!!
    Jamie saved the day but Connor made the day !! Team Connor!! I guess Connor has Jamie's blessing!!

    I really like this blog!! You have almost every element in it -laughter, sadness and you can act like an adult the majority of the time!! I read blogs for entertainment & some just make me want to snatch the key board from the writers fingers & not waste my time w them!! You are awesome!! You can make the characters come alive w entertaining personality!! A must read!!

    Thank you in advance for the Fridays post!!

    1. Thank you so much, Amy. This comment honestly made my day. I try hard to have a mix of characters and emotions and I'm glad that it's something you were able to pick up as a reader. Means a ton! Thanks for keeping up :)

  6. What an AMAZING post. I generally try to be one of your silent readers & stay on the sidelines but you have been KILLING it in recent post! Congrats on the bloggie you really deserve it! Per your request I'll make sure i keep commenting. I still knew you would make her homecoming awesome.

    1. I agree on the whole silent reader, but it has been difficult to not comment and be involved because of these amazing posts recently. Favorite blog by far!

    2. Anon and Jess, you guys are awesome! Thanks for stepping out of the shadows and commenting :) It's really not about boosting my ego, at all. I just love to hear when someone has an opinion about my writing. And I'm glad both of you thought it was good enough to comment on. To me, that says a lot! It means I'm coming at a better angle when approaching situations. It helps me to enhance my writing and bring my readers a more enjoyable story. So again, thank you! Keep reading, keeping commenting (whether good or bad) and keep me updated on what you think :)

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    1. Thanks Kerry! It makes it so much easier when I have such sweet readers like you!

  8. Hmmm, alright Connor. I’ll give you another chance. You better be good to Lynn ;)

    As much as I’m all for the two of them taking it slow, I really hope they get some action on. Afterall, the man did come all the way to Texas to show her he was serious. So… she should thank him somehow for coming all the way to the wedding, right? Lol well, I’ll admit, I was REALLY hoping it would be Jonah who was going to show up, but I do like Connor too so I’m okay with how it turned out. You have been on a roll with the past few posts! Keep up the great posts! Can’t wait for Friday!

    - Holly

    1. Oh uh, Holly! I know what you got on your mind! lol :P Your comments always keep me entertained :)

  9. This was amazing!!! As always tho

  10. I love this story, Jonah was my favorite but he moved on with his job and that was his choice so I don't see why Lynn needs to mop around and wait on him she even contact him about going to this wedding and he said he couldn't.. So I think it's good things with Connor is getting more serious and I like them a lot.. I like the story and I like where it's going I hope it keeps up the good story line!!

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    nonetheless, great post!!

    -a fan from Singapore

    1. I also kind of hoped he wasn't gay but I think the best friend angle will keep him around permanently. Plus he's so funny and dramatic that him being gay is even better for the story I think.

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    I love that the blog is going more into details, it seems as though your writing style as matured and I am just even more completely hooked! I wish you did Friday posts every week!
    XOXO Jess

    1. Thank you, Jess! I wish I could do a Friday post every week too. Or actually a daily post! But, who knows, maybe more bonus posts to come in the future? ;) I love writing this story. It makes it even more enjoyable when I have people, like you, cheering me on. Your honestly spoiling me! (but, I love it! hehe) :)

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    1. That makes me SO happy to hear! Glad you're enjoying the laughs :)

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    2. Lol it has! I've been reading though. I love where this plot line is going. Thanks for writing!

  20. Love the story, love the post and love Connor coming in at the end! However, is no one else bothered by Jaime, before he knew anything about her other than her trashy looks and name and the fact that she is dating a tool, saying to her "Calm your tits, whore. You're still gonna get paid for the night.” in front of a room full of people.That seems a little extreme and mysognistic to me.

    1. My apologies on behalf of Jaime's behavior. He can be a real bitch sometimes...

  21. I think the only reason people are so team conner is because its been to long and they forgot the great spark and chemistry with Jonah! I knew this would happen when the great love story between her and Jonah was just too early in the blog I mean its not dramatic if she finds someone right away and sticks with them. Oh well still fun to read. :)

    1. LOL I'm glad you feel so strongly about Jonah. And hey, who's to say he's completely out of the picture? You never know what might happen! ;)

  22. I love Jonah and Lynn together but I don't think Lynn should put her life on hold waiting for him to "maybe" move back. If this was my friend, I would want her to be happy. And if getting to know Connor is making her happy, that's what she should do.

  23. loved that post! For a sec there I also thought Jamie would end up not really gay- but props for him to keep up with the act even when he was angry (my girl- the tenderness after)
    And the ending made it that much better- Im probably in the minority here but i always thought Jonah was too safe, Connor on the other hand, the way they met, the misunderstandings, the looking on all fours in a resto for an imaginary cell, the no strings attached sex etc.. their relationship is more interesting. Dont know, I wanted her to move passed her relationship with Jonah.

    - Dahlia

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    I personally think Jaime was awesome handling Francy. Most people wouldn't be so crass, which is why it was incredible.

    As much as I loved Lynn with Jonah... I'm glad her and Connor are developing a good relationship. The friends with benefits wasn't working, and I would like to see her happy. They have good chemistry.

    Great job Lynn Lee. This is my fave blog.